35 thoughts on “Cats Sing See You Again from Furious 7 by Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth | Cats Singing Song

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    Cats Sing Diamond Heart


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  3. This song reminds me of my big sister friends before school started back I went to Summer camp and learned to trust Carly Falan because of foster care older sisters hurt me all the time beating me up and other stuff but Carly Falan even though I never lived at her mom's house for a foster home she was always there and kept bully's away all the time and treated me like her little sister and I love her like she's my big sister and now I can't spend time with her because she only works during summer break I go to the same place as summer break for after school care to I hope I can go back this summer break Carly Falan taught me not all older sisters are the same and not all older sisters will hurt me I learned that some will keep me safe I almost fell in a deep dich to over the summer Carly stopped me before I fell in and got me away from that part of the playground I was playing tag at the time and was backing up and she stopped me. I get physically bullied all day at school now but if my mom can find a way to pay for the camp I can talk to Carly about it I don't know how to fight I'm hoping Carly can teach me how to so I can defend myself better than now. Right now in school I just try to run if the group that hurts me every day See's me

  4. I love this channel so much. I have 7 cats and all of them came to my screen when this video started playing. The youngest cat of mine started meowing back at this!! omg, again, so cute!!

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