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this refuge takes on many abandoned animals in need and it's run by a devoted carer named Janice but it's her capybara cheesecake who's the star of the show she may be the world's largest species of rodent but she's also an excellent foster mum to a litter of puppies so how did this scenario arise Janice I mean this capybara is surrounded by I don't know how many puppies I've lost count yes that's just one day I had a litter of orphaned puppies that were ready to move out of the house and this was the most secure pen for a little puppy and I knew she was social with other animals and she took my to it and she's had every litter since and so how many litters has she has well this year alone she's gone number four and then there's another one coming up doing so so you guess unfortunately a lot of puppies given to you from abandoned litters rescue a lot of pregnant mamas or Mamas that just have given birth that are in dire straits and nowhere to go and it's one of the specialties I do special needs animals it's an unfortunate situation but when you say that the capybara mother is these pups what do you mean she sleeps with them she she eats with them she'll she'll they'll play with her they'll groom her and she seems to enjoy it I think she just has kind of that all around her that makes him feel safe and secure cheesecake has never had her own young but being a capybara she knows exactly what to do with this lot in the wild capybara helped to look after each other's young sharing the parenting duties and what she's demonstrating is just how powerful that mothering instinct is you

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  1. The capybara isn’t showing any motherly instinct she looks like she’s just hanging out like homeless people do at the shelter

  2. Thank you for sharing, I never saw a Cappebarre before. and thank you for caring for the puppies. Do you find homes for them?

  3. Awe man. Just when they were ready to let us know how things were going, the video cuts. How are the pups doing?

  4. Those are the most well-behaved puppies I've ever seen! They seem to be mimicking the kapyboro behavior! so awesome!!!!?

  5. Another wonderful human being and another wonderful animal. I don't care how cliche this sounds. Just imagine this planet if our first instinct was to help one another and let the Animals show us how it's done…. We need to " tidy up" our White House first…Hugs to all who help the helpless, no matter who or what they are…

  6. What a wonderful lady to take care of all these poor animals. How can be so cruel ad
    abandon them. If each one of us who loves animals, can donate to truly kind bona fide
    groups, we can do so much good! Please don't turn away from their plight. They need
    our help desperately. Speak out against cruelty, help if you see an animal in need, and
    check to see that the shelter you help is a "no kill shelter," please. Help to get laws
    passed to stop all the atrocities big companies do with their experiments, stop people from
    chaining their dogs down in heat and cold, without even a house.Thank you and God bless.

  7. That woman deserves every ounce of respect in the world! Anyone who dedicated their lives to helping in need animals are true heroes! Incredible story

  8. Janice, I pray you hear this msg., God bless you. We need a million more people like you. I'd like to help, financially. I'm definitely, not rich. But, I so, care about the animals and I think it's our responsibility. My name is Janeen Trujillo and my phone number is 502-472-0827. Please text me how, I can send American dollars to you. I'm trying to wake up other people about, helping. If people would just help with 10 or 20 or 30 when they had it. That would definitely, make a difference and that's what Jesus Christ, wants us to do. God bless. .

  9. Aww, good Capybara… I saw one in a zoo in either Central or South America, and was very astonished at seeing such a creature!

  10. always fight to save and protect all wildlife animals, bird life, sea life, nature is being destroyed in every way by those in power, militaries, and corporations and we need to fight to protect and save whats left. please get involved

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