Cats | The IMPOSSIBLE Enemy! (Is he hacking!?!?) Crash Arena Turbo Stars

what's going on ladies and gentlemen I was totally just looking at where the camera used to be in that kind of mess with me but what's going on my name is Ryan or Tootsie and today we're gonna be playing ourselves some cats crash arena turbo stars and if you guys are excited you guys know what to do hit that like button subscribe betray I was while turning on notification now that we got that plug out of the way let's do this everyone we're continuing on our adventure here my favorite game here on the channel cats which is just you know it's just always a blast to play I didn't get promoted what do you mean I didn't get I got ninth place ninth I worked so hard I worked so hard and I didn't get promoted I'm really upset by this okay I'm really emotionally devastated by the fact that I will never be the best okay guys all right now that's that's that neither hear that okay we're battling and we're play some cats and we're gonna kick some some cat butt okay cat butt is what we're gonna be kicking today specifically everybody and if you guys you get you know you guys know what to do you already know you've already liked the video by spawn I don't need to tell you to do it or do I but everyone thank you so much you guys are awesome hey Ryan villain you really got me through some hard times Hashem I'm glad I could hear that move your face cam no I'm not doing it you can't make me you can't make me all right let's see let's see what do we got let's just jump right in the championship and let's see what happened let's just see what happened if we jump into this battle you know I'm saying okay we get oh we got annihilate okay that's the big thing I see hey thank you so much Rory fallin piano for the five or the five pounds super jet you're super duper awesome I appreciate you dog you're a beautiful individual okay we need we need to hold on or ultimate porks ooh move your face cam says somebody said so hi Judy Brandon in as you can't make it okay should I open this it goes 1,400 tell you what and we get 500 likes on today's stream I'll open this thing but only if we get only if we get 500 likes no no less okay let's open up a super body's back because I'm feeling a little bit spicy what that's Garbo Garbo Garbo Garbo Darbo absolutely horrendous all right whatever give me mini guns then that's not a mini that is not a mini gun I got a laser got a forklift you know wait no no we're going oh wait we got we actually got a mini again not bad okay let's open up a super giant box okay there we go well if I open up a super giant box then we're good to go okay 120 percent on shotgun I might be able to make that work no promises though okay roller give me another mini gun give me too many guns mini gun minigun minigun minigun come on there dog down now now now yo now no I want thank you finally that was so tedious trying to get that minigun guys that took me so much time and effort and work that was so sad okay let's go let's we're backing up let's see what we got those little skits some spicy spicy things here okay let's see what we can do here with the minigun it has only 11 power redic redonkulous okay let's see well there's that that's all 190 damage that's pretty spicy that's pretty spicy wait how much does this cost how much damage that you um let's see that that removes forty-four damage and I I don't know if I really appreciate wait this is a hundred and twenty percent on a server what was the one that's really good on a shotgun all right we have to do we you guys know we have to do this where that shot can go it's all the way back here look at this on a surfer okay so does forty-nine damage so it should you up 267 let's go dogs alright hundred sixty damage and then we'll put a minigun on it well do we have anything that's good for whale and in classic nothing too spicy but I think we'll make it work okay we're gonna need a little bit of more energy on this guy though let's pump it up to 17 I think that should be up yeah that gives us that gives us plenty now is the is the minigun still here it is and then oh my gosh that does ninety damage alright I like this a lot I like the sauces this is going good this is going very much so according to plan okay we need a wheel we need to make sure it goes well on a surfer let's see pyramid pyramid classic sneaky pyramid sneaky Titan sneaky surfer boom okay and then we'll just put that there I guess I don't think we have any other real options okay let's put a bigger wheel in the front let's just see how this how this fares for us I can see this doing really good or really bad wow that's really good I don't like I think one of the problems is is the wheels are too big I think the wheels are a little bit too big for us you know what I'm saying okay 250 lecture no weapons that sounds like a terrible spend why would I want to ever do that that seems like a very bad strategy this shotguns so powerful holy cow arena this shotgun kicks butt guys let's go maybe try battle buddy no I've never heard of that I'm maybe okay let's see exact five I don't what are you gonna play BTD battles um fantastic question I don't have an answer maybe tomorrow oh I can't believe I ended up winning that that was crazy I don't I still think the wheels on this are really bad oh my gosh I almost got that Kappa that's fine all I need to do is be able to beat no don't tell me all I have to do is there we go I ended up ended up wait no I have