Cats Peeking out of Their Bedrooms on a Rainy Day

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  1. Hi everyone. There were a lot of similar questions in the comments section of the assembly video of this cat house so I am replying them here:
    – It says 7 bedrooms in the title but there are only 5 doors/rooms. Where are the other 2 bedrooms?
    – There are 3 separate bedrooms on the upper floor and 2 separate bedrooms in the back of the first floor and 2 connecting rooms in the front of the first floor.

    – Where did you buy this cat house?
    – We bought this house from a local company and unfortunately they don't send them abroad. (We live in Turkey)

    – What happened to the green shoe cabinet-cat house from the video called "Turning the shoe cabinet into a cat house"?
    – It's been one and a half year since we put that into the garden and it hasn't aged well. It began to rot so we removed that after we put the new house into use. (Also, that shoe cabinet was occupying too much horizontal space.)

    By the way, I know that I haven't uploaded any new videos of Santi and Indy for a while but don't worry, you'll see them next week!
    Also, I am aware that some of you miss Walter in the channel so I will have some good news for you very soon. Wait for January 🙂

    Thanks for watching the video!

    Merhabalar. Bu kedi evinin kurulumunu yaptığımız videonun altında çok sayıda benzer soru sorulmuş, o yüzden hepsine birden burdan cevap veriyorum:
    – Başlıkta 7 odalı yazıyor ama 5 kapısı/odası var. Diğer 2 odası nerede?
    – Üst katta 3 ayrı oda, alt katın arka tarafında 2 ayrı oda, alt katın ön tarafında da arasında duvar olmayan 2 bağlantılı oda mevcut.

    – Evi nereden satın aldınız?
    – Bildiğim kadarıyla Türkiye dışına gönderim yapmayan bir firmadan satın aldık. Türkiye'de yaşıyor ve firma adını öğrenmek istiyorsanız video açıklamasındaki adrese e-posta gönderebilirseniz oradan link yollayabilirim.

    – Ayakkabılıktan kedi evine dönüştürdüğünüz yeşil ev nerede?
    – O evi bahçeye koyalı 1 buçuk sene oldu ama çabuk eskidi malesef. Çürümeye başlamıştı, o yüzden yeni evi bahçeye kurduktan sonra yeşil evi kaldırdık. (Ayrıca yatay olarak çok fazla yer kaplıyordu.)

    Bu arada bir süredir Şanti'yle Indy'nin yeni videolarını yüklemediğimin farkındayım ama merak etmeyin, haftaya özlem giderebileceksiniz.
    Son olarak, az sayıda da olsa Walter'ı da özleyenler olduğunu biliyorum. Onlar için Ocak ayında iyi haberlerim olacak, az daha sabır 🙂
    Bir sonraki videoda görüşmek üzere..

  2. It warms my heart to know that there are humans like your father and you that will take the time to care for the small creatures on Gods planet , Bless you and your family Sir. I love this channel , Thanks

  3. I enjoo your videos so much! Unfortunately I can't read thre frases completely, because thei apear and desapear quickly.
    Iam from Brasil. ???

  4. Hadn’t seen Junior or the Mom cat in a while. Glad to see the whole gang…and Zoom even lol. The garden looks lovely in the rain, and the sound is soothing. The cats in their mansion are too adorable. The Rolling cats meow is precious. Thank you for another episode ?

  5. This channel is simply beautiful and quickly became one of my favourites ?
    It's a wonderful thing you're doing!

    How many cats would you say there are at any one time, and overall?

  6. Miss you cats of Walter Santi… I am happy can see dartagnan and his friends on YouTube again…
    Cant wait for your surprise in Januari…!!!

  7. Dear Walter, I always smile or lol at your cats' videos. The outdoor kitties have you well trained! They are cute as buttons looking outside their house on a rainy day! They are all so adorable and funny! Momma cat is looking great. Enjoy them all for many more years in good health. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Bless you and your family for helping so many kitties!
    Warmest wishes,
    Dianna and Grayson

  8. Love you all..thats awesome the cat home is wonderful..actually they are not feral anymore..they garden cats beautiful..that they all wait outside the door..waiting for much trust…beautiful..glad you guys dont get snow like us..those houses wont stand a chance..we find feral kitties here too ..some people dont really take care of them and leave them behind..and they had to be rescued..i bet most wont survive when the brutal deep freeze hits us. They are lot of kitties in shelters..but i know there are few out there. Great work all. Take care..i have heard that people in Turkey love kitties. ?❤

  9. Kudo's to you Mr Santi ,also take care of 2 cats inside and 9 outdoors ,have had up to 15 over the years feral some are nearing 10 years , lots of work and dedication thank you for what you do,also grow my own catnip

  10. We have a feral family we're feeding they will not come out for food if it's raining and we get high winds here they won't come out in the high winds either

  11. Always up for snakeroo's.
    love the house. You should have tried your hand at some recycled materials for the carpentry mate. Reckon you'd do OK.
    Love the pussycows. Better milk them soon.

  12. I bet you don't have any extra wildlife in your yard no lizards no bugs no birdies know anything I have two cats but they stay indoors and they do have their own room with a nice big hotel that I built for them better than yours so they're happy.. and so is my Wildlife Critters that I take care of also because I care about all life and cats kill for fun…?

  13. outdoor cats??? fuck you you dont love your animals. if you loved them you wouldint keep them outside out shouldn't have pets.

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