CBS 11's Doug Dunbar Surprises Mother For Christmas

what's up everybody going super slow right around the corner from my mom's house I want to make sure she's not looking haven't seen her for a while but about to surprise the heck out of her now if she's in the kitchen I'm kind of screwed because she'll see me but she's usually in the living room sitting down all right I'm in the driveway ready there we go Operation Christmas this is the house I grew up in in Michigan here's the neighborhood I got a bunch of snow over the weekend she's not in the kitchen your bird hi come here you gotta say hi to Facebook live that's my mama what's happening Merry Christmas I thought you could use an early Christmas oh we got tears oh we got tears come here come on in this is where I grew up this is my wonderful mama say hi to everybody hi Merry Christmas surprise did I get you yeah I got you good did I get you good did I get a good surprise all right we got a good surprise say hi everybody hello want to go come back and sit down sit down relax so welcome to my home I'm gonna show up my room real quick huh everybody watching on Facebook live this is CBS 11 face oh ho now we're realizing the hair is not ready oh look the beautiful living room we got holiday decorations up at the Dunbar house look at this beautiful look at the mantle how she does it that looks phenomenal you're live worldwide I love surprises all right I'll be right back Go Go in here I got to get my bag and stuff okay all right I don't think she has her hearing aid in so take you down the hallway this is not the way I had my room when I was a kid but I'll show it to you anyway this is my room I think it is 11 feet by 10 feet but this is uh just a little ol room we're Dougy used to live and then my view out the window there you go welcome to Michigan baby she is beautiful anyway I see all your comments Christine thanks how you doing Brenda thank you man yeah good job I love surprises especially my mom she's not feeling well lately I'll be real honest with you so that's part of the reason why I wanted to do a big surprise and come up here and check it out so Oh what do you have what is this oh oh now she's gonna show off for you hold on a minute my mom it if you've seen anything before you probably oh yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna step in here and let him watch are you gonna hand it to him can I come out so look this is her buddy what is his name again Hans right so that she feeds that squirrel by hand from the window every day and there's a bunch of squirrels around the garage that she leaves a big giant bag of peanuts inside the garage so can I hand that to him can I give it to him I don't know he's usually he's very docile hey Hans how are you buddy want this no okay you want this guy yeah okay yeah we'll put it right here for you here you go buddy big ol ear of corn there you go dude and there's his partner in crime is over there right in front of the car he's going up the tree actually all right well thank you guys so much for watching say Merry Christmas mom now she'll have a Christmas uh Thank You Kenneth appreciate you merry Christmas to you too buddy Mindy appreciate you watching oh here he comes all right let me get I want to get out of the way excitement what you guys to see this but she but Mom feeds this guy literally by hand she you'll usually open the screen on the window right and just stick your hand out take it out of my hand yeah yeah she here he goes she is the squirrel Whisperer there is no question that's very cool man so for all you in North Texas waiting on the snow hey Michelle how are you oh look Michelle's watching who it was farther down Michelle Dodie she says beautiful she must be watching Michelle will come over come on over why not I bet she knew about it who Michelle said you were coming I don't I don't know I don't know for sure if she knew enough Michelle was actually I show you where Michelle lives Michelle is my neighbor I'm just gonna show him the house hang on a minute Michelle is my neighbor and she lives over here behind ok my mom went back in here's part two of the surprise but Michelle is coming and my son came up with me so Braden is with Michelle and they're gonna come over I don't know which way they're gonna go though but look at this beautiful snow we have in Michigan it's awesome ok so mom's not on Facebook hopefully she's not gonna grab her iPad cuz she went back in hi Barbara thank you it is an awesome surprise especially when she's not feeling well she's gotta have some surgery next week and I can't be here so hurry up hurry up here comes a Brayden and Michelle hurry up especially Brayden you guys were watching okay going because so she doesn't pick up her iPad okay all right here we go let the she'll go first gray and then you come around you have to explain to our facebook viewers what's going on back here they're over here by that they were asking questions the squirrel by the tree just come on the deck real quick oh forget the ones on the tree get the door so yeah the squirrels right there on the tree one of them's got a red hat on squirrel with like a red or yes yes ever grandson right there people say hi everybody hi Debbie how are debiting er is watching hey Deb say hi to Cindy for us hi Mary this is so good you can cry because it's so cold out here thank you my partner in crime always always a pleasure if you're all for helping out even have time to ask cause she kept me so busy I know that's all Merry Christmas we're here to celebrate that's all right I'm gonna give everybody a look around you guys go in and get warm cuz it's cold out here we got about 33 degrees or so hey Tommy how you doing buddy thanks man I appreciate it Tomika appreciate you so here's a quick look at our beautiful surroundings and you know what before I let you go I'm gonna give you one treat since you guys hung out with me here on Facebook I am gonna take you one block down and give you a quick look at Lake Erie so this is where I grew up get out here in the driveway so it's easier this is where I grew up there's the Bondi's kitty mark how are you guys maybe they're watching

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