to win this or else I'll lose hi we ended up winning that was close that was close okay so we ended up instantly promoting put those wheels no not good those wheels are not where it's at okay definitely not okay alright there we go let's see let's see what we got here guys are good let's see what we got here well let's back up let's back up alright and I don't want that nobody want a rarity three or higher no I don't want it not until we get 500 likes on the stream okay 500 likes I'll do it alright wheels too big ooh big let's get small small wheels and then we'll put that there let's see what happens with this strategy actually I'd much rather have that because it gives me I mean only 25 HP but I just still think is worth it oh my god that we still ended up winning Knight no it's all ogre for us well that did not work see the problem is like yeah we're let's just take the wheels off completely what happens if we just completely take the wheels off I know I know that sounds a little bit crazy I know that sounds crazy but let's see what happens Wow taking the wheels up dramatically increases results dramatically increases results this works really well I need more HP though because I only have 83 HP so I don't have a lot of HP okay so let's back up let's get to a little bit more HP okay so let's see let's say you look at this can it play BT d6 yeah you I'll give it a oak it I might go into some BT v6 it's like I've tried it before and it's just not really something you guys seem too interested in you know okay let's level up this guy how much damage is get not a lot it does not get us a lot of damage just a smidge bit how much does this kick only 11 damage not worth it what about this guy though if we try to level this up 26 HP this just feels like chump change to me like this feels like I'm not getting any money for leveling these these guys up I mean I'll do it because I mean I feel like I kind of have to what happens if we just put one wheel on you know what like I know this sounds are really ridiculous but what do we just have one whale right here there's one wheel in the front let's just see what happens I like the one wheel I think the one wheel adds it because it's not it's not flip-flopping right it's not like oh my gosh oh my gosh this is ridiculous this is actually ridiculous that was such a weird fight what the heck has happened there shotgun blast I'm paying that guy is a lot of HP that guy has an insane amount of age yeah I don't know how I'm gonna beat that guy that's gonna be very very very difficult play play story based games I want to play story based games but at the same time YouTube doesn't one you don't play story based games because like like series based things on YouTube never they never do on it makes me really sad you know did you play war I okay maybe I'll give it a shot thank you sir okay oh okay we're doing all right definitely not okay we're backing out this strategy is not working for us okay this strategy is very poopy I don't like it I can open this up what do we got a regular box that's awful why would I ever want that that looks that is horrendous okay first aid kit I don't need any other shenanigans none of those shenanigans out of curiosity check your result I got demoted what do you mean I got demoted what a bunch of baloney you got demoted garbage game to try and think they could think things they have the right to demote me unacceptable absolutely unacceptable I'm gonna call up Katz right now and complain you know is micro but you're um happening today hey razor thanks for the $3 Canadian super jet and absolutely I'm gonna be playing Minecraft with Jerome later today um probably around I think either five or six let me check my phone wait let me turn I'm gonna I'm gonna look at the messages from Jerome and double check that time so you guys know exactly when we're going live thanks for the thing okay I don't have a time cuz it was on snapchat now it's not there anymore well yeah it's around five o'clock basically we're going from Jerome stream directly into my stream so yeah that I mean that that should be good enough to like show you what's going on there um I don't know what's very very talked about where is where this thing not that I kind of like this thing this thing looks a little spicy with a 20% bonus on blade here let's move this up here do we have a good plate that is most most certainly not a good blade we need I mean it's just 39 damage 47 damage is that does that enough that's not enough that's not enough that's not that's not as messed up all right let's do a super part but please give me a blade that's not what I that's that's most definitely now what I wanted 35% that's us 40 damage I mean let's see let's see what we got here we're not doing too bad but at the same time we're doing pretty bad we have so much we have so much energy give me some damage give me some something spicy here that I can use what do we have for chainsaws this is oh you know what we could do wait how many do I get does it only get wait contains five magic toolboxes right guys we're getting some gems we're getting some gems right here right now everybody okay all right right here okay because we need some of that I people always want me to use the boat but the boat is so bad it's so bad I hate the boulder I absolutely despise it with a burning passion somebody wants to play Krunk er yeah I had a lot of fun with Kronecker last on my plate like that game that game slaps that game is super