Chewing Safety Reminders For Your Dog

– Welcome to McCann
professional dog trainers. My name’s Shannon and I’m
here today with Melissa from Pets Plus Us insurance. And we wanted to talk to
you a little bit about safety with your pets,
particularly when it comes to things like chewing and
potentially being destructive in the home. As far as chewing goes,
most dogs will chew, and we want them to chew. It’s a great pastime for
them, sort of like us reading a book, but we want to make
sure we provide them with things that are safe to chew. Now, it’s very important, and
until your dog is an adult and they have well
established chewing habits, you watch them very closely
before taking the chance and leaving them unsupervised
at all with anything to chew. Now, as a general rule,
most vets, most people will recommend the Kong for most dogs. And the Kong is a fantastic chew toy. It’s something that is
usually pretty durable, however, there are some
exceptions to that. Some dogs are very powerful
chewers and they will still chew through these. So again, that’s the reason
that it’s very important to supervise your dogs first
and make sure that they’re safe with these things
before leaving them alone. There’s a stronger version
of the Kong, as well. The nice thing about the
Kong is that you can slide things inside there, like
a cookie or maybe some peanut butter and give
that to your dogs to chew and that’ll be a nice pastime for them. So be very cautious watching
your dog with anything, but a Kong is usually a safe bet. One of the other things we
tend to recommend for chewing Nylabone and Nylabones are a hard thing, but we want to make sure that
your dogs are chewing off big hunks and they’re not
potentially biting right in and cracking teeth or cracking molars. Most dogs will be quite safe with this, they’ll bristle up nicely and
clean their teeth quite well. Something else worth
mentioning with the Nylabone products is that some of
them are quite pliable. We want to make sure that
those ones are used for baby puppies only. Once they’re about four
months of age or older, especially if they’re a large breed, this can be potentially
dangerous by them being able to take off big chunks of that. A couple of things we like
to talk about that are potentially unsafe for dogs,
one of them is rawhide. And if you have a dog that’s
not a very powerful chewer at all, little tiny bits of this are okay, but a lot of dogs will
take big hunks off of this. And Melissa was actually
telling me earlier that rawhide is one of the biggest
things on foreign body extraction surgeries. So be very cautious, very
careful with rawhide. If you have a dog that’s
a big powerful chewer, a lab or something of that nature, taking a big knot off of a
piece of rawhide and swallowing that whole can be potentially
very dangerous for them. We also want to caution
you about things that are not meant to be chew toys. This would be an interactive toy. Something that your dog can play tug with, something that you can play retrieve with, but it’s not something
you should ever let them lay down and chew. Even if you’re there supervising them, taking out one of these pieces
of string and swallowing it can be lethal for your dogs. We very highly recommend crate training, very strong supervision for your dogs, but when you can’t watch
them, making sure that they’re put away safely where they
can’t get into mischief, they can’t chew things
that they shouldn’t, they can’t be destructive
in the house at all, and you’re not going to end
up in the situation where your dog gets anxious at
all when you are away. Now Melissa’s going to talk
to us a little bit about foreign body extraction
surgery and about some of the costs that are related to
that and how Pets Plus Us can help you with that. – So I’m very fortunate to
work with a company called Pets Plus Us and we are
an insurance company that offers some wonderful
coverages for accidents and illnesses for your pets. As a surgical veterinarian
technician of over a decade, I myself have insurance
for all of my pets, and for a good reason. My little guys have gotten
into all kinds of trouble that have landed me
into the emergency room, running up bills for removal
of an elastic band on my cat when I was in university
that cost me about $4,000. – Wow. – I decided I never wanted
to be in that position again, and for that reason, all of
my pets now have insurance. Something great to remember,
we love crate training. It’s a good way to keep
them safe and I love to hear that that’s what you guys
are promoting over here. Another good trick is if
you’re going to leave toys out or treats out with your pets
that you are familiar with and know their eating
habits, when you come home in the evening after work
count and make sure you have all the toys that you left
out and they’re all in the same condition as when you left. If not you might be thinking
you’re going to have a problem in a little bit. Another good tip is after
you’ve finished chewing on some of the harder toys
that you’ve left for them, always check their teeth. Like Shannon mentioned,
sometimes they can crack a tooth, which can lead to an
abscess or an infection. So always just kind of take a look inside. You’ll also sometimes see
if they’ve had a little string or something that’s
come off one of their softer toys that’s
wrapped around the tooth, can become wrapped around the tongue, cause a choking problem. So we want to avoid things like that. If you’re interested in checking us out, you can do so online, we
can do a quote for you, and you can find out what it
would cost to have a little extra peace of mind for your
pet in case you ever find yourself in that situation. – There’s also a great eight
week free trial program that we’re running through
McCann’s that you can sign up for on the website, as well. If you have any questions,
give our office a call at 905-659-1888 and we will be
more than happy to direct you. Bye for now.

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