Caught On Camel-ra! Michigan Man Takes His Pet Camel To PetSmart!

you may have heard the joke that begins with a horse walks into a bar but what happens when a camel walks into a pet store well one michigan Petsmart certainly knows the 1,400 pound camel named Jeffrey got to walk in and browse the aisles with his owner Scott as onlookers couldn't help but gawk at the sight Scott wanted to take Jeffrey on a trip to get him used to travelling in a trailer since he lives at the Lewis farm and petting zoo and I'm guessing Jeffrey is quite the sight in Michigan because last time I checked camels aren't native to the area Jeffrey really loved his shopping expedition he just adores meeting new people he's very social ginny Farrell's brand ambassador for the Lewis farms and petting zoo said SW NS reports Pet Smart has a list of animals that owners are allowed to bring in the camels aren't on the list usually it's just cats and dogs etc Farrell's commented hmm maybe they could bring Jeffrey in undetected using camel flage Pharaoh's went on to say pet smart managers are allowed to make exceptions and Jeffrey just so happens to be one of those but if Scott had to leave Jeff outside he could just Park him in the camel lot

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