Chinchilla Pets : Owning a Pet Chinchilla

the question is about owning a pet chinchilla and chinchillas make great pets but they're not for everybody so research is always a good thing to do to begin with before getting a pet chinchilla there are a type of rodent that originated in South America and there are quite a few differences with them than most other rodents that we deal with primarily these guys are nocturnal they like to live in groups typically and they're very agile and so they like a large cage or require a large cage to house in they also have a unique way of cleaning themselves they like to use volcanic ash as a dust bath several times a week to keep themselves clean there are herbivores they generally subsist on a hay based diet timothy hay or timothy hay pellets are actually both work very well for these guys and they also like treats of raisins and small fruits like that one interesting thing about them is that they actually have a quite a long lunge evety 10 to 15 years is normal longevity for them a normal lifespan that is they've been known to live up to 20 years so you have to prepare for that and so again chinchilla is not right for everybody but they can make wonderful pets

21 thoughts on “Chinchilla Pets : Owning a Pet Chinchilla

  1. Do most of them like being choked? This one doesn't seem to like it—-appears to be scared/nervous as his windpipe is being crushed.

  2. DONT HOLD IT LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    btw can't anyone see the fear in that chin's eyes? he's scared of the guy 🙁

  3. i think chinchillas re right for a lot of people, it is just the sassy ones that act like they own you, like mine

  4. I give my chinchila bananas is very funny how they chew it is a funny little noise
    Dont worry chinchilas are allowed bannanas

  5. He forgot to say that they shouldn't have raisins often. You can still give them raisins, just 1/2 every 2 or more weeks.

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