fun to play I genuinely had a blast playing that last time okay I don't know what that gold thing was I want to go back and look at it I wish I could hover over it and then it'll tell me what it is but instead I have to go find it i watch this 120 percent unchanged salt we're gonna make this we're gonna we're gonna make this work okay do we have a good chainsaw what is it this is a classic 40 percent extra HP on a classic okay boom that's 85 damage it's just not I don't know if this is enough all right let's see let's see 30% extra on the classic do we have and then 30% on a classic okay that's a lot of HP but is it enough – I don't think the strategy is gonna work honestly like no way this is gonna work I think I'm gonna I definitely need bigger wheels oh my gosh I'm terrified what's about to happen here I don't know how I won that I don't know how I'm winning any of this no dang okay these strategies are awful okay that that that just not happening well let's take a look let's take a look do we have any bodies that are like really good we have this 120% on tire but like at the same time like that looks just awful I don't use that I don't want to use that at all we have a pyramid which is 120 is the stinger the big one of the short one that's the drill stingers the long one we hold out hold on hold on let's just let's not get too hasty here okay if we get this what is this alright well there's that that's a diamond that's the chainsaw let's see let's see well let's just take a look see wait this is this is the this is a pyramid right I'm pretty sure this is a pyramid yeah that's a pyramid okay well that's not gonna work um let's just see what happens here let's just see what happens let's just go in here and see what happens now how does that miss how does that miss please explain to me alright well we're gonna that's 120 percent we're gonna take that off and then let's get let's see 35 percent up here I think that's that's a tire that's a sticky tire okay nevermind we want something a little bit smaller we want something around like this angle there I think that's a little too small I think that's also a little bit fault okay what's this it was just a roller roller too small rollers I think we want just a scooter I think having a scooter will be enough we want it to be low that's the case because we wanted to be able to hit things there we go dad that's a little bit better hook them and reel them in ah there's no mo this is gonna be this is gonna be so close I'm like scratching you knows I'm like did you good you good you good you go oh oh no oh yes oh no oh yes oh no oh oh oh yes we won we won oh my gosh that was terrifying that was really terrifying but we somehow managed doing that God why why I don't understand why cats thinks it's a good idea to have some of these weapons these weapons are hot garbage absolute garbage like there is no I have never and I mean never seen a strategy that has used a chainsaw or a stinger that is like actually beaten either that's like a good strategy those weapons are just they're just so bad there's no strategy that uses them that's good none not-not-not one strategy not one okay what in the world's going on over here that is out wow that that's that doesn't know for me okay okay Brian why are you so bad I'm not bad and this game I have it we might be able to make that one maybe possible well that's okay it says the noob whispers dude shoot yeah I'll have you know guys I I have prestiged six times okay all right let's see what do we got here let's see do we have anything no that's a diamond do we have a diamond body I don't think we do please tell me we have a diamond body that's we do please tell me we have one that was her that's uh we're gonna make this I think we can make okay we need what's I think we have stuff that goes on that diamond right okay so 30% on a diamond pyramid I mean whatever we'll just sticky tire these are Bigfoot I do we have anything that goes on diamonds I just warned we had something echoes on that diamond there we have this this is adorable this thing is amazing oh my god this is obnoxious any of the moderators just ban who's ever spamming all this stuff in chat holy cow that's crazy yeah there's like people just spamming stuff in chat that's super duper obnoxious Brian play minecraft I should okay there we go um here we go let's see you let's see what are we doing okay let's just put on Clarie bakelite let's just be super intimate I know it's just BOTS smiles but as soon as you see that just do your best to just get rid of them as soon as possible that's so annoying okay all right we didn't we have something okay forty percent one on a diamond so that's that's 32 damage dog I can't run around with 32 damage what's this 45 damage oh okay I'm pretty sure we have um here we're wait that's on a drill that's not worth it at all okay let's see what do we have do we have anything that increases blade damage that shotgun drill let's look look look what's this chainsaw Boulder nothing wow that's really obnoxious okay how do you turn this channel okay I don't understand why I like you can put links in that's so annoying YouTube fix your fix your website please YouTube thank you thank you thank you all right let's get 35% HP not enough power you don't have enough power all right I think we need to add a couple of energy let's just see what happens actually like let's just see what happens when we do this okay that is incredibly annoying okay there's just like a