CBD Craze: Would you use CBD oil on your pets?

seems like it's all over the place online touting how it can help with everything from anxiety to Crohn's disease we're talking about CBD and there's still a lot of confusion over what it is and isn't so what is the difference between CBD and THC CBD comes from hemp THC is the part of the pot plant that is psychoactive while you're going to get high from pot products with CBD will not give you that same feeling that's why CBD has been explored for medical and therapeutic benefits and THC is usually for recreational use and there is a version of CBD that's marijuana derived it contains THC making it stronger than the hemp version but that can only be sold where marijuana is legal which it isn't in Texas ok now that we've cleared all that up there are places here that sell CBD oil for pets and it's actually pretty popular Jenny Lee asks all of you on Facebook to tell us if you've used it on your pets Jenny Mike and Queen a dozens of you reached out and some of you said you use it for your cats others told us they use it for your senior dogs now I talked to two sisters here who are selling a CBD oil for pets about their recent interest during the story we want to hear from you if you used it for your pets jump on the KVUE app or cabe you dot-com slash vote and chime in Scottie performs tricks speak on demand he may not look it but the spaniel German Shepherd mix is 14 years old that's 98 in people years so it's not surprising scotty experiences joint pain from time to time so for me as obviously a pet owner I hate seeing him in pain Sydney – Robbie started giving Scottie CBD oil the results were instant he just feels so much more chill more Zen much less anxious you can tell the next day he's not you know limping a little bit or he can get up a little bit easier the Torabi Sisters co-founded restart a business that sells specially formulated CBD oil for pets the brick and mortar shop opened up in October off North Burnett Road while Scottie is a family dog boats they have customer testimonials just like his here are a couple one stated it helped with her dog's anxiety the other said it helped her senior lab mix with hip problems run again and sleep better we actually get a lot of customers who come in saying hey I want to give this to my pet shaded Torabi explains how they are CBD oil is different our pet product is a little bit slightly different formulated than our human products because it has additive herbs in it but not everyone is convinced at first I kind of want to laugh and then I want to roll my eyes after hearing what CBD oil did for other pets I guess I believe it if it can calm a person's nerves or take an edge off and I could see how it could benefit an anxious dog perhaps one day visiting restart and giving CBD oil for pets a try Jenny Lee KB news the new legislative session starts in January and Texas pot policy is likely to come up again there are 11 bills and resolutions dealing with marijuana or cannabis some focus on penalties for possession others are about medical marijuana we have the list with more details on koat.com

2 thoughts on “CBD Craze: Would you use CBD oil on your pets?

  1. ahaha i took a drop of cbd and it knocked the hell out of me.. i took a drop of hemp oil and it knocked the crud out of me.. hemp oil has BOTH thc and cbd at less than1%.. so a quart of hemp oil actually has more thc than concentrated cbd oil

  2. yes..im a vet.. we use it on some of out more serious terminal patients.. i use it on a blind diabetic epileptic puppy about 5 years old.. along with a diabetic herbal formula with cinnamon.. i dont necessarily believe in most alternative medicines.. but 5 billion people DO worldwide…it works for them.. we work in the congo and thats what they use (herbals)..so we use it when necessary.

    as far as cbd oils and hemp oils.. we take 5 drops of concentrated cbd oil and put in a liter of hemp oil.. lasts 6 months at a 1/5ml OR LESS per dose.. thats for small animals.. i think the human dose is 15 mmg per dose or day… we dont use it on humans.. our dose is probably .01mmg per dose or there about.. we give about 20mmg per dose of hemp oil..thats 20 units in a 1ml food syringe.. 1/5 of a ml, 1/5th the smallest suringe by mouth.. about 10-20 drops..that contains about 1/100 of a drop of cbd oil in it..im trying to be specific so as not to overdose your pets..in any case start LOW..they may be allergic

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