CGR Undertow – KUNG FU RABBIT review for Nintendo Wii U

I tend to look things critically because,
you know, I�m a critic. But I might be a little extra critical when it comes to platformers.
I�ve been playing them for about 30 years, so I�m a little picky about them. Platforming
physics, in particular. The right weight, variable jump distance depending on speed
and how you push the button…for such a simple genre, there�s a lot of subtlety that separates
good platformers from great ones. This one�s not quite great, but…it�s
pretty freaking good. It�s Kung Fu Rabbit for the Nintendo Wii
U. So this is another nice little addition to
the Wii U�s eShop, which is where a lot of the system�s best stuff is available.
And the great thing about Kung Fu Rabbit is that…it�s definitely one of those modern
platformers, you know? The ones that really test your platforming skills, with tricky
passages and lots of wall jumps. But it�s never so challenging that it�s frustrating. That not only because it plays well, but because
the levels are never designed to be frustrating. They�re always fair, the path is always
clear and their length is just right. So they never outstay their welcome. Another subtle thing about the level design
is that…the tricky parts are laid out like a test, almost. Which is to say…there�s
almost always a safe spot where you can check things out and plan your approach. You�re
never rushed by a timer or anything. The game gives you every chance to figure out how to
overcome its challenges. Without ever watering down those challenges. Speaking of the levels, there�s only freaking
60 of them. Not to mention 20 bonus stages, which you unlock in the other 60. And if you
finish all 60, you unlock harder versions of them…with a lot more enemies. Especially
for an eShop game, that�s a pretty nice amount of platforming for your pennies. So what are the negatives? Well, perhaps most
notably…the game has an awesome style, but the backgrounds and settings start to repeat
themselves pretty quickly. The game looks really nice, but…it�d be nice if there
were more sights to see. And, as a downloadable game, there�s not much to it beyond single-player
play. Kung Fu Rabbit is a really good game that,
with a little more stuff, could�ve been an even better one. There�s a bit of floaty-ness,
but…great platforming, in general. And best of all, it�s a challenging platformer that
isn�t a jerk about it. I think that�s what I like most about Kung
Fu Rabbit. I also like pink.

21 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – KUNG FU RABBIT review for Nintendo Wii U

  1. I don't see the Kung Fu part in this game. It looks like you're just maneuvering a white block with ears through a bland PC-style platform game.

  2. Been playing this on my Vita, the first 30 minutes you feel like you purchased a little kid's game, but very quickly find out that this is a very fun and at times challenging game, well worth the 5 bucks! I recommend this shit.

  3. I really hate this game. The sounds really pissed me off, it felt like I died for no reason allot because I jumped on the enemies but somehow it still said that I hit them in the face etc. I'm up for a challenge but it has to feel fair when I lose. The music is horrible and the water bubbling is annoying as hell, heck all the sounds were annoying as hell if you ask me… The only thing I like is the art style, but it's nothing that's never been done before. Now it is a very cheap game but it should be better in a lot of stuff if you ask me.

  4. It weird that this game is free for ps plus and Super Meat Boy is free too for October. These 2 games are very similar to each other. Great review by the way. I've been a fan of your channel for a long time.

  5. Interesting. Derek didn't make one comparison between this and Super Meat Boy? Out of all the platforms this is available on, I think only 3DS doesn't have Super Meat Boy. But if you own one of the other systems and only want to buy one of these types of games, who would honestly recommend this over Super Meat Boy?

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