100 thoughts on “CatDog. It’s a cat or a dog?

  1. it is a cat … it is a dog … cat dog cat dog cat dog cat gagcatdogcat… ?+?=dog-cat !

  2. every pet can play ball after teach them! cat too , you teach him how to play ball. He a normal cat not a dog just teach him some tricks

  3. Its like my cat but…My cat are laizzy… Who is the language If u talk whit CatPusic? Btw who dislike this If have no soul! Like video!

  4. ??прям как мой Тайсончик..классно вы снимаете. Надо мне попробовать снять моих

  5. If you like watching the cat Pusiс, then subscribe to the second channel – http://youtube.com/CatPusicAcademy
    We will be glad to see you there, meow

  6. Your cat pet is the same as my cat, like my brother and sister, and my pet's name is pusy or puci. And with the same face.

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