Charlotte/Oliver puppies

oops I think I didn't go to Hollywood mama fathom another having a little extra their new play area have to expand it custom yep so there's Aretha she doing race huh when after some supper that's Joni jacker Stevie getting her fair share that she manages to keep that trim figure Chinese Steve huh well first to the table last to leave Fleetwood hey fleet you're turning into a fleet of dogs you know that Judas sweetest big ol boy your Justin sweetest big ol boy pearly white she's doing a good job huh dagger exploring water poem what I made the food in see if he's still eating fish I keep the weight off like she does that simply you don't play yeah there Stevie that's Stevie it's TV to Dad's yes he's go for it yeah she's got the bull whoops that's pearl that has joined her yeah hey girlie white everything Oh Jack Meister he's got the moves like Jagger – miss Joni miss Joni aim at the blanket mr. Jack her I mean sorry puzzle see how it looks like a little puzzle piece on his back so he got his name puzzle you didn't handsome boy he is oh nice take a poo poo right there mm-hmm wait what over 30 PP I don't know baby baby look at you heat that's Joanie that's Jimmy they were de TOI this my girl don't you hear Jen puzzle even sure in the leg of it was meant for climbing okay so this is dinner time with three and a half week old puppies since she's broken away she's small she's tough aren't you Steve that's Steve shake a night kids share your night kids night kids hey see this is the potty place this is where they have been peeing or being trained to pee I am not unhappy with the results so far so for this are you pulling on that no stink bug all right say good night kids

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