Cats Can Be A Real Pain In The Grass – Simon's Cat | COLLECTION

37 thoughts on “Cats Can Be A Real Pain In The Grass – Simon's Cat | COLLECTION

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  2. Все что могу сказать «страшнее кошки зверя нет и «наверное «беззащитнее и любимее «Не зря же ведь Хэмингуей после своих «островов океане « все равно возвращался к кошкам

  3. My Cat has been a real pain in the grass… 2 O'clock in the morning, scratching on the doors (loudly) waking me and my brother. My brother came out of his bedroom and he looked like a zombie because he was half asleep. He told the cat to F**k Off ?. He put him downstairs and went to back to bed.

  4. Смешной, хороший мультфильм и очень точно передаёт повадки этих милых животных. Видно, что авторы понимают и любят котиков )

  5. cat gets the car and just sits there proud as ever….simon is dead from being clobbered in the nuts…..lololol

  6. Simon's Cat just reminds me how much I would never EVER want to own a cat. Fun little videos, but I will always be a dog person lol.

  7. Maybe if you didn't treat your cat poorly then he or she wouldn't been bad to you. Not saying that to be mean Good job making this video! ?

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