41 thoughts on “Charlie the Golden is mad at his owner. Only one thing can make him forgive her?

  1. Damn near Torture. You never ever deliberately touch a DOGS Nose. This is why A.) Dogs are a mans best friend and 2.) why women can't find a man to marry anymore. We are fed up with the games… dogs and men. Another stupid thing women do is dress their dogs in stupid too-toos or something restrictive like that…dogs know when they look stupid in front of people and other dogs in the neighborhood. you are giving them a personality complex… like a female Narcissist behavior. … Learn to respect your pets and MEN. Even in your TITLE you are the "OWNER"… who likes to be OWNED? Geeeeezzzzz

  2. Why are you poking your dog in the face? Is that trick? My Golden would balance a biscuit on top of his snout ( proper term) until I said he could eat it.

  3. My dog has not been that mad at me for years. I'll give her a bath a she'll be mopey (she absolutely hates them) but as soon as the door to the bathroom is open she'll run out then run back standing in the door way waging her tail all happy.

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