100 thoughts on “Cats Movie REVIEW

  1. Grace, you're making this sound like a weird Kafka-esque dream that's perfect to not only take your family, but your favorite weed dealer.

  2. Excited to see this Sunday! Musicals just help me to get into the Christmas mood, hope it becomes a yearly thing instead of Star Wars haha!

  3. Well shit, when a movie about Cats the Musical seems like a better option than a new Star Wars film I know I've died and gone to hell.

  4. My favorite cats in the Broadway version are Mr. Mistoffelees, Demeter, Etcetera ( the faces she pulls are hilarious) Skimbleshanks, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer.

  5. well grace cats is about cats that meet once a year to decide who gets to go to a sort of cat heaven and everyone wants to go and grizabella gets bullied for the whole play until she sings memory and the cat that chooses who goes chooses her

  6. Musicals are something forced on men for some ancient sin. Just like women have to deal with football seson

    Also cats are animals, they don't have anything besides the physical, so for Male or female cats there is no "inside" to look for. It is not antiquated, it is how all animals work.

  7. According to what I know from the stage version, all of the cats aspire to go to the heaviside layer (heaven for cats) to then be reborn and at the end they have to chose one, so yeah Grizabella dies.

  8. So for the people who are still confused

    The basic idea behind Cats is that a pride of cats are having their (monthly? Yearly?) ball to find the most deserving cat to be reincarnated. While yes she is dying at the end of the story the fact she'll be given a new life that's not filled with so much hate is better then what she has. Basically it's everyone competing for a wish of 'their perfect life' and Grizzabella is the most deserving because she regrets her behavior that made everyone hate her and she is depressed to point of possible suicide.

  9. I'm so glad that you appreciate the artistry of the performers because to me the whole point of the original show is to showcase the abilities of the dancers. When people suggested it be animated I disagreed because Cats has always shown a variety of dance styles and the talent of the performers doing them.

  10. What if we are all dead and this is hell. From your memories, could you identify the moment you died? Like when do the earth memories end and hell memories start?

  11. It’s amazing to me how this got made, they could’ve made a movie with animated singing cats and would print money and it might’ve worked, or they could make it like the play and at least be loyal, but they somehow decided to make a furry paradise…

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