30 thoughts on “Cats Sing 7 Years by Lukas Graham | Cats Singing Song

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    Cats Sing Diamond Heart


  2. Once I was 7 year old my mama told me go get your self some friend

    Tanks for Loveing my comment and likeing it

  3. Thanks for this all of the music it is beautiful songs i sub and i will tell this to my friend to get more subs

  4. Me: Listens to cats sing 7 years
    Mean New Teacher For Old One: No phones in school
    Me: But I'm listening to cats sing 7 years. It part of my culture
    Teacher: Oh. Ok

  5. I moved about a month ago from a place i have been in for five years. I have a friend who is around my age, and i remember when he was eight, he loved cats and he loved this song. He used to say “once i was 7 years old,” and i used to laugh and say it was true. here i am now laying down in bed quietly sobbing from all of the good times we had together. God damn, i miss him. Oh how times have changed

  6. This reverb is nice. What happens if you put a delightful song with a long reverb with the cats?

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