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some scientists believe this creature the fennec fox is the Chihuahuas wild ancestor chihuahuas are one of the oldest breeds in the Americas some folks say Mexican royalty use the Chihuahua as an early hot water bottle chihuahuas are definitely one of the cutest creatures on this earth other than sea otters they love to be carried around and pampered they're probably the most popular small dog because of that reason I love to Wallis charters are beautiful dogs chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog in the world as such they are the ultimate lap dog those large Darkon is practically beg us to pick them up this is Willy and he's the smallest dog in our group and Willy weighs 2 and 3/4 pounds their coats can be tan red black white or splashed their heads can be either apple or deer shaped under the hood Mother Nature has packed the largest brain of any dog on the planet relative to its size this is a dog that can be taken out by pretty much every other type of dog so it has to be really hyper aware and hyper astute in terms of learning how to avoid issues chihuahuas are the only breed with a molera or soft spot on the crown of its head it stays with them for life as if they weren't baby like enough chihuahuas are also known for their radar dish years which help them get rid of excessive body heat and identify predators and prey with exceptional sensitivity but their ears don't always look like this nope when they're puppies they lie flat like this but the main reason humans go gaga for chihuahuas is their heart so I was tend to be a one-person dog and they really bond with their owners they're portable they're loving and sweet and they're very protective of their owners chihuahuas are great dogs to own but they can be high maintenance and chihuahuas should never be left alone in a yard to birds-of-prey it's not a dog it's lunch Chihuahuas also suffer from a lack of self-knowledge they have that false sense of toughness and will bolt and run up to say a pitbull on the trail and that pitbull will just you know treat it like a like a salty snack and owners have been known to love these fragile creatures a bit too much some cake overindulgence can lead to obesity which can trigger diabetes and dislocation of the kneecaps but compared to other dogs the Chihuahuas may be one of the healthiest breeds around they are low shedders and a breeze when it comes to grooming I just throw my dog in the sink put a little powder on them and call it a day low body fat and a fragile frame give Chihuahuas low scores for adaptability to the environment the Chihuahua is great in many situations but they are prone to getting cold they are not a great cold-weather dog they do best in warmer climates and what about families they generally are not great dogs for families with young children if only for the fact that it's hard to supervise kids 100% of the time and make sure they're not picking that dog up and potentially going to drop it on the ground and finally training chihuahuas are easy to train if you start early but they can be a nightmare to train if you wait two or three years so people start early start early start early preventative medicine is the way to go with this animal so in general the breed is sensitive to hot and cold climates chihuahuas are very healthy they are low maintenance easy to train but they work best with older children

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  1. even though I love big dogs like Newfoundlands and Saint Bernards, I can't help but love Chihuahuas. They're so feisty and funny. Especially when they interact with Great Danes.

  2. They weren't lying about them being trainable. My puppy is four months old. She is potty trained, she can sit, speak, give paw, lay down. She knows them by verbal and hand commands. Each trick took maybe 2 or 3 sessions at 15 minutes at a time. Though she is very very stubborn and only wants to perform or learn when she wants to until she knows I have a treat and then she's all about it. Once she sees the treat she starts doing all her tricks without me giving her a command.

  3. If you’re a rich, entitled, fat lady with a fluffy scarf, a large hat, wearing animal pattern clothes, have a ridiculously small bag, wear mini glasses, wear a colorful robes, then this is the right dog for you.

  4. What the fuck has the humanity done to dogs dammit, imagine being forcedly married with your relatives to ' keep the blood pure ', only to see your offsprings suffer from gross deformities

  5. I know this video is 10 years old but… 240p? I sure would love this video a lot more if it didn't have the quality of a potato.

  6. Great Video Keep Up The Great Work.

    Checkout my Teacup Apple Head Chihuahua

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    Anything helps! Thanks in advance!

  8. My Chihuahua is nothing like what they've said…she's afraid of everything. She's always been well behaved with my son. Maybe she's not a Chihuahua.

  9. This is the one dog I can't seem to bond with. Some of my reletives own them and they are either mean or bark at me continuously.

  10. I used to have a Chihuahua that seemed to think he was bigger than he really was. I was watching a parade with him once, when a giant bull passed us as part of the parade. When my dog saw the bull, he tried to go full attack mode on it. The only thing that stopped him was the fact that I had him on a leash. ?

  11. Chihuahuas really would have gone extinct by now, they're small and fragile but aggressive to animals bigger than itself and can't camouflage for shit. But they're cute as hell so people, the ultimate apex predator, keep them around in a weird symbiosis

    Man the concept of having pets is weird

  12. The moronic comment about the Chihuahua being treated like a salty snack to a Pit Bull is horrible!! From all the Pits Ive met, none have been aggressive let alone EATEN another dog of any kind!

  13. I always refer to this breed as the new Pit Bull because it has such a negative reputation. But anyone who has ever owned or known a chihuahua knows how loving and smart they are. They are such great dogs, especially if you need a therapy animal or something for companionship.

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