whole bunch of boxes of raiding this cream right now we're just spamming stuff which is really really annoying you can disable it I don't I don't have it enabled I'm pretty sure you know with all that I probably should have seen that humming okay I have so much HP on this this is redonkulous okay we'll have to see um let's see let me look let me look let me go into my community mmm I think it's community let me say let me see like in like figure out how to cuz that's really really community I'm gonna have to I think I have to refresh alright well that this is not working okay we need a we need a new strategy going on here guys we need a new because we just don't do any damage right now like we literally just I feel like we were so for damaged 13 damage like that's nothing absolutely nothing right now let's see let's one thing first though let me go to the community tab and let me see if I can just like that's really really really annoying slime rancher I would love to do slime rancher do you guys want to see slime rancher on this channel because I am so down there's some slime rancher let's see what let's 20% on double rock we might be able to make that work okay let's do community settings and let's see if I can disable because that'd be pretty cool if I could just permanently block this thing um I don't think I can't see that's just that I don't know oh but for some reason that just wasn't done all right well done safe okay well now that's that's literally Delta okay well that's easy anything with anything that has hashtags links or anything is now just permanently blocked that is amazing I'm so glad I could have sworn that was on but now that's gone that makes me feel so much better about myself okay I have thought it there plans and it makes me happy okay surfer all right how much damage 38 and 63 so how much damage is that a hundred and one not bad okay um did you play I haven't played Minecraft with Jerome yet guys that's later today so don't worry about it oh my gosh that flipped me let literally flip me completely upside down and I still feed them let's go I love doubt that literally like flipped me upside-down look at blitz me oh okay love you to D and slay all right welcome well and you are welcome hey you're a beautiful individual we need more damage we need more HP and more damage this is working but we just need it to work more we just need this to do a crazy amount of damage it adds five damage are you kidding me all right everything goes in on this and I'm talking everything what's that that one loves this okay all of this goes on that's how much do we level this stuff it adds like no damage that's so disappointing all that work for like nothing look at this 16 damage oh that's like nothing that's actually nothing okay can I get anything at it like is there any way to stop like okay we might be a house this is 22 it adds 20 damage you kidding me that's nothing that's actually nothing I'll let you add some eight-speed of this thing let's just hope hope for something to happen okay let's see let's see let's see let's see what we got here all right so we're able to take that down because now we have a little bit of more HP jeez that guy is 600 HP that guy's insane taking this guy out that taking that guy out is going to be quite the challenge like that's going to be absolutely brutal and be able to do that I don't know if I'll be able to pull that off see I can take out these guys but 600 HP like that's just not there I need 300 damage I don't even know if that's possible for me to get 300 damage with this like I don't even know if it's possible I know we need we basically need everything we need help and we need damage which is like how obnoxious Oh all right there we go that guy got taken out thank goodness everyone has balloons balloons are so annoying having to deal with all right we got I like him we're having this little like the shootie battle we want every fight except this guy so we need more HP I think we can do this we can do this magic toolbox may work it's your right we have the magic toolbox Oh it adds 11 damage are you kidding me I were over 200 we just need we just need we need a miracle that's what we needed all right just everything and I mean everything doesn't everything that we haven't owned chosen it I don't care if it gives us like NYX gives us next to nothing it gives us to damage a level up golly that's horrendous this is so bad it's so bad I feel like I'm just wasting this stuff all right more we doesn't need more we just need more everything I'm throwing everything I have into this strategy everything that I own goes into this strategy guys no I that's the only strategy I have okay everything goes into this it's gonna work it's gonna work we're at 245 damn it that's maxed out okay this could apparently keep leveling out so we're gonna keep leveling it up for next to nothing that's all right that's max now we're gonna match this guy out we are going for everything I'm putting everything I have into this all right we have a max level on all of you this is literally all we have guys okay please tell me I can beat this guy now please tell me I can beat this guy all right I need some I need some epic music that's what I need but we need some winning some epic music let's do this I don't know what's gonna happen please okay okay it was worth it it was worth it guys it was worth it we were able to beat him okay now we should be able to just win we should be able to just win hopefully