Cat’s Cradle – How to make a Flower using string | Music Craze

Hi friends and in this video I’m going to
teach you how to make a flower of cat’s cradle so first we have to take this in
our these two fingers then pull it back like this here then turn it to
our right and pull it back there and after that take this string after this
step take this string pull it out turn it towards left and put it in your little
finger then take this first finger on turn it to the right then take it on the
thumb now you can see at the back now take this string out of your fingers
through and this will make the center of the flower and just pull it like this so
what I basically do is first take these things out to the top then pull it and
here we have this flower it’s a little difficult you need a thick
thread for that so thanks guys for watching the video please don’t forget
to Like subscribe and share the video and bye guys meet you in my next video

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