Cheap Cat Litter Review | Special Kitty Cat Litter And Litter Box Cleaning Tips

welcome back y’all you asked for it so
here it finally is so many people have asked me if there is some sort of
cheaper cat litter available that does a good enough job so what I did was try
out a few different types of cat litter out there that are a little bit cheaper
and more affordable than some of the bigger brand names so the one that I
came up with that I probably like the most is the special Kitty scoopable
fragrance free cat litter now I don’t quite love this as much as my fresh step
it did not handle odor control white as effectively but it is going up against
for cats and my cats tend to look using one litter box far more than the other
four litter boxes that they have available to them go figure but I know
if I were to take one of those litter boxes away we’d probably start having
issues and I’m not willing to risk that so the things that I do like about this
is that it didn’t seem to be any worse as far as tracking goes as any other
scoopable type of litter out there I don’t really prefer the plain clay non
scoopable litters as those tend to while they’re cheaper they tend to start
smelling pretty foul of urine after only a few days and I personally cannot stand
the smell of cat urine I cannot stand the smell of cat urine but I absolutely
love my cats so this held up for about two weeks and again this is going up
against four cats so I feel like this is a pretty good trial so I feel like
that’s not too bad compared to the fresh step usually lasted me about three to
four weeks so it’s not bad for the price I have been able to find these special
Kitty for under $4 for a 14 pound container of litter which is great even
some of the brand names like tighty cat are around
seven or eight dollars and personally to me
the tiny cat tends to track a little bit more and it doesn’t have that great of
odor control from my experience and again I cannot stand the smell of cat
urine so as far as clumping litter goes it does form relatively tight clumps
it’s pretty simple as far as scooping goes it’s not that bad it’s pretty good
as far as being able to scoop without ending up with a ton of pieces falling
off and breaking off when you’re comparing it to other scoopable clumping
litters I have yet to find a scoopable clumping litter that never ever has any
of that little shedding going on that forms such tight clumps that you don’t
have any fallout and unfortunately it’s that fallout from clumping litters that
causes your litter box to really start emitting a lot of odors so to me if you
are looking for a cheaper alternative to some of the more expensive brand names
out there I would maybe go and pick up some of the special Kitty I guess a I
was able to find this for under $4 for a 14 pound container of litter they do
have the 40-pound containers of litter although I was not able to find it in
unscented so I’m not really sure if they do have the 40-pound containers in the
unscented and I personally cannot deal with extremely strong fragrances when it
comes to cat litter and most cats don’t really like scented litter to begin with
so the fragrance free is gonna be your best bet and it is pretty decent when it
comes to odor control now one thing that I would suggest or recommend is
investing the money in a good solid cat litter scooper because unfortunately a
lot of those plastic ones ball you might be able to find them for only a dollar
or two you’re gonna have to replace them more often because they are usually
really really flimsy and I’ve had several in the past
on me so I do have a little bit more pricey scooper which cost me about $10
$10 really long-term not that much money I’ve now had this same litter scooper
for probably about four years now so if you think about it over time it really
is a good investment and I tend to get a lot less fallout because the scooper is
better made it’s better quality so you kind of want to also think about your
litter scooper as well as what kind of cat litter you’re using because having a
higher-quality scooper can really make a difference as far as odor control and
how many of those little pieces fall out another thing to help with making your
litter lasts longer is how you scoop the litter out of the box when you are
scooping you don’t want to do that sifting motion because when you do sift
it you will end up with more of those little pieces falling off of your clumps
which again will end up leading to more litter box
odors sooner rather than later you want to preserve the unused litter in the box
as long as possible and just little tiny tips and tricks can really help get the
longest life out of your litter when you are putting it in there and these little
tiny things can really help with odor control and with helping to save as much
of that litter as possible for as long as possible which will also save you
money in the long run so I’ve actually tested this particular litterer now for
about a month and a half and like I said for odor control I found that it lasted
about two weeks and again this is going up against four cats so if it can stand
up to four cats for two weeks I would say that this is a pretty decent litter
as far as being a more affordable cheaper option for those of you out
there who only have one cat this litter might last even a month so for me one of
these contain one of these 14 pound containers fills
up about one of my litter boxes it just I end up with just a little bit extra
after filling up one of my litter boxes now I do have pretty large cats so I do
have pretty large litter boxes so depending on how big your cat is
depending on how big your litter box is will depend on how much litter you’re
gonna need as far as filling up your box one more quick tip to help with odor
control and to help get that life out of your litter is to also make sure that
you are maintenance encountered so I personally soak my scooper about once a
week in hot water mixed with white distilled vinegar this helps to loosen
any particles get it nice and clean and that way when you have a nice clean
scooper it’s a lot more effective and again you get a lot less of those little
fallout pieces that break off of your clumps because those tend to be a lot
harder to sift out of the box and cause a lot of odor problems so anyway guys
that’s all I really have for y’all today as always thank you so much for watching
I love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye

7 thoughts on “Cheap Cat Litter Review | Special Kitty Cat Litter And Litter Box Cleaning Tips

  1. Nice option… I do use the Litter Lifter to get pieces out of the litter box…it does a great job. Litter last longer and no smell…none…I have two cats and I do scoop often.
    What about dust and tracking? Thanks for all your tips.??

  2. Here in Texas I buy the one from HEB. It is a big bag for a cheap price. I will give this one a try ?

  3. I used to use special kitty! I did like it but I found a cheaper one, it’s simply purrfect from Costco so it’s kinda of useless info for anyone without a membership

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