Celebrity Perfume Scent Game

Do celebrity scents really smell
like we think they would? Let’s smell that. ♪ (Good Mythical Morning
Theme Song) ♪ Good Mythical Morning. How do entertainers know when they have
reached true celebrity status? When they’ve had sensitive photos leaked. No. When they have perfume
or cologne made after them. I don’t know anything about leaky photos. Okay, as you know,
the most celebrity of celebrities have their own perfume or cologne lines. – This has been happening…
– A fragrance, if you will. …for many years. I don’t have one.
Rhett doesn’t have one. – That’s as you would expect.
– That’s all about to change, – all about to change.
– We’re gonna create our own at the end of this thing,
but what we’re gonna do first is play a fun game and
answer some important questions. Namely, do these celebrities
who have these scents have scents that we could anticipate
would be associated with them? And who’s the better scent sniffer? – Me or you?
– Okay. (Rhett) It’s The Celebrity Scent Game! We have seven celebrity scents,
and we have to match up our celebrity heads on sticks here – with the correct one.
– Right. We have “Taylor” by Taylor Swift, which looks like a crystal ball
on a roulette table. We’ve got “Adam Levine” by Adam Levine.
It’s a microphone bottle. – (Rhett) That’s pretty cool.
– (Link) Yeah. Jay-Z has “Gold” cologne. – And Beyoncé has “Heat.”
– (Link) Yeah, she does. One Direction has a cologne called “Our Moment”, and I think it’s a perfume,
because it’s pink. Katy Perry has “Killer Queen.” It looks like something
you could stab someone with. And last but not least, we have Pitbull,
who has “Man.” Guys, you already know about this because
you’re all wearing it – (Link) right now.
– (Rhett) That’s right, “Man.” As am I and so is he. Okay, so the way it works is
we’re gonna go though our seven rounds. We’re gonna smell it and then
we’re going to put our celebrity into what we think it is, and at the end we will have an opportunity to switch a couple. Oh, we can go Price Is Right
at the very end of this thing. And this is coffee beans
that we’ll be smelling (sniff) as a… – (Link) Nasal cleanser. And–
– (Rhett) …smell cleanser. All right! Did we say what was at stake?
What we could win? – (Rhett) Okay, yeah. Go ahead, say that.
– (Link) We should say that. All right, we’ve invented our own cologne, and the winner gets to name our cologne. – It’s exciting.
– Enough said. (Rhett and Link) Scent Number One! Now, I’m gonna get a headache
right off the bat. – (Rhett) Oh, man. Mmhm. Stop moving it so close to you.
This smells like… it smells like… a man.
But I don’t know if it smells like… – Really?
– Oh, really? You think that’s a woman? I think it’s a woman, man.
That ain’t no man. – I’m so bad at–
– How man women you been around, man? Really? I guess you’re right. All right, you’re helping me out here.
That’s perfume. – (Rhett stammering)
– I’m so bad– – I’m not giving you any more hints, man.
– I have headaches, associated with smelling anything,
like going through a Norstrom I get like…
I just wanna hurt myself… – (Rhett) I think that’s one of two.
– (Link) …in the brain. I’m going with ♪ (singsong voice) ♪ Beyoncé,
that’s some “Heat” up in there. – I’m going with some Katy Perry here.
– Oh gosh. Now, yours is green; mine’s red. Stabbing Beyoncé in there real good. All right, so number two. (Rhett and Link) Scent Number Two! – Ooh.
– I gotta cleanse. Yeah, me too. I think I was wrong about that first one. It is a man, isn’t it? (mocking voice) It is a man! Man, this one’s really light. I mean, it has a light smell to it. I still can’t tell
if they’re men or women. That’s how bad I am at this thing.
I think this is Taylor, – because she–
– Me too. – Oh, you said that, too? We agree!
– Yes. – (Rhett) One of us is right. Or we’re both wrong
or we’re both right. (Rhett and Link) Scent Number Three! I think we’re screwing up
real bad, man. All I smell is cup. (Southern accent) Subtle cup smell. I gotta get this thing out. You’re screwing yourself up now. Now, that’s really floral. – (Rhett) Golly. No doubt I know what that is. Mm. (sigh) I really confused now, guys. This is definitely some “Our Moment.” I’m using all the Katy Perry,
I’m using all the women. (Rhett) I’m done with all my women. Sorry. I feel stupid! Well, One Direction is a perfume. I know I’m wrong now.
