CBD Oils and Supplements Reviewed by ConsumerLab

hi this is dr. Todd Cooperman I'm the president and founder of ConsumerLab dot-com and I'm here to talk today about CBD supplements CBD oil now CBD is a compound found in hemp and marijuana which is also hemp it is a cannabinoid there are other cannabinoids in hemp such as THC which is psychoactive CBD is not believed to be psychoactive but has other potential uses other than affecting your behavior or mood so CBD products are now widely available online however technically they are illegal dietary supplements really do not include CBD technically in the government the FDA has said that because CBD is being developed as a drug and it actually may be approved in 2018 later in the year as a drug as a result of that it really is not a supplement nevertheless it is being sold it can be purchased and what ConsumerLab did because we've had letter lots of requests from from our readers in terms of what's really in CBD which ones are most cost effective what's the quality of these products we went out and purchased a number of popular CBD products and tested them for the amounts of CBD and THC as well as for contaminant potential contamination with heavy metals we've published a report it's on consumer lab calm now and you can access that if you remember it's $42 a year we have reports on every type of major supplement on the market at this point we've been doing this since 1999 in terms of CBD what we found is first of all the products can contain fairly little in terms of CBD as little as 2 milligrams per dose for serving really up to about 22 milligrams so a big difference about a tenfold difference there however it's important to keep in mind that that's a lot less than what's being used in Nicolle trials with CBD where they're using hundreds of milligrams per day often 500 or more milligrams per day and that's being shown to be effective particularly in terms of reducing the number of seizures in people with certain forms of epilepsy that are different to difficult to control with conventional drugs for for epilepsy there isn't really a lot of evidence there's really virtually no evidence in terms of the effectiveness of very low dose CBD as you would find in these supplements nevertheless people are using it many people are reporting benefits again that's just based on their own experience and they're using it for pain relief they're using it for anti-anxiety use and a variety of other uses again those are really not supported clinically however we have reported on what's in these products and how they compare and I'll talk to you a little bit right now about really what to look for at least on a label and again you can look at our report to really get the details but what's interesting is that because of the legal situation with CBD a number of companies are not putting CBD on the label they're calling it a hemp extract and I'll show you some examples a popular product right now is CW and we tested both the product for people as well as for pets and what you'll see and I'll try to hold this up is that you won't even see CBD mentioned on the label for the CW products it just says hemp extract and I'm not holding this up well 28 milligrams and that's per a 1 ml serving hemp extract you know basically is kind of a code word for CBD if you just see hemp oil that may be the kind of a carrier the base that they're using but the hemp oil itself does not have sea Beadie hemp oil is made from seeds the seeds of the hemp plant have virtually no CBD in them so if you hear hemp oil and we we have tested at ConsumerLab hemp oil products as well like this one and some others don't expect CBD from a product that's just a hemp oil product that's not what they're meant for they really contain various Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids we have a whole report on hemp oil supplements as well as other seed oil supplements on ConsumerLab com such as flaxseed borage oil etc but don't expect CBD from hemp oil now some products some companies are really putting it out there that they do contain CBD an example would be + CBD oil and you can see they like they state clearly at least on this label 10 milligrams of cannabidiol per capsule and then you'll see you know other variations let's see this is Bluebird and I believe they make no claim in terms of the actual CBD in there however all these products based on our testing do contain appreciable amounts of CBD so there's a variety of products again if you really want CBD if it's product just says hemp oil don't expect CBD if it says hemp extract you can expect some if some products are actually just saying can phyto cannabinoids which is kind of a a way of I'm trying to find a product that says phyto cannabinoids here's one right here this is a nano enhanced hemp oil and it's turn talking about phyto cannabinoid dials that are in the product some of that is likely to be CBD but not all of it and then you'll see other products that claim to contain a combination of CBD and CBD a CBD a is another type of cannabinoid but again you're not going to know how much of it is CBD unless you test it as we've done it at consumer lab in terms of price we found that you could get a dose of 10 milligrams of CBD for as little as 80 cents from some of these products or as much as 3 or 4 dollars for 10 milligrams so if you're going to use CBD you may as well spend as little as you can to get to get good quality CBD again you'll find that information in our report on CBD at ConsumerLab comm if you have any questions you can post a comment or question where this video appears or you can email us at info at ConsumerLab comm so once again this is dr. Todd Cooperman of ConsumerLab comm thanks for your time

20 thoughts on “CBD Oils and Supplements Reviewed by ConsumerLab

  1. Wow, what a GREAT video. I am a newbie to this CBD stuff and I am trying to learn as much as I can about it – thank you for this incredibly informative video.

  2. Hi thanks for the info. Is it the thc in the CBD that controls the seizures or is the thc just a catalyst that helps the CBD itself?. My son has a perscription for CBD 25 mg twice a day. He hasn't been able to get it filled because he can't afford it and can't find nobody to help him until his social security kicks in, therefore would any of these products help him? He's currently on Vimpat but still has seizures. He's tried just about every medication. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  5. If you're not sure about how much CBD oil you should take here's a guide from us: https://surelifecbd.com/dosage-how-much-cbd-oil-should-i-take/

  6. It's a joke it dont help no more than a benadryl. If you dont smoke weed on regular basis,you can consume 3 grams in 2 days and be cleane in 10 days I made it 15 and drug tested my self . 10 panel wife is a nurse. I was clean so one good session a month you will be ok . Water dont help be active and burn it off ,because it sticks to your fat . I hope this will help some one who enjoys the real thing .M.R.

  7. I would like to fully believe the health benifits of CDB oil , but there has not been enough proof yet to jump on the fix everything band wagon yet. This is pretty costly stuff to be taking and to simply think that people are simply convincing themselves that it is a miracle supplement is what I worry about. Like for example when people leave comments like , (only did 3 drops and all my pain was gone) is an example of true doubt on my behalf. At least be honest about your review , this sounds like someone just trying to promote its use.

    The problem is that people don't want to change there life style , they just want a magic potion , and that's where all goes wrong. If you want to fix your body don't drink alcohol, don't smoke and don't drink pop. Take your vegetables and your fruits and juice them in a juicer. The body can absorb the nutrients from both much easier than eating them whole.
    Get your vitamin C and your fatty oils like your flaxseed your 3, 6s, and 9s. And don't forget your Flavonoids. Cut out most meats and sugars, and use dairy products minimaly, and then see how you feel. It will make you feel like a new and improved machine, and a added benifit , this type of eating program is known to have beaten cancer and definitely prevent cancer. Now you should try the CDB oil to see if it adds even more benifits to this already amazing eating program. Try this and you will be amazed at the life changes it will make for you , and you will never feel better in your life. Take care

  8. very little evidence ……virtually none….in fact none at all for the low amount in a recommended dosage.

  9. please call a cannabis not marijuana that name was taken from Mexico by Hearst the newspaperman to give it a bad name and he wanted to get rid of hemp

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