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Greetings Gastronauts! This is Keef Cooks, I’m Keef and today I’m going to show you how to do two super simple but super tasty snacks – Cheese On Toast and its grown up cousin – Welsh Rabbit [ MUSIC ] So, I’ve had a flurry of requests for cheese on toast and it’s one of my favourite things so I’m quite keen to do it. We’ve got Joanna and Daniel Hynds in the Solomon Islands – good luck with the baby! We’ve got somebody who’s real name probably isn’t Mac Donald and somebody else whose real name probably isn’t Gerry Adams. And we’ve got Brad Bellick, so for you lot, cheese on toast, enjoy! And yeah, The Cheese Upon the The Toast – iit’s just so simple, but well I’m almost ashamed to do it but I do know that but there are, you know, people watch my show from all over the world and they probably don’t know how to make cheese on toast. So that’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it. Anyway, dead easy to do, let’s do it! Right, so The Cheese Upon The Toast – this is an absolute classic British secret snack that we will have, oh, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and three o’clock in the morning after coming home from the pub. And it’s wonderful, simple and there’s nothing to it, except bread, cheese and butter. Yes butter, that’s not negotiable in my book. You want want thick bread – really – because, well, you just do. And the best way to get thick bread is to to cut it from a loaf. And I don’t think it actually matters what kind of bread it is, as long as it’s thick. So that’s too thick to go in my toaster, so I’m going to stick it under the grill – or broiler to my American friends – and I’m going to toast it both sides because I think toasting it just on one side and then putting the cheese on the uncooked side is not right. And then we want some cheese This is cheddar – again you can use any kind of cheese you like as long as it’s a good melty cheese, and don’t grate it, slice it. And the reason for that is you’ll get better coverage of the toast – you’ll be able to get the cheese right up the edges without it falling off which it would do if you’d grated the cheese. OK toast is done Tada! So I need to butter that… So bread buttered, and place your cheese as close to the edges you can get it because otherwise it’s going to scorch. But I prefer not to have scorched edges so there we go. Pop that under your grill – broiler – to melt So cheese is almost melted and I can guarantee I’ll get comments from people saying ‘have you tried it with Marmite?’ ‘have you tried it with Branston Pickle?’ ‘Have you tried it with this, that and the other?’ Yes I have and those are perfectly wonderful things – bits of bacon – whatever – but they are notThe Cheese Upon The Toast. Keep it simple, especially at three o’clock in the morning after that night out on the tiles, and it’s just delicious and wonderful without anything extra in fact you want it to do a bit more than melt, you want a bit of browning on the cheese if you can manage that and if you have the patience. I am hungry!!! I have a blowtorch… [ PLAYS PRETEND PIANO ON TABLETOP ] [ SIGH ] So if I now go and turn all the cameras off to save battery, this will this will instantly go brown and then I’ll have to go around again and put them on again or maybe not OK, it’s not going to go brown but it is lovely and wonderful looking so… but it is buttery and wonderful looking so that’ll do for me Right now before I can eat it I have to take its photo fact you want it to do a bit more than melt you want a bit of browning on the cheese if you manage that and if you have the patience I am hungry I’ve a blowtorch okay it’s not going to go brown but it is lovely and wonderful looking so I’ll do for me right okay there we have cheese on toast yum nom oh Mmmm it’s just pure comfort food it is the most wonderful thing ever in the history of the world. The Cheese Upon The Toast and after the break it’s grown up cousin Welsh Rabbit [ MUSIC ] Welsh rabbit is also known as well rarebit and nobody really knows why but I suspect it’s those long a sounds that you get from people in and around ‘Caaardiff’ and to the untutored English ear when they say ‘raaaabbit’ they might think mmm ‘rarebit’ mmm, bit far- fetched. Anyway, my other theory is the Cheese on Toast Marketing Board thought that rarebit sounded posher and more exclusive than rabbit and the general theory of why it’s called Welsh rabbit is because the people of Wales were too poor to afford real rabbits and this was their peasant version. Yeah right. Anyway absolutely delicious let’s do it. Now, ingredients for your Welsh rarebit, you want two thick slices of bread, you want about 150 grams of grated cheese, 3 tablespoons of stout – that’s Guinness – other brands are available – a teaspoon of mustard, a splash of Worcester Sauce, a whole egg and the yolk of another egg and 30 grams of butter Now the cheese you might think well it should be Caerphilly, the Welsh cheese but it’s down to preference I think as long as it’s a hard cheese that melts well – it’ll work. And the bread, again a matter of preference this is Tiger bread, it’s actually white, it’s more important that you’ve got a solid lump that you can cut into decently thick slices than anything else because you know it’s got to be strong enough to hold all the stuff we’re going to put on top of it. Basically. Anyway let’s get going. So first thing you want to do is toast your bread on both sides and so I’ve got the grill, the broiler, heating up there I’m just going to hack a couple of good old slices off this. You probably won’t be able to use a toaster because – well my toaster won’t accommodate anything this thick – maybe yours will Right, you want to melt your butter and the toast is already, the toast is already done. Normally you would want these to arrive at cooked-ness, or readiness at the same time but I’m making a video and that’s a bit complicated Now add your stout – if you don’t want to use beer you can use milk but this just gives it extra deep flavor and yumminess And add the mustard – you can use mustard powder but I ain’t got any and the other thing – Worcester Sauce – good old splash so mix those all together and then add the cheese – just let that melt but don’t let it boil Now we want our eggs. Here we are, let’s just give them a quick beat I think I messed up with this as well because I put too much beer in it so I think I’m going to add some more cheese. Alright that’s extra cheese melted, now I’m going to pop the egg in Stir that – seems like the egg’s thickening it so we’ll go with that and just plop it on the toast. Stick it under the grill or the broiler to go bubbly and golden and wonderful. There it is looking ooh ooh ooh I’m so hungry. ‘Mrs Keef Cooks! Breakfast!’ She won’t come [ LAUGHS ] Right, come and get your breakfast! Isn’t she lovely! do no no no ‘It’s all right, innit?’ ‘That’ll do’ ‘Nomnomnom’ ‘Thanks honey’ OK we like that And that’s that, I hope you enjoyed it. Now please do the usual – likes, shares, comments, subscriptions, donations, patronage – all of that good stuff. Thank you. So ta for watching and see you next time [ MUSIC ]

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