Whoa, this is for women? Yeah, look at it. – Is it a perfume or a cologne?
– Look at it! – Oh.
– You can’t change! Whoa whoa whoa!
You can’t change anything! Oh, man, I didn’t look at it
because I didn’t introduce this one. You can change at the end. (Rhett and Link) Scent Number Four! Oh, man. This smells like a… like a… alcohol corner store. Oh yeah, that’s– – Like a liquor store.
– Yeah that’s a man’s cologne right there. Now it’s not, dude. (offscreen laughter) Eugh. It smells like… ♪ (Rhett singsong voice) ♪ Oh, yeah.
That’s a Jay-Z “Gold”! I’m saying this is a Adam Levine. This is hard. (styrofoam popping) Now, listen. ‘Cause this– (Rhett) Y’all are crazy
with your, how do you… (styrofoam popping) Ah, there we go. All right, so we got Adam Levine
at the corner liquor store. (styrofoam popping) Okay, there we go. (Rhett and Link) Scent Number Five! (spitting sounds) Smells like Abercrombie & Fitch. – Yep!
– I’m gonna totally have to change this. I haven’t been in there since high school,
but I remember that. Yep. (offscreen laughter) (styrofoam popping) I’m gonna go with “Man” on that one. I think one of us is really wrong
and one of us is really right. That’s how I feel about this right now. (Rhett and Link) Scent Number Six! Oh, now I’m really confused. (Rhett) Oh gosh. It’s like grapefruit. Mm, is that a “manfruit”
or a “womanfruit”? – (Link) Man, this is tough, guys.
– (Rhett) Really? It’s very grapefuity, I would say. – Oh.
– I would never describe Beyoncé– I’m so confused! I would never describe
Beyoncé as grapefruity, but I definitely wouldn’t describe
Jay-Z as grapefruity. But that’s who I’m…
so, just by matter of elimination, – (Rhett groans)
– whatever this one is… (Rhett and Link) Scent Number Seven! I mean, I have to put
One Direction in this one even though I know
I’m gonna switch it, so… Uh oh. What is that?
I can’t even tell which is man and which is woman. (offscreen laughter) – But I think this could be Jay-Z.
– There’s a way to tell. Supposed to look at it
underneath or something? – (Link) Oh, man.
– (Rhett) Okay. I totally got it on my finger now. I have to put One Direction in there,
but then we need – a one-minute adjustment.
– I’ll put my Jay-Z. All right, so we gotta regroup here. Okay, go. – Hold on.
– What? Do whatever you wanna do.
I gotta keep thinking here. – (Link) So you’re try to agree with me…
– (Rhett) I feel that you’re… …that this is… (styrofoam popping)
I feel that you’re right about that. So now you’re moving your Katy Perry. This is definitely not Katy Perry. All right, so I’ve said that this is– Beyoncé and Jay-Z,
when you smell them together, it should be, like, really powerful. So that’s what I’m gonna do. And if these are really powerful together,
I’m not changing my answer– Hold on, please. – I’m in the middle of something.
– (Rhett) You’re confusing me, man! When I smell Beyoncé and Jay-Z together,
it should be… that’s power. I’m gonna leave those.
Now, when I smell Taylor Swift and Katy Perry together, it should create conflict. And If I had some John Mayer and
added that, this would get explosive. – (Rhett) I am so confused right now. – (Link) Wow.
– (Rhett) What color am I even? There’s a lot of conflict happening.
You know what? I’m not changing anything.
This is two… You’re probably right not to do that. – All right, guys.
– Hold on. And just so we know, this, ladies and gentlemen,
is the Rhett & Link Cologne – and whoever gets this right…
– (Rhett exhales) Golly. …gets to name our cologne and we can describe to you
what it’s made of. I am so confused now.
All right, tell us what the round… No, let’s go. It’s underneath. So let’s see who got the first one.
Right here… One Direction (incorrect buzzer)
We both missed that one. Both wrong, even though we both
thought it was the third one. Both said this was Taylor. It’s Katy. (incorrect buzzer) Oh, we’re both wrong on that one. Both said this was One Direction. (Rhett and Link) It’s Taylor.
