Cats and dogs on their first car ride – Cute and funny animal compilation

42 thoughts on “Cats and dogs on their first car ride – Cute and funny animal compilation

  1. Dogs take comfort in our presence, as a cat owner, I have always failed to succeed at assuring my cat everything will be okay. My cats never trust me lol

  2. Cats are like "wtf, are you crazy, let me out, we're gonna die".
    Dogs are like " cool dude, just chillin".

  3. My last cat, so brave as a tiny kitten to chase a neighborhood dog out of the yard., would hide his head in the crook of your elbow while in the car. He'd occasionally lift his head to look out, then duck down again.

  4. If your cats are panting, you need to turn on the air conditioner.

    Also, the cats may be cute chasing after the windshield wipers, but they really shouldn’t be on the dashboard.

  5. My kitten that we found at the side of the road LOVES the car and always comes with us to get my brother.

  6. CzI would not leave the window open for a cat. They are more independent. If he sees something he wants gw is more likely to jump out of the car than a dog.

  7. took small rides when they got used to it then it was fun it was the African grey cause Rebel would start hollering let's go bye bye then all my pets wanted to go bye bye dog cat iguana hamster rabbit they behaved so well sure got some silly smiling looks they were totally silly at the lake especial the pure LOVE to many on one ride so took lamb &pig tarantula geicos next every one of my many pets got their turn lol????

  8. I remember the first time I took our cat for a drive – we were going to the vet's and had no cage. I still have the scars.

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