Cats Being Jerks Video Compilation (April 2015) || FailArmy

32 thoughts on “Cats Being Jerks Video Compilation (April 2015) || FailArmy

  1. 6:52 that dog was being the jerk.. No I'm not a dog hater, dogs are my number one favorite animal, while cats are on my top 10 favorite animals

  2. I'm not that fond of it when people just record their pets misbehaving or being bad and laugh at it… I mean they can do that if only they did something about the misbehaving animal.

  3. 5:12, cats tend to bite scalps as a sign of affection, generally he was just playing. And that little ginger cunt at 5:22… If i was anybody grab my dog like that when she was alive i'd kick their arse so hard that i'd get an award for discovering time travel.

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