35 thoughts on “Cats Sing Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee | Cats Singing Song

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    Cats Sing Diamond Heart


  2. I love your videos so so much and I also love cats.
    I love to hear cats singing so much too.
    so thats why your videos are the best

  3. Mum: Bed time
    Me: five more minutes on YouTube!!!
    Mum:*sigh* fine
    He next week
    Doctor:I can't belive it! She's medically addicted to a video!
    Mum:is there anything we can do?
    Doctor:we'll have to investigate the video.
    Two hours later…

  4. I've seen the same poor cat in both of the videos from this channel and immediately changed videos because it breaks my heart. There is a clip with a car that is clearly injured. Please stop using it. The cat is obviously in pain and this video shouldn't be using that clip in what is supposed to be a funny video. Kids could get the wrong idea that an injured cat is funny and not realize it needs help. I hope that cat got the help it needs. It just makes me sad and not want to keep watching the video which sucks, because other than that one little thing, this video is great and hilarious.

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