Cats movie gossip from Jennifer Hudson and Judi Dench | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

And you play Old Deuteronomy,
and – I’m right? – normally, that’s been played by a man –
is that in the original? Yes, Brian Blessed. OK.
And very beautifully. But they didn’t need
to change it, did they? I suppose it doesn’t change the
idea that this is some old kind of clapped-out old cat…
who keeps everything in order. But the thing is, with the CGI,
you know, you’re wearing a green leotard and spots all over you, and I thought I knew
the kind of cat I was – I’ve had cats all my life. But when I saw…saw…myself, I suddenly realised, I had turned into this cat I had
of my own called Carpet, once. A huge kind of orange bruiser. LAUGHTER Jennifer Hudson, who are you?
Grizabella, the glamour cat. Yes! And of course, you get
the big number, Memory. And I whispered to you backstage,
when she does Memory, how amazing is that? It’s fantastic. It’s… It’s just fantastic.
Thank you. And I wonder, in terms of… The Tom Hooper thing, you
sing live, is that right? Yes. Doing it, because… When you see the film,
you’re so emotional, singing that song,
you’re just raw and wrecked, and yet you are hitting
all those beautiful notes. How hard is that?
That was challenging. Sometimes I say, “Do you want me to
cry or do you want me to sing?” Because I couldn’t do
both at the same time, so I had to find a balance, to be able to sing
and give you the song, but bear the emotion, too. You know? Which can be challenging. But you are just a great
big sobby mess by the end. Yes. Yeah. And you do have form – Dreamgirls, I Am Telling You…
is another one of those numbers. Was that harder than this or
was this harder than that? With Dreamgirls,
it was pre-recorded. Ohh. With Cats, I sang the song live,
with the emotion and all, like, 30 times. So, every time… It was more
draining from the tears. Singing the song, I could do this
all over again, but the emotion… That drains you.

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  1. poor jennifer… having to perform the song live around 30 times to get the film just right. on stage the performer has to do it 8 times a week, with no do overs… hollywood actors are soooo spoilt.

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  4. Graham Norton gave Jennifer no chance to answer the question he was like "so Jennifer what was it like to sing that number?" and she's like "well I"…. Back to graham "because you did it beautifully"…back to jen " Its just"….oh it reminds me of Norton days as a cat how was it for you jen "well I"… I bet it was good ….graham Norton asked a question and consistently interrupted her every time

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