Catching NEW Exotic Pet Fish for AQUARIUM!

what is this bro all right time to add the fish [Applause] hey guys this is monster Mike and you're watching monster Mike fishing guys today is the day we catch a pet fish for my 55 gallon aquarium right here we let the water sit for a few days I believe it is ready to go I am going to grab my fishing rod and I am going to go out and see if I can catch an awesome pet fish I'm gonna keep the coolest fish from today's catch and I'm gonna bring it back to add to the aquarium before we catch a pest fish for my aquarium I want to give a shout out from the last trivia question and it's bill fish Miller Congrats you got all questions right and guys there'll be another trivia question at the end of this video all you got to do is stay tuned to the end climbin the answers and you can be shouted out in the next video let's catch the perfect pet fish for my aquarium all right we are at the spot there's a bunch of fish here I'm gonna start chumming it up with bread all right adding the water in the buckets so when we catch our pet fish we gonna add a man and we're gonna hook up some air bubblers guys our fish is gonna stay alive healthy and we're gonna take them home oh we got two we got two we got two air pumps right here to keep our pet fish alive all right chumming it up oh my gosh blink blink oh I saw a massive bluegill in there too Oh guys you guys you gotta see what comes out of this water there's there's five six seven eight different mega blue oh my god oh my gosh oh my gosh guys there's Megas there's Megas they're all coming okay I don't want to jump too much I don't want to get them full I want to sting the prettiest fish Oh Mike Oh bro bro do you see what builders guys you know we are looking for the perfect pet fish right now to catch for the 55 gallon aquarium right here there's a bunch of fish right here look random canal random canal we found them we found them I got a little Mighty Mite rod right here I'm gonna add some bread on it right now cast it out there's literally there's we have hundreds of guys most people they go to pet stores to get exotic African cichlids and stuff like that African cichlids right here in the hood canals I don't even have to spend a dollar no guys like to just pick and choose [Applause] okay sinking guys don't blink oh no no not you not you not you I want you I want you no no no not you not you no you no no keep dropping me keep talking I'll take that I don't think that was a bluegill there's 20 inch blue gills down there and you think I'm you think I mind there's world record sighs you think Nebraska had blue gills come to the hood and they eat chicken with hot sauce honey on their biscuit the big is too big for the little fish to take in their mouths that's why the big ones are right now just looking in the big ones think up something got me Oh what is this bro he's pulling like a snake get him out the rocks walk off the rock what's the work Oh watch The Rock watch The Rock Oh [Applause] you know oh I think I want him he was cool oh why I caught this cool exotic fish I think he would look awesome in the tank cool spots on this exotic fish guys if you know what type of exotic this is comment below he's going to go in the fish tank [Applause] you know that's a that's a regular tilapia I don't want him that's a massive bluegill no I don't want him I don't want this one know that what I don't want no no I don't know actually I would bring you but I know you can be bigger Oh what is this line he came out of nowhere and I wasn't either right nope another one another one but guys I don't want this tight I want one of those colorful ones do they see how crazy it is by that pool bro oh my light just jumped crazy [Applause] I don't know what I got me put on that Joker oh he's getting around the pilot it's another exotic guys we already have this one in the fucking butt though all the ones ones are right here right now [Applause] take a look at this guy I don't think I need a turtle for my aquarium oh good you got it cell phone not sure what I got but it might be in oh it's him oh it's him it's him oh he call you a fish tank bro come on cheese oh yeah that's a nice pet fish this is a nice pet fish look how red he is oh my god it's fighting good come on come on dog [Applause] it's good guys this beautiful fish is going inside the aquarium nice hump on its head beautiful eyes oh my gosh he's gonna look good let me add him in the bucket right now let's take him home all right we are back up the house and I got the filtration filter all hooked up ready to go let me put this top on right there this oh look at this beauty right he is lively ready to go look how look how cool this exotic looks with the stripes he is going inside hey that's a beautiful exotic fish right there guys he is ready to go look at this guy's that is an awesome fish right there look he is ready to go inside Wow I need a name for both of them they look happy healthy swimming good beautiful they're swimming pretty good in the tank they're liking it they're loving it look at them swimming around inside pretty cool Oh they're aggressive these cichlids are aggressive guys you think like if like I'm not sure like but if two fish are fighting like this should I take one out or will they get used to it all right guys get all questions right and I'm gonna pick one like you want it to be shouted out in my next video trivia question number one how many fish did I add inside my aquarium trivia question number two how many fish did I catch in this video and trivia question number three what type of bait did I use to catch the pet fish guys call me answers below and I'm gonna pick one like you want it to be shout-out in my next video

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  1. You put two fish in your fish tank and you captured them using bread and you caught about three or four fish

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