100 thoughts on “Cats try 42 snacks – Artyom vs neighbour’s cat

  1. My cats like goldfish crackers and yogurt. I'll be eating one of the two and they'll suddenly decide we're best friends and sit right next to my face no matter where I am.

  2. my cat eats cardboard aswell, along with plastic and any other things nothing should be eating. like voles tat are dead and many many many years old

  3. Boris is Russian I’ve pinned it he has an Android charger the android is 74% of Russia’s phones therefore he is likely russian

  4. мне нравится, как Кеша / соседский кот отреагировал на лук XD

    Кстати, я смотрю ваши видео все время человек, надеюсь, что у вас хорошая неделя ^w^

  5. I am fully aware I'm looking way too much into this, and that some of the things were mentioned but here's some advice from someone who has worked with animals for nearly 10 years. I am not a vet, please keep that in mind.
    Don't give your cat;
    Roses: they do like the smell, but if you're not sure if it was sprayed with pesticides you're better off keeping it out of your home.
    Onions/Garlic/Chives: These can break down your cat's red blood cells, a little bit won't hurt them but in excess, it can cause anemia.
    Dairy: Most cats are actually lactose intolerant.
    Alcohol: It can cause brain damage and is very likely to kill your cat.
    Grapes/Rasins A small amount can make your cat sick and occasionally cause kidney failure.
    raw fish: an enzyme in raw fish destroys thiamine, which is an essential B vitamin for your cat.
    Lemons: Every bit of a lemon or any citrus fruit for that matter is toxic to cats.
    Liver: (in large amounts) A little bit of liver is okay, but eating too much can cause vitamin A toxicity.

  6. Vnemanya, comrade Boris. Cats should not be given raw fish. There is a compound that blocks thiamine absorption. Can cause neurological damage. Restrict access/ cooked fish is fine.

  7. Я поставлю перед вами задачу открыть вашу маску как можно скорее, всего за мгновение

  8. Boris you were wrong in that hair rubber thing, my cats eat them all the time and then throw up and i have to clean it up.

  9. Hello. Boris, please be a good Slav and do not feed Artyom or any other cat with grapes. Do not let them play with those either. Grapes are actually toxic to cats, if eaten may cause kidney failure.

  10. I think , you need to get another cat ( just my opinion ) because Artyom with Tachankat seems like a cheeki breeki duo dynamic

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