Cats 101 – Russian Blue

the Russian blue is just this exquisite looking cat it's a quiet well-behaved stately cat that's called a Russian blue although they look more gray than blue so-called bluish in color which to the regular multiplets kind of gray with vivid green eyes and if you're looking for a lean elegant smart cat the Russian blue is for you they are among the most intelligent breeds of cat this is a gentle clean and loyal little cat who is sometimes wary of strangers but once he knows you're his trusted pal which of course he will decide there will be no going back in the relationship once they do let you in you are the Sun and the moon to a Russian blue however Russian blues do not adapt well to changing home environments it's a cat that tends to do better in an environment that's pretty consistent experts say this very old blue blooded breed has existed for centuries no Russian blue as the name implies are originally from Russia their origin is like you know 150 miles from the Arctic Circle I mean you've got to be pretty Hardy to survive that kind of climate the Russian blue didn't get to America until the 1900s and really didn't flourish until the 1960s today this cat is loveable luxurious a favorite in the show ring very popular very trendy but not super abundant when looking at this cat its coat and color are probably the most outstanding features one color one pattern and one length they have obviously that beautiful steely gray color but they also had a very dense coat and this Silvertips fur gives the cat a gleaming shine and next the large round wide set beaming eyes it's a very bright vivid green and it's very striking against the beautiful blue coat color but it's the Russian blues cobra like face and smell the expression that have captivated owners for years they actually look like they're smiling their face is just precious the Russian blues coat needs some grooming attention they do have a pretty thick undercoat so they do need to be combed probably once or twice a week and they make a good pet as long as the home routine is calm and doesn't move often in general Russian blues are pretty healthy cats living long lives they have a beautiful coat that requires weekly brushing and they make good house pets for adults or families with older children I think they're a terrific pet

29 thoughts on “Cats 101 – Russian Blue

  1. My Russian blue has a HUGE appetite and meows for food all the time lol! He is very intelligent though.

  2. These cats 101 video makes it hard to select which breed. All claiming each are the most intelligent (ie Siamese, Abyssinian etc), The green eyes are stunning

  3. I got one of dee’s but ma momma say I can’t bring it cause some one might steel it in a southern urban accent

  4. I have one of these but is a slight mix, but still grey. Super loyal cat and super smart. Very curious and trusting of owners if you don't do stupid stuff to scare them.

  5. Great cats. This video misses it big time, though, as NO cats like "change". Weird that they would harp on that multiple times. My Russian Blue HATES moving, but it takes about an hour and he's good, lying on his back.

  6. I used to have a Russian blue Siamese mix and she was the sweetest thing ever she always had so much energy even at the age of 14 when she died R.I.P. spook

  7. I am looking through breeders right now looking to adopt one of these amazing kitties. Question for anyone who can answer – do they need other cats to be happy? I just want the one for now. It's only me and my husband in the house, although we are planning to have a baby within 2 years, and we work most of the day, so the cat will be alone for at least 9 hours a day. Is that an acceptable environment for this breed or will they really struggle with loneliness?

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