100 thoughts on “Cats Tormented and Killed at UW-Madison

  1. What the heck is going on with these people hurting a cat to put enjoyed in her head is ridiculous.

  2. I understand they wanted to do a experiment on the cat, but they were doing it with no reason, when someone experiments on a animal they treat it till it gets better if the experiment fails.

  3. I fucking hate this omg I want save these animals if I could this so freaking wrong they showed pictures of the cats head cut off how cruel of these people who ever did it plz tell me there name there everything so I can chop there head off since they want hurt fucking animals on this freaking planet put this everywere

  4. What the actual hell. This is so horrible. I believe who ever decided definitely deserves prison time. And a lot of prison time. This is so horrible. And there doing this so they can find out how to help sick people, well if I was sick. The last thing I would want is for cats to die to get me better. This is so horrible. I hope these people that keep doing this go to hell.

  5. WHY ARE SOME HUMANS SO HECKIN HEARTLESS!? These poor lil babies T^T They dont deserve this! They deserve love and warmth and a nice home! Not a cold cage!

  6. Its so sad what people can do to the animals i love cats and i have one and i really love cats it isnt true that cats care only for food


  8. This is completely disturbing and unnecessary to post this! My 11-year-old child with autism came across this and is extremely upset, This should seriously be reported and removed or at least have a warning content on it before a child can be able to come across something like this. It is not right at all and devastating, demented, evil and cruel. Shame on them!

  9. How in the hell is this “experimentation” or “research”? What is the goal? This is purely sadistic.

  10. These people should die i will do that to them i will be like you like when i put this inside you fucking head and cut it off and say you didnt work good and thank you people who care about animals

  11. Hope cats will avenge Double Trouble. Nobody, not even an animal deserves to be treated that way. Nobody wants to be tortured and killed. God gave them their lives and only he can take it

  12. I hope the people that do this go to hell and get arrested and die
    They better go to hell and die I just want to kill them so bad and do the same thing they did to the cat and see how they will feel?!?!?! They will go to hell and get arrested die get there head chopped off legs ears eyes everything! And they better go to hell and I have a cat my self and I would never do this cats are good pets even tho people say they don’t have the emotion affection they do they just need to adapt to you and you will have a bond but poor cat 🙁 I will hunt down those people and arrest them and I don’t know why the cops haven’t got them yet also if the cops got them then sorry this was made months after this video was posted.

  13. I genuinely don’t like cats, and this is absolutely fucking unacceptable. These mad scientists stealing out money to torture animals need to be brought to justice.

  14. if i see this in real life he had better run cause im a nfl wide reciver i live in denver and if i see that he going down

  15. I can fuckinh imagine my cat going through this, the fuck. I hope u have nightmares of this experiment and u fuckkkking find no peace.

  16. Sick fucks! Hope you don't find peace in your entire life, with some portion of your generation cursed and you lay tired of your mess that you think about those cats you handled inhumanly.


  18. Guys don’t worry. The can’t never really died it’s soul is still alive and it may of came back the earth but other wise don’t worry he will be playing with different cats ❤️

  19. Wtf team save the fucking cats we should create a law saying no more experiments on any animal only if it doesn’t hurt the animal for example shampoo test are good but testing on a living animal is wrong

  20. I- I literally stopped watching this video after 1 minute because I can't stand the pain, I cried a little like how can humans be this cruel? I can't accept the fact that this beautiful innocent cat had to suffer like this. No cat deserves to be treated like this and anyone who did this I hope they will burn in hell

  21. I will find those people and torment them until they die for what they did to those cats they will no longer be on this world tormenting cats

  22. This is so horrible this is so sad and not right at all you cold hearted monsters that's not funny if I was there I would have stop this this is not right I love cats I would saved it and kept her safe from monsters shame on them for killing her for they're personal use save our animals from the hand of those cold hearted monsters I'm against this cause I love cats and kittens shame on them their kept as pets not this

  23. If you don't want animals to suffer you should give thumbs up to this video to make it more popular, not thumbs down

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