Catspad at CES 2017 – Product review

Hi Kickstarter fans, I’m Martin from Catspad. We are at CES 2017, this is our last day of the show. We want to provide you a video for you that missed the show this year. Please check out our latest device: the Catspad. We got a lot of feedback from you guys and wanted to answer some of your questions. What is the Catspad? It’s a smart cat feeder and water dispenser. It lets you know the exact the amount of food and water that your cat will consume during the day. The Catspad recognizes multiple cats via the vet’s microchip that is integrated under the skin next to the head. Once the cat approaches, the Catspad knows which cat it is It can identify and distribute the correct amount of food that you have set on the smartphone application for each cat. The Catspad is always connected to your smartphone application. So you can access, control, and monitor your pet’s health care and food and water consumption. We have three cats here, this is Charlie, the smallest cat With the application, you can follow the exact consumption of food and water in one day and check the statistics weekly, monthly and even yearly. This is very important for you guys because if you are not at home and there is a health issue, such as your cat doesn’t drink enough water, you can see it here in real time in the plots. You can create each cat’s profile: with a profile picture, its age, its weight, its gender, and whether or not it is sterilized. And you can switch between each cat: if you have different cats that eat the same food then you can use just one Catspad and switch from one cat’s profile to another and check its daily consumption. You can control the Catspad dispenser using the Catspad menu . This design is very simple and user-friendly; you have two menus: one for the cats and one for the Catspad. Using the Catspad menu, you can check how much food is left in its storage. It’s our last day so there is no food left in its storage. It lets you know how many more days it has left, depending on how many cats you have, and how much they eat. You can deliver food whenever you want. You can choose to deliver food instantly when you’re not home or use the two other modes: The “on-demand” mode: you can select the particular cat, the amount of food that is delivered each time the cat approaches, and also the daily limit that the cat is allowed to eat. It’s important to have a daily limit, which is based on the age and weight of your cat The idea is to have multiple small portions: around 5 to 15 times per day. If you’re at work all day, you most likely only feed your cat twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. not the healthiest option for your cat The Catspad can do the job for you: it will provide small quantities multiple times per day. It is able to measure precisely the amount of food that is distributed thanks to the built-in weight sensors. So you can always know how much food is left. you receive notifications when food and water levels are low. It has 8 liters of water and 1.7 kg of dry food, which is enough to supply food and water for a month for 1 medium size cat. That means that if you have 2 cats it will be 15 days, and if you have 10 cats it will be 3 days. How does it work? On the left side, the dry food is delivered. Once Charlie the cat approaches, the Catspad will distribute a 7 grams to Charlie, as set on the application which is measured precisely. At the same time, the Catspad provides fresh and clean water by using a running water fountain. Using the app, we can measure the water level that is left in storage. So we know exactly how much water is left there. You can see here the filter that cleans the water This is very important for your cat’s health, especially if it eats dry food. Cats that eat dry food must drink lots of water. If the water is not clean and debris gets into it, it is not healthy for your cat. That’s why the Catspad is a really good choice for cat owners. You can also select the “schedule mode”: you can add as many scheduled deliveries as you want and select the quantity of food you want the Catspad to deliver. Let’s look at a schedule and see how it works. You can select the day of the week set the amount of food and the delivery hours. So you can add as many as you want, and activate or deactivate some deliveries. Selecting the water menu, you can enable or disable the water pump. We have added a new feature, “planning,” for people who live in small apartments and don’t want to hear the water fountain while they sleep. Though it may be attractive for your cats and dogs, it sometimes might get on your nerves. So if you want to sleep and don’t want to hear the water fountain, you can set a plan that will set the water fountain when you want it. You can check the statistics of the food and water that Catspad delivers and you can also see the price, and how much water and food were distributed. We will add many more features later on on the application You will be able to have all the information in one place. You can even control multiple Catspads using the same application, if you have 5 or 10 cats, you can add 2 Catspads to increase food and water supplies. Let’s look at the interesting part of this application you can personalize your Catspad. You can select different colors for the Catspad. You can see here, we have selected the blue color, but you can decide whatever color you want. You can also select the WIFI and also add a new Catspad to the application This is a short demo, don’t hesitate to provide feedback to us. We will be happy to answer to all of your questions. Thank you!

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