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sigh nice cat we are Sammy as if you please we are Siamese if you don't please those are some of the most memorable lyrics from the Disney classic lady in the Tramp in real life these blue-eyed beauties are well known for their streamlined bodies creamy beige coats and distinctive markings as well as being quite lovable and sweet hi welcome to animal facts today if you please we examine 10 facts about the sleek feline companion the Siamese let's get started but before we start take a moment to LIKE and subscribe for more fun fun facts let us know about your tea in the comment block number 10 Siamese is a very old breed of domestic cat but we're not exactly sure where it came from modern Siamese cats are descended from felines born in Siam know today as Thailand with roots going back to the 14th century but the cat's true origins are coat and mystery in the time National Library in Bangkok there are many scripts dating back to the 1700s containing illustrations of casts that looked very similar to modern Siamese cats Linda night when Siamese cats were first shown at evening at London's Crystal cat Palace in 1871 the world's first major cat show they were described as an unnatural nightmare kind of cat because of their strange code it was the first time ever that anyone in England had seen a Siamese cat and Mae the cats went on to the United States as a gift to president Rutherford Behe's wife Lucy in 1878 and quickly became a favorite of Hays daughter penny and was given free rein of the White House but that wasn't the last time Siamese cats took over the White House President Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter also has Siamese cats leading the free world minge recently so what's up with those blue eyes those beautiful blue peepers didn't just happen by chance the gene that is responsible for the Siamese coat pattern also restricts the amount of pigment down in the eye thus resulting in the signature pale blue color that the breed is known for memory skips unlike most blue-eyed cats that carry recessive traits and are prone to hearing issues the blue eyes Siamese don't tend to have any issues with hearing but their blue eyes can cause them some issues with vision especially at night and a-five ever wondered why a Siamese cat has a white coat and dark tip Paul's ears and facial features it stems from a temperature sensitive enzyme which causes the cat to develop color on the cooler parts of this body and stay pale on its limb or torso as a newborn kidney or purebred Siamese are entirely white around four weeks of age their distinctive markings begin to develop due to a gene that starts the production of the heat sensitive enzyme that's one cool tap member for the Siamese is by no means an independent cat and they do not do well in an environment where they will be left home alone often Siamese cats are especially social creatures and if they don't receive the attention they want they will seek it due to their sociability it is not advisable to leave them alone for too long and probably not the best breed for someone who works all day they love to be in the limelight and able to sit in your lap for hours enjoying the Pampling they are ideal pets for people who want constant company indicate the breed is known for its voice or more accurately how often they use it Siamese cats love to talk especially to their owners they can spend all day and most of the night vocalizing their opinions about their food something they saw out the window or just letting you know that you are slacking on the attention giving number ten the Siamese has had friends in high places other than the White House Queen Victoria was quite fond of the breed and Queen Elizabeth the second was given a Siamese kitten as a wedding present upon her marriage to Prince Philip Elizabeth Taylor on several Siamese cats and she gave one named Marcus as a gift to James Dean Vivian Leigh was a big lover of the breed as well owning many Siamese cats throughout her life Ninh de l'Est the Siamese is very intelligent and highly trainable Siamese cats can be trained to perform tricks and fetch on command and walk on a leash they enjoy a challenge so puzzle toys clickers and even agility course is made in the house are all great options to have on hand it doesn't really matter to him what Tricky's doing as long as he's doing it with you want more fun fun effects go ahead and smash that subscribe button and hit the notification icon to not miss a single fact if you like this video go ahead and hit that like button hey this fan work well that other button also works if you'd like to help us grow consider becoming a patron on patreon or clicking the PayPal link on Halifax not us in an always edgy next time

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  1. Added a Siamese and Balinese to our family, awesome and very gorgeous cats.Good thing my wife is with them 24/7, they are ALWAYS busy…?

  2. I have a Siamese cat named Sweet Pea and she loves to sit by my ginger cat Ginger. They both get along very well but Sweet Pea gets very loud sometimes. She goes to my door and yells to go outside. I just got her as a pet.

  3. 1.Chocolate point siamese named Frankie ,my sister thought of the name for SINATRA and his blue eyes….
    2.Foreign white beautiful MAMA that is so adorably sweet.. point that is still a kitten that is gorgeous….

  4. I have a Siamese girl named Neko who is the runt of her litter (6lbs full grown) who is super loving at night time, but during the day is a menace to all vermin in the yard. I have to check under my bed for animals at night!! Love her to death

  5. I love saimese cats omg i am crying now …. and i loooooooove them sooo much ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. I had the privilege of being owned by two Siamese; very vocal, intelligent and so different – Daniel was like a clown cat, trying to get you to laugh and Sam was a studious type – such beautiful boys they were. Lost Daniel in 2001 and Sam in 2009.

  7. I have two male Siamese. They are almost a year old and do not talk. They don't like to be held and do not sit in my lap. They do follow me around the house. They will sleep in my bed just out of arms reach. They are smart.

