Catspiracy 2: Digging Deeper into the PetSafe ScoopFree Poop Harvesting Machine (Uncensored)

It’s time you heard the truth. Your
human only loves you for your poop Think about it! Since the dawn of time humans
have pretty much worshiped us We’re the only animal allowed to live and poop inside their home They’ve even created the special containers to collect our turds every single day. Ever wonder why the humans sit around all day staring at videos of us on their glow boxes? That’s weird, right? Many of us believe they’re obsessed with us not because we’re cute and hilarious
but because our feces are very valuable What else would explain why they’ve
invented this? The ScoopFree®! A hi-tech automatic poop harvesting machine! It quietly rakes our poo away so they can break into billions. Ever wonder why the rich and powerful have always kept us close at hand? It’s clear, humans have
made a big business out of stockpiling our business But where do you think it
all goes? Area 51? What if it’s really area number 2? Have you ever looked
really closely at the night ball? Notice anything familiar? Could it be that
humans are using their metal Firebirds to hold our turds off to this? A massive
sub-zero storage facility millions of miles away Open your eyes felines! That’s a floating orb of cat s%*^! So, do our turds control the
tides? The weather? Could the moon be the humans giant poop peace offering to
their creators? That explains why the ScoopFree® is
suddenly appearing all over the world We can’t prove it’s true; but can you
prove it’s not true?

100 thoughts on “Catspiracy 2: Digging Deeper into the PetSafe ScoopFree Poop Harvesting Machine (Uncensored)

  1. My mom: it's stupid and wierd
    me: this may be the best thing ever
    mom: are you even My child?
    me: I hope so
    mom: me too.
    (later that day at walmart)
    me (yelling at random people): have you seen this ad? (getting out my phone)
    mom:I'm not related; she's my friends daughter
    (mom slowly backs away)

  2. Not laughing. I'm not laughing. This isn't funny. I'm not gonna… "That's a floating orb of cat s**t! " BAHhaHAhaHaaa!

  3. 20th Century: By 2018 I'll bet we'll be all types of advanced, we'll have flying cars, time travel, and if we're lucky, maybe even the cure for cancer.
    21st Century: It's time you heard the truth, your human only loves you for your poop.

  4. I mean I know this is an add and their trying to get you to buy their product but GOSH DARNIT IM CONVINCED

  5. I love the cat with the face that has a squished muzzle so funny and at the end "We can't prove it's true but can you prove….it's NOT true?"

  6. Uncensored and ya bleeped shit. They say shit on network tv. Thumbs down for lying to me. Brilliant ad though. I laughed.

  7. I can prove it’s not true look on the computer and search it in and it will tell you we just clean after you and it goes to a land fill to decompose.

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