Cet oiseau tue et mange des singes – ZAPPING SAUVAGE

At 30 meters from the ground, we hunt in the open, and the prey is bigger. Troops of monkeys feed on flowers and fruits. As they live in equilibrium with the trees, these monkeys have eyes at the front of the head, so they can better evaluate distances from one branch to another. The disadvantage is that they see badly on the sides. The fierce harpy has talons of about ten centimeters and a wingspan of 2 meters, his aerial attacks are formidable. Hidden under the canopy, a monkey is out of reach. But as soon as he is exposed, he is vulnerable. The harpy can carry prey as heavy as a monkey. She needs a powerful musculature. The raising of the young is very demanding: they require a lot of food and care. The parents care for them for two years, they bring them, monkeys and sloths on a regular basis. At one year, young harpies are far from fully grown. They must still develop the muscles of their wings. They also need to learn the art of air ambushes. The monkeys are clever and difficult to attack by surprise. The little harpy exercises on a seemingly easy target – – a three-toed sloth, it is the slowest prey of the forest. One might think that it is defenseless, facing the most powerful raptors. Yet even a sloth can fight back. The harpy will remember the lesson. Success is never guaranteed. This little one has a long way to go. He lives on the territory of his parents, but soon he will have to hunt his own prey. his parents would kill him to make room for the next litter, more apt to independence.

100 thoughts on “Cet oiseau tue et mange des singes – ZAPPING SAUVAGE

  1. About ten years ago I saw a Harpy Eagle in a small zoo in Belize. It's really impressive. I highly recommend seeing this bird if you get the chance. The legs and talons are so thick they seem like they can't be real!

  2. My wife looks like that when she realizes I’ve been to the casino the night before ?. I’m like the sloth fighting her off??

  3. It makes sense to me that the title of a video be displayed in the same language that is spoken throughout the video it is assigned to. It's like picking up a book with a Japanese title only to discover that every single word to read is in Swahili.

  4. Nobody here found the scene where the harpie was eating that monkey's torn off arm with bone sticking out disturbing ?Damn nature, you're scary !

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