Channel 3 TV Scorpion Pest Control

creepy crawlers out of our homes but
there is a way to prevent and control pests without using these dangerous
chemicals joining me is Mark mankiewicz owner of
pest borders good morning good to see you good morning I’m really interested
in this alright first of all let me ask you what is pests borders and how does
it work okay well pest borders is something new
on market excuse me what it does is it eliminates the entry of scorpions
especially but other pests from getting into your home okay
our whole theory is if we can keep them off of the home we keep them out of the
home as you can see here we’re trying to get this little scorpion to climb out
pest border which is made out of glass he can’t even get his first foot to take
grip on that glass oh so do you put this around the whole perimeter of the home
the complete perimeter of the home under the doors the perimeter of the inside of
the garage and right there you’re seeing the installation of it absolutely there
you can see a strip is being put in it goes on the stem wall underneath the
stucco if you take a look or if you had seen these little holes right underneath
the stucco those are called weep holes and those are around the entire
perimeter of the house so the air can flow through the walls and keep your
wood frame dry this way you won’t get rot or mold you can’t cover those up
sealing companies can’t cover those up so we place our passport or right
underneath those weep holes oh so the Scorpions cannot get into that
so let me ask you why should people choose pest borders and not just
pesticides pesticides number one no matter what you tell they’re toxic
okay yes they are coming from a plant now the chrysanthemum flower but the
chrysanthemum flower is a natural toxic flower might not hurt you but they don’t
tell you about the in earth ingredients that are put into that pesticide to
increase the strength of the pesticide and to make it last longer those are
highly toxic number two pesticides if you’ve been in Arizona
as long as I have and you’ve gone the route of spraying pesticides of going
through sealing and everything else pesticides aren’t effective
they’re not even they’ll kill the food source but not exactly this do a lot of
people here in Arizona you hear about home sealing how does that compare to
past borders home sealing as I said those weep holes number one they can’t
cover them so you’ve got access into the house around the whole perimeter of the
house 24/7 that they’re not able they can’t seal them they can’t seal your
roof a lot of companies offer to come out and do some hunting services or kind
of scout you know sweeping services do those work that’s a great one call the
almighty scorpion hunter he comes in he’s got his little light on his head he
comes at night he searches around for scorpions he catches them kills them
gives you a report on what he did what happens when he leaves is that it
they’re never going to come back they’re waiting on the other side so I know we
were talking a lot about scorpions but you help people keep a lot of other
critters out of their homes and businesses absolutely one subterranean
termites can’t climb glass so we can deter termite infestation in your home
it’s impossible for them to climb glass they cannot build their little tunnels –
black widow spiders brown recluse spiders centipedes crickets it goes on
and on this little creepy crawly lift that cannot climb smooth surface some

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