the whoopsie but if we get lucky here we might be able to win oh my gosh oh man that was way you put everything into this strategy literally everything I have hey fuck you toiling for that one dollar super chair to to to tea come on it's the big team I'm the big G let's go boys let's go everyone the big G all right we ain't we ain't got time for no none of these shenanigans okay okay yes Cindy I agree I agree Cindy yeah let's go dude get your 600hp shenanigans out of here you just got dumpsters all right finally guys we did it we got to the next stage that was so painful we did it that was so painful trying to pull that off guys bacon obviously that's definitely what I want I want the bacon who wants to who doesn't want bacon okay I don't need I don't need builder hopefully we're in the middle stage III highly a can we set up a boxing span maybe slow mode I have slow mode why is slowmode not on I don't uh okay um okay there we go done all right put on slow mode that's that's easy I put on slow mode but you can only talk every two seconds folks Oh like it's not that big of a deal but yeah like so slope wit is the mode on yeah oh wait what some reason I had live chat disabled try that again can somebody say something said I might have accidentally disabled like that yes I might have disabled like that okay there we go there we go sorry I accidentally disabled live chat for a second okay yeah I don't know so a weird thing guys for some reason my channel got like reset for some reason if that makes any sense like um I don't know how to I don't know how to explain it like all my description from my life dream I went blank all my settings wouldn't blink everything just went blank like YouTube had like a reset or something it was really weird all right let's see if we can get through this we'll see but yeah like slow modes on now but like it's really not slow mode it's literally like you can't add to every two second so like whatever whatever hey to didi other cats then I do have a cast in it's called the dabbing duck okay yeah I know I don't know why Chad's going so fast right now you guys are crazy I can't even keep up with it right now we have over a thousand light-years also wish somehow win this it's gonna be absolutely insane there's gonna be you could use green screen perfect twister I don't know what you mean by that I have no idea what you mean by that – what's up – tea hey man where I read thanks for coming out of the pen dude what was that guy expecting to happen if we instantly promote again I don't understand what's gonna happen like I honestly have no clue what happened okay come on t bats let's go to bat okay past you but to luck I don't know what you mean I'm hey the Omega was booshka okay I still got the oh I still have to cross really cat thank for thanks for loving a mouse I got I just deleted it thank you yeah I just deleted two leaves at the chrome curling yeah we should definitely play Krunk oh I am Sally promoted okay we'll just see how long we can make this down for that $2.00 super jet you're awesome I appreciate you alright let's see if we can get a I want the four-leaf clover because I'm lucky awful absolutely I don't want that okay let's do this hey everyone thank you so much coming out stream you guys are awesome we're at 500 likes oh we are we at 500 likes oh my goodness okay okay alright let me let me double check I want to make sure you guys aren't aren't trying to cheese me okay you guys you guys aren't cheesing me all right where i promised i'd open it so that means i have to get even more gems you guys you guys are making your guys are making me poor you guys are you guys are robbing me blind here i've had to buy it almost fifty dollars of gems already absolutely ridonculous it's okay i love you guys alright III told you all right there we go we're opening it up now alright so we got to 500 likes we're gonna open up the floral to my part which cost 1450 alright this cost twenty dollars open let's do it alright a death ray that's pretty neat we got the bear fall immortality elixir what what the we got literally the elixir of immortality hi Matt time out time out what is the elixir of immortality let's let's let's let's let's take a look at heals your machine and sends it up in the air for a while what not enough power it cost 10 energy what all right III have to know I have to know let's um you know what's this okay okay okay let's see let's see let's um let's make let's make something so where what does it do what does it do it all right so where's that all right what do we have for weapon we can put on this thing and that's all we get we also have a death ray which seems pretty cool that's all we get okay well let's see what happens here levites I I guess we'll join there's no reason not to all right what is we literally have the elixir of immortality dude it makes you fly you literally fly that is insane I don't that is actually in saying everybody that's Opie I'm probably gonna do a video about this next time but that's all we have time for today if you guys enjoyed make sure to hit that like button subscribe the channel if you're new girls turning on notifications means the world to me when you guys do I love you guys and I'll see you guys – I'm gonna be playing Minecraft which are all mayor self we're gonna be playing the plants vs. zombies minecraft version it's gonna be super awesome I'll see you guys then bye everyone whoa

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