25 thoughts on “Cat's Eye (1985) Official Trailer – Drew Barrymore, Stephen King Horror Movie HD

  1. There are at least 3 references to other Stephen King's works in this film: CUJO (dog), DEAD ZONE (movie on tv) and PET SEMATARY (book).

  2. It's funny how many of us saw this as kids lol. It was literally a favorite of mine from age 3 till now in my early 30s. What's weird is not many of my childhood friend s know of it. They have no idea what I'm talking about when I describe it

  3. Great anthology! i saw this on HBO 31 years ago when i was 4 and loved it and been one of my fave anthology horror films! it's on par with the Amicus anthologies even Tales from the Crypt/Vault of Horror, Creepshow 1 and 2, Dead of Night, Tales from the Darkside movie, Tales from the Hood, Body Bags and other neat anthologies.

    Who thinks Percy Rodriguez is an amazing voice trailer guy?

  4. This movie is a classic. I hope they never re make it. And if they do get the cat that save the little boy from that dog to be the star!

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