  8. I have a Siamese named sapphire she is around 3 years old and she is really lazy. She is sometimes active but that's only when she thinks she is a racecar. I got her from a pet smart before she was even one yr old and have had her ever since. The only thing I knew about her past before I got her was that she was abandoned at 6 weeks old ( or months its been awhile). She is extremely affectionate but mostly to me and my mum. Since I dont live with my mom at the moment she doesn't really like anyone else touching her. She allows them too but she always gives me this look like "save me mum". She is spoiled and she knows it. She always gets her way when and how she wants it. Some of her favorite spots to hang out are in my bed, in the window, in one of her beds, or in the dirt. She is talkative but not very talkative. She tells me when she wants out of my room by stretching on the door or attacking a bag. She knows one trick so far and that is how to sit. When I first told my foster parents I taught her how to do that they were like u can't teach a cat how to sit. So I went got my cat and the treats and was like sapphire sit and ofc she sat cuz she loves those treats. They both looked at me in shock like she actually did it. My cat also likes dog bones its very weird. She also has really bad separation anxiety. For example when I went to camp for 5 days when I got back my mum told me that she barely ate or drank and spent most of her time in ball on my bed. When I first got her I promised myself and her that I would be her first and last owner. That promise is still being upheld to this day. I'm so happy to have a best friend like her and I wouldn't give her up for the world.

  9. I have an apple headed Siamese. His name is George. He's a cream point. He's also an asshole towards my other two cats (both moggies), Mike Modano (no, I did not name him. My younger brother did. Yes, he's named after an ice hockey player) and Dixie Belle (Mike's mother).

  10. I’m a twin and might be getting a Siamese, do they only like one person or do like play around with more than one person ?

  11. My beautiful 12 year old Siamese cat is precious. Yes she is a jerk but she loves her mommy who always tells her how pretty she is

  12. My cat is a white siamese and she is a trip. She's very loving to me. She tolerates others but she does not like other cats at all lol. One day she was howling at another white cat that looked just like her out the window. But any other cats she hisses. She only talks when she wants something. All she does is sleep mostly and eat. She likes affection sometimes and that's it. You barely know she is there.

  13. I'm from Belgium and i just adopted a siamese boy from an animal rescue shelter in Spain.He is hiv positive and my first siamese i will own.?On the 12th of january 2019 i will have my handsome babyboy who is now 3 years old.Please people don't shop but adopt!Could do with some help for a short strong name !??I hope that he is ready for a lot of TLC???

  14. siamses cats are not that vocal . I have one and she does meow more than my jaegar, but not all day and knight. my siamese does make cute guinea pig noises

  15. i have 2 cats a Siamese and a Ginger both boys the Siamese rarely talks Bu that Ginger he is vocal EVERYDAY about everything he does. i always tell ppl the Siamese just showed up in my neighborhood then my porch then came inside and stayed he picked me then he picked the Ginger from a neighbor who had several Cat n Kittens he would not allow any cats in his yard area without a fight or hissing or growling then one day he let this little Ginger Kitten eat his food come inside etc and i thought he picked a girlfriend nope he picked a best friend and as luck turns out the ppl owned him decided to move and did not want him so he became ours.

  16. R.I.P. Thorn Putty Bear 2011 to 2015. Teddy bear like seal point blue-eyed but he thought he was a sneaky ninja, very feisty booger.

  17. I have a Siamese cat named Blue. He's so freaking talkative and lovable!! He sheds a lot and loves cuddling his two cat brothers when they sleep at night. I absolutely love him so much. ❤

  18. Due to Walt Disney movies, people think Siamese are mean, that is so false, they are so loving and sweet. So children see these animated movies and from a young age think Siamese a bad. NOT.

  19. I got a pretty chocolate point long hair named Luna. She only talks when it's time to eat or when you pick her up. She's fiesty with other cats, but is such a sweetheart with me and my Mom. She's sleeping on my stomach right now ?
    Oh did I mention she's pretty?

  20. Unbelievably stunning cats, very intelligent!!! And yes, the Siamese is VERY vocal to it's family… They will talk all day long. Siamese and Bombay's are the most gorgeous cats I've ever had together in my family

  21. I have four siemiesi one black and white cat and they are playful and and all of my cats have blue eyes if i could send a video i would

  22. Please, no, no, no, these are Balinese cats. They are mixed with Siamese and a regular American cat. These Balinese cats were needed in 1942.

  23. Some of the cats in the video are Birman, not Siamese . I've just adopted a 6 months old Birman again after my sweet first Birman died 2 weeks ago from cancer. I can tell they are one of the most intelligent and curious breeds, very attached to their owner and quite distant to the others around. If they recognize you as their owner, then it's a love story for life. Mine was following me everywhere. We had our rituals every day, like drinking water from my hand while showering, going to bed together and she was sleeping next to me with her head on my arm. Every time she thought there is a fight between someone in the family, she was right there, biting softly the leg of the person she thought was faulty. And she knew when me or my husband were coming from before we got into the elevator. She was there at the door. Amazing birman.

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