40 thoughts on “Cats vs Cucumbers Funny Compilation

  1. It's not funny because just imagine you were iting your faverites food and you were so happy but someone scared you and it could give you a HART attack imagine your like 62 year old it's so dangers for cat it's like a snark and it's the same thing for bananas. Imagine your eating your food and someone put a fake snark. And sorry if I have bad English

    But I know that's funny but if I were you I would never do that to my cat and I wish very body think the same thing. ?????

  2. Plz plz plz don't do it .just for ur happiness.to make ur self happy.it's very bad next time don't make these types of video.i beg u where u scared an animal. Lannat hoo aisay loogooh par.a big lannat baree wali

  3. I did it with my family cat and she just stare at me are you seriously think that I get scared by this thing? look, so basically some cats are smart enough for your tricks.

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  5. I did this trick to my cat tommy. He just gave me a “what the hell you think you’re doing look. I even roar while holding The cucumber….. no effect. My neighbor suddenly pass by then he ran away.

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