(incorrect buzzer) – (Link) Tayor Swift smells
– (Rhett) All right, somebody’s – (Link) like One Direction to us.
– (Rhett) gonna be right about this one. Beyoncé. (incorrect buzzer) We both, we said… oh gosh.
(offscreen laughter) – Sorry, girl.
– We are not good at this. Oh, wow. Beyoncé smells
like a little… Jay-Z, Jay-Z! You know,
you might could get half a point for that. And here’s some Pitbull. – (Link) Boom! (correct ding)
– (Rhett) You got that one right. I knew that! That’s the one that smelled
like a liquor store? – Yeah. Adam Levine (incorrect buzzer)
– (offscreen laughter) we thought was a woman’s cologne.
A perfume. You got one right. I got all wrong. And then for this one, Jay-Z, – You got two right.
– I got two right, – so I am the winner.
– Oh, gosh. – And as we–
– I got no right! Ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you our Rhett & Link official cologne,
which also doubles as barbecue sauce because that’s what’s in here.
I call this… uh, “Spray bQ.” (Link) Rhett & Link present
Spray bQ: a masterfully crafted cologne
designed to not only combine the scents of barbecue and
North Carolina, but the flavors as well. Hickory wood, vinegar, and molasses
sing in a uniquely Southern melody that serenades the nostrils and
harmonizes with the taste buds. Can be used as masculine daily scent,
as well as glaze for the final stages of a slow-cooked rack of ribs. Are you ready for Spray bQ? Spray a little bit on me right there. (squirting)
(offscreen laughter) – (Link) Oh, it’s really…
– (Rhett) It’s very strong. As in it smells like barbecue sauce. Oh, cook you up. I smell like a chicken nugget now. Hey, baby. (squirting)
(offscreen laughter) – Mm. Wow, that’s some…
– Congratulations, Link! You’ve got a fallback career
as a smell guy. Well, it’ll still have
both our names on it, but it’s called Spray bQ. – No, as a smell guy.
– Oh. Yeah. – (Rhett) You’re just like…
– (Link) I could do that, too. “Yeah, I’m taking credit
for this cologne”… – I’m really just into this.
– “that someone else mixed.” I mean, try this game at home, too. It’s great for parties
if you wanna get a big headache. Thanks for liking and
commenting on this video. You can support the show
by checking out lynda.com, (squirting) where you can find thousands
of online video tutorials. You wanna learn how to make
cologne or perfume? I don’t know if they can help you,
but if you wanna know how to video edit, photo edit, audio edit,
any of the stuff that we do here, you can probably do better
after a couple of tutorials. For a free trial, visit lynda.com/rhettandlink. (squirting) You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Nick.
– And I’m Teresa. And we’re standing here at
Syme Residence Hall at NC State University. And it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! ♪ (Wheel of Mythicality Music) ♪
Not only do we have our own cologne that doubles as a barbecue sauce,
we have another YouTube channel called rhettandlink. Lots of music videos,
sketches, local commercials, other things that
you will enjoy for hours. Go there now! Click through to that,
also click through Good Mythical More where we discuss some celebrity scents that I was surprised to know existed. “Nervous about a ballet recital.” – Uh… Rhett?
– Yeah. Uh, I don’t know if you can
see the pit stains – because I’m wearing a black shirt, but–
– Because you’re the swan. – I’m really nervous today.
– Because you’re the black swan. – Right, I’m wearing my swan outfit, and–
– I’m proud of you. – I’m poised.
– I’m nervous for you, but I am proud of you.
I’m not going out there. But what I’m meaning to say is that
I’m not going out there. Because I can’t even do this. Have you seen me try to do the toe thing? – Yeah.
– And have you seen – the way I look in these pants?
– Yeah. Probably a good choice, but– – Not pretty.
– Who’s gonna catch me when I fall? – Um…
– Who’s gonna dry my tears when I lose? Who’s gonna celebrate with me when I win? Who’s going to give me, uh…
a pep talk backstage instead of saying that
THEY QUIT! What’s your problem? – I was gonna say, “Pitbull.”
– Oh. – He’s here. He’s in the audience. Yeah.
– Oh, great. [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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