Celebrity & Pets Series: Ying Ying & Dolly (Ep 03)

Hey, you see! I told you she likes the camera now! Dolly, you really want to be on camera so badly? Hi everyone, I'm Ying Ying! This is my dog She's thirteen years old this year and she's a female Shih Tzu She likes to stay at home and sleep So I've been trying to teach her tricks for ten over years But she just doesn't care~ Yes and Her character is very much like mine She's very laidback Very chill She likes to sleep a lot Oh, I wasn't badmouthing you! What's the matter? Hmm? Hmm? Hey, I have food! You don't want food? Aren't you a foodie? Help me! Come back, come back! Dolly, treat treat! Oh my god Ok Ok, ok, do it, do it! Yay! Good job! Oh my god She's so alert! Where is it? Gone! No more It's inside! I think it's a fail… It's inside, it's inside Yes, yes, yes! Go and find! Go and find! Ok, you've failed Congrats So if you're a dog lover Or you have pets that you want to test their intelligence You can try this test at home I think you guys would definitely win Dolly And let us know in the comments how you do! Where are you going? Dolly, say goodbye! If you are an animal lover like me And you would like to see more animal related videos Click here for more And click here to subscribe! Yay! You did it! No…?

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