Chicago’s Best Links: Legit Dogs & Ice

– This hotdog joint
started as a food truck. But, after its engine blew, the husband and wife
owners knew their food was too legit to quit. So, they opened this spot
in Elgin, shockingly named Legit Dogs and Ice. Let’s go get some gourmet dogs. [Punk rock music] – [Marley] Not your typical
mom and pop hotdog shop. – This entire business was
born out of my husband’s mind. It’s literally all of his
favorite things in the world, hotdogs, skateboards, punk
rock, and video games. It’s a great family
place, and we have a wall of complimentary arcade games. (video game music) – [Marley] Why Elgin? – I fell in love with the old
architecture, the art scene, and we really found a sense
of purpose in bringing more attention to this
beautiful city. – And you guys do gourmet dogs. – “Alright Jackie, two Max and
Cheese, two Bad Hombres, Max and Cheese first please.” – They feature tons of
wacky, crazy toppings. Don’t be scared. – They’ve got incredibly
creative designs, the flavors go
really well together, it’s not your everyday hotdog. – There’s nowhere even
in the Chicagoland area, that I’ve seen, that’s
doing anything close to what they’re doing. – The flavors are
amazing, the texture, like, my mouth’s watering,
I can’t even talk. – I usually start people off
with something that’s a little “safer”, like our
mac and cheese dog that we’re going to make today. – It’s our homemade mac and
cheese, topped with pitted, shredded ham. – Oooh, I’m taking
it up to the max. – We have a 9 year old,
so he named that one after his best friend Max. Hi, Max! – Aw, that’s very
sweet! (laughs) You mentioned that
we’re doing two, the other one is the Bad Hombre. – It is addictive. – It sounds awesome. Is it named after Matt? (both laugh) – I would more call
him the “Loco Hombre”. – “And use the fresh beef
that my wife bought today.” [♪bouncy punk music] – So, I’m cooking in
the kitchen with Matt. – He is the chief creative guy. He does all of the
insane recipes. People ask all the time, “How
do you come up with them?”, I say ’cause he’s
crazy and creative, He says ’cause he’s fat. That’s his words, not mine. (both laugh) I think I stole his joke. – Hi, nice to meet you. – “Hi, nice to meet you”,
that was so natural. – [Matt] We are doing
a Max and Cheese. – [Marley] What goes on that? – [Matt] A beef
and cheese hot dog, two huge scoops
of mac and cheese. Make sure the customer
gets what they pay for. Give it a little press,
a nice big hunk of ham. – [Marley] Is this hunky enough? – Yup, a bunch of cheese. – Cheese, on meat,
on meat, on cheese. – You just can’t
get enough of it. [♪pounding rock music] – About two minutes,
it’ll be ready to go. – Oh, I want to eat it. – Comfort food at it’s best. – I want to eat it so badly, but we have to
make a Bad Hombre. – [Matt] Jalapeño
and cheese hotdog. – [Marley] This is a
different kind of dog. – They’re like little
artisan sausages. One heaping scoop
of papaya and mango. So, give her a little smoosh. Chili y limon seasoning, and
then sprinkle that on top. And then give it another pinch. ‘Cause that’s what we do. And then, we have
the Bad Hombre sauce, which is a chipotle
and sriracha sauce. Deep-fried corn, and then,
do you like cilantro? – Yeah. – Thank God. – Fresh cilantro. She’s all done, that’s it. – Can we eat em’ now? – Yeah, I hope so. (laughs)
– Okay, let’s go. [♪loud punk rock] – [Marley] Which one
shall we start with? – If you want to go
with the comfort food, or the Bad Hombre
is really the one where it’s like hmmm. – Let’s do the comfort
first, surprise at the end. I have never fork-and-knifed
a hotdog dish, but I support that
there’s so much food here that I have to. This is amazing. As you put the entire
thing into your mouth. The mac and cheese is so
perfect, how many kinds of cheese do you have in here? – There’s a lot. – You really get
such a good flavor, but the hotdog itself kind
of manages to cut through even though there’s a
mountain of food on top of it. The ham is such a good
add, it gives that extra little kick of saltiness. Top-notch hotdog. – Not keto-friendly. – You know, we don’t really do
diets here on Chicago’s Best, so you don’t have
to worry about that. – You’ve come to the right spot. (♪rock music) – All right, so this one, we
started on the food truck. So, we did not care about
how our floors looked, ’cause you were eating outside. It’s everywhere. – It’s a disaster, even when
I was making it I was trying to clean up as I was going. – That’s why I say, just let
it go, you just get used to it. – All right, you
dig in your style, I’ll dig in how I was told to. – Oh, this one is really… – It’s impressive, you can
really taste the jalapeño in the dog, and combined
with that chipotle mayo, it gives, like, the
perfect amount of kick, but that fruit kind of
levels you off in the end. – Right, the papaya and mango
kinda neutralizes the spice. – [Marley] I love hot
sauce, and it’s like the perfect level. – Why is Legit Chicago’s Best? – Legit is legit,
and that’s that. We can do all these
crazy menu items, and still be ourselves,
still be punk rock. – Well hey, rock on buddy. – Thank you. – [Marley] So, I’m going
to finish both of these. – Okay, let’s see
it, let’s do it. – They’re that good. – I won’t smile for the
rest of this segment now, cause we have cilantro. – I probably already have
cilantro in my teeth, but I will continue to
smile for all of you. – [Matt] You’ll fit right in! – Do I have anything
in my teeth? – No, you look great, I don’t see anything.
– Thank you. (chimes) (rock music)

30 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Links: Legit Dogs & Ice

  1. Really original and creative ideas here. I wish I could come to Chicago to try these special dogs for myself.

  2. I've eaten here and they are great priced, fun to bring the kids to and eat. Food is great and the owner is super nice, I spoke with him for at least 20 minutes, he really wants his customers to enjoy.

  3. Naaaaa, not my kind of hotdogs! Maybe that's why the owner is overweight, I have to watch out for my weight and as I get older I watch what I eat!

  4. I absolutely love this place. The food is AMAZING and the quantity is HUGE. We couldn't finish our food. But it's cool it fed me the next day. Yum! ?

  5. This is nowhere near Chicago. Elgin is literally an hour away from Chicago. If your mail does not say Chicago, you're not from Chicago.

  6. First.. Not chicago at all.
    Second. Clean that contraption that you're stcking people's food into.
    S.O.S pads and some warm water.
    Last but not least, fat.

  7. I don't know But Technically you Only upgrade the hotdog toppings,
    You should also have an upgrade OF A 12" Inch hotdog,, a sausage topped with I Know What,, and Then offer spicy sausage topped with you know what,,, I wouldn't go here ,,, makes me Think when they go shopping they only buy toppings, and no meat and the Poor Little HotDog is Gunna get lost in the shuffle. ? ?

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