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we went out to San Diego last June and we took two cheetahs back we worked with people in Columbus Zoo before we had the Cheetahs to see what we're getting into they have had this great program where the cheetahs are raised with dogs he went for the Labradors cuz they're just one big fuzzy horn I mean they're just a good-natured dog we put them all together and they just started playing like they were litter mates the idea was the dog would come to cheetah down the cheetah would look to the dog for emotional cue just like okay everything's good the dog is here and they still play like that to this day they like each other's company you're sitting on him Lauren the dogs are finan Norton they're not fat their English Labradors they're meant to be like that cover your puppies because they're not terribly aggressive we can work with them in ways that we cannot work with other large cats as long as you work with them from the time they're very young they become bonded to the people who take care of them and they become bonded to their dogs so they're a great ambassador for their species I want to reach as many people as possible I think it would be really cool for a family just to be in the zoo having a great time and then turn the corner and there's cheetah and a dog have a keep a chat about cheetah they'll remember it forever you

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  1. Very good friendly animals and lots of play together thank you for sharing your beautiful pets love them all thanks

  2. Those poor dogs are overweight; the yellow one is having trouble BREATHING at 1:02 and I'm assuming they didn't do anything much more exciting than walk outside. "English" labs don't even exist, technically speaking; the main differences between labradors are whether they're bred for the show or working(hunting, dog sports, etc). No kennel clubs recognize a difference between English, show, American, OR working labradors; there is a single breed of labrador and they are all held to the same breed standard. People who show dogs have dragged these standards to some pretty disgusting extremes in certain cases, and labradors are not an exception to this.

    Labradors should be about 65-80 lbs and stand between 21.5 and 24.5 inches. The yellow lab looks a good 110-120 lbs- a solid 30+ pounds overweight.

    It's honestly disgusting that a zoo not only doesn't know this, but actively spreads misinformation .

  3. I met these people yesterday and got to see little foot and Norton. They are really sweet people and I can tell they really care about their cheetahs. They are happy and spoiled. Yes it sucks they can never be released into the wild but I would rather be their care than somewhere horrible. Such beautiful creatures and it’s really an unforgettable experience seeing your favorite animal in the same room as you <3

  4. i have a question what do you need in order to have a pet cheetah cause i want one so i can atleast keep one of there kind alive since i know there indangerd and it breaks my heart to think that so i just want one to keep alive and i can find anything that says what you need in order to have a pet cheetah so idk wut to do!

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