Cesar 911 – How To Take Your Dog To The Park

Cesar takes in a dog and Lily to the local dog park to teach them how to walk their dog off leash in a social setting ready yeah let's get a shot you nice day outside Cesar's first step is to observe how the dog walks mocha into the dog park so he's tensing around that's right that was here a little inches because I gave the leash tuna – they keep totally lost control yeah right there you gotta drop the leash right there you gotta trap the leash yeah yeah yeah see how they are the donkey fun yeah there you go that's bad yes once you ain't it you guys take the leash off okay yeah that's what they don't keep following you got lucky man you got lucky the dog was very tense when he entered the dog park and that tense energy traveled through the leash and straight to mocha how many times you think you pull how many times I gave her a pool probably ten yeah so so what that means is you never really managed to keep calmness right Caesar challenges Nadal to try again adopts starts off really well but the minute he enters the gate Moka gets excited so Cesar jumps in wait wait what's this because you keep taking the leash she's excited so you see what's a little bit excited and you take it off you take the break you about to go in there you understand hey thanks follow go ahead buddy just go nice cuz again this is more for you guys than it is for her to see dog Ronnie you guys see the she's not you know charging damn he looks more relaxed – I gained the confidence from what Cesar has taught us and showed us that basically the source of the problem was was us and if we correct ourselves it reflects onto the dog now it's Lily's turn to prove to Cesar that she can keep Moka in a calm State it's just to challenge yourself there you go when we go out and take her out we're already tense so it makes mocha tense and that's why when another dog comes that's it she's tensing already she's coming for the kill I'm a little afraid that's right that's right that's good that you move away that's very good she's just curious so all is well you gave her an opportunity and you gave yourself an opportunity to know to feel tense but not trigger attention you did everything right by the way and then I'd only you did everything right you went in the middle of it and then she got curious hey my mom wants to bring him in the middle and I'm curious about this boy over here but then you got tense so she got curious you got tense the best thing you can do as you walked away all right so get out I was in shock nothing happened there was no dead dogs no bloodshed so this dog that I thought was just a wild beast is no longer a beast this is more for you to practice relaxation than a dog interacting with another dog he says more for you the dog part is more rehabilitation for you than it is for your dog you saw her she's being social with my dogs and so do you don't need a lot of dogs for you to see that she's social right all right well let's go back all right okay you did awesome

45 thoughts on “Cesar 911 – How To Take Your Dog To The Park

  1. So Cesar immediately sees the NUMEROUS ways this owner is fucking up and does he stop him and correct him before it gets ugly????? No Cesar is a loser for a trainer.>

  2. After watching 1h of Cesar clips I know one thing for shore 90% of dog owners are FUCKING RETARDED that don't no jackshit about dogs hopefully they bring a law that you have to pay like 5k and make a psychological test before you get a dog!!

  3. Cesar los pitbull de italia te necesitan. Si algún día vienes por aquí, no te olvides pasar por Turín – Italia. Un abrazo

  4. Please don't watch Milan for correct training techniques. ?‍♀️?‍♀️ go see a trained, qualified dog trainer. Majority of whom will tell you as I am, his "methods" are wrong, mind-blowingly wrong tbh, outdated, harsh & damaging. So please visit a force-free, positive reinforcement, qualified dog trainer! ??

  5. cesar i must need you help my dog can't? Becaoase he flighting the young brother and space to my husband and me how i can do i very so scared to my after I want cry now when you can come to my house for trading my dog pls help me

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