Catching a BUNCH of NEW Micro Pets!

today is a very special day the MGB box came in but I'm not gonna bore you too much let's get to the like boom we are at the little lake where I keep my jon boat um where actually my uncle keeps his jon boat and we're fishing today we're fishing today with a purpose though and let me grab this mtv box right here MTV is sponsoring today's video thanks to them so much for helping out and sending me a box every single month if you guys do want to get a box for as little as $4.99 literally $4.99 use the code lettuce I've been using that code for a while now so if you guys have used it thank you guys so much make sure to check them out and let's see what we got in here we got a bunch of juicy stuff in here some eliminators some trash master jigs a little jerk bait a buoy a popper pull a bunch of cool baits these mission is about this thing right here if you guys saw last video you guys know that that right there is the cooler we made to get our first pack and I thought it'd be pretty cool since mystery tackle box has been a supporter of this channel since day one if I tried to catch the first pet on one of their baits so let's get rigged let's get this boat in the water and let's get your first pet so my plan today is to catch the small fish I don't want a big fish I want a small fish that way you can grow and I think I'm gonna start off with using the stay up jerking dying minnow the reason for this is I know that this bait can catch small fish you know use them after big fish um trash master Eliminator not saying that this thing can catch a big fish like I'll probably I'm catching a five pounder on this like when I say I want to catch small fish but I think this is the best chance of catching a small one maybe this pop around all the water still kind of cold here in Chicago so I'm gonna tie this jerk bait on and let's switch to the chesty she is rigged and ready to go look at that little baby first spot first fish where's the fish I haven't caught him yet first spot first lure 10 pound googan line fast gear ratio reel 72 foot rod I'm just gonna jerk and swim oh that thing looks good slow fast water times are still cold these fish are probably pre spawn to spawn dude I got one I got one first cast oh it's a crappie dude shy put the crop in the tank no that's too big that's too big I'm looking for micro fish for my little tank I want to have plenty of room to swim around I don't want to be in a confined space at all and well first fish is a crappie literally on the first cast I haven't caught a crappie in this lake in years adios crappie see ya there any more friends with you fish on another one feels bigger feels bigger what is this whole little bass little bass is that the pet to big you think all right we're gonna put this one back we're looking for smaller fish we might pump up the live well here shortly though and see if just in case and start keeping the fish and then releasing the ones once we get them smaller because the goal is to get the smallest fish possible and then that'll be the first fish but man that's a good start we've got two fish already another fish dude another fish wow they are liking this jerk this big small oh that could be it dude what do you think buddy do you want to be in the next pet well at least we're catching some fish right away and I'm gonna let this one go just cuz I think we can catch smaller I think we can catch smaller fish number three on the jerk bait not small enough we just caught like four fish the last fish I caught was definitely the size we're looking for to keep but we didn't fill up the liable so we're gonna show you guys how we fill up the live hole here the next one's going in there and then we'll kind of upgrade what is that whole big truck sound like an airplane was going on the street their village pump goes over hooks up the batteries red is for positive Sun thanks so the key is we also don't want to be fishing for too long we don't want the fish to be in the live well for you know we got about 20 minute drive home so we don't want it to be in the liable for five hours so even if we do catch one we are going to keep fishing just for a little bit this is definitely a shorter fishing mission because the main goal is to get a pet not to catch a big mouse fish on Oh oh my gosh oh my god dude dude there she is there she is oh my gosh that is the fish we wanted that is a hundred percent the bass we wanted okay baby Wow perfect he is perfect that fish is gonna be so cool in the tank never been caught well this is officially the pet a micro little bass Oh easy easy wow this has happened so quickly it's kind of crazy though we let that fish go set up the tank and then I caught the smallest fish ever but well I just asked if it could eat minnows and it just a debate this big so pretty sure that bacon that guy can eat minnows and they're hammering this little middle bait dude man these fish are just absolutely stroking this thing crappie another crappie dude second pad this one this one's small he is ugly but he might be might be beautiful on the inside see how biggie yeah our other bass is doing great alright we decided we got two pets now I don't know if we'll keep them both or we'll just leave them in there until we finish fishing for today but all in the little jerk bait little jerk and swim bait Matt's caught one fish on the jig definitely a jerkbait bite out here right now but no big ones I think the jig might lead to a big one could be wrong though and there goes Matt catching one oh hey felt better when I laid into him it's so hard to tell the light line you don't want to force him too much doesn't seem that big nope little oh dude big one chasing it big one chasing it well the reason it's crazy I like certain parts of the year or certain times the year you like fish a pond like this or a small lake and like all the fish will be in one little section big fish oh yeah you got a good one I got a small one dude this flake is on fire oh yeah that's a nice fish look at that fish baby on the jig dang treble hooks are just so good on this bait there we go adios that's a nice one you caught that one on the Eliminator I knew that a jig would definitely catch a more solid fish but that the last fish I caught was pretty decent one two and we're just now getting to this windy Bank and I think that's why these fish are here is because it's pushing all the bank all the bank all of the bait into the bank cause of the wind and yeah let's get back after let's get back after it oh damn another nice one look at you killing the game well you want me to grab before you look at that Eliminator in the trash master buddy's slaying mr. jig has been talked about so much on YouTube I feel like everybody's throwing this jig and it leads a nice bass look at that you want me to want to hold it you know you mad does not want to hold his own fish a quick one our session leads to three new pets we didn't know we were gonna keep three but we got three fish that are perfect size two bass one crappie we need names for all these fish so I don't know if we're gonna animal we're gonna have you guys name them but let's get back to the house let's put these uh bad puppies in the back of the truck we're gonna drive slow and yeah they look like they're doing great let's put it in okay let's make sure this thing shut down there good round there good okay you shut it all right guys they're officially in the back of the car we're gonna get home and show you the process of us putting them into the tank showing them their new home as well as on the plan and what we're gonna feed them and stuff like that but they're probably gonna be pretty confused for a little while at least okay what we're doing is we're putting the crappie in a bag here what we're doing is we're putting these fish in a bag and that way they can get acclimated to the water for a little bit so we'll have them in there for 15 minutes that way the water gets a little bit more the same temperature as the water they were in it's pretty similar right now actually this waters a little bit warmer but it's pretty similar so we'll let those fish sit there for about you know 15 20 minutes just so the water gets we don't want to stress them out too much because they are in small bags but we don't want to just shock them right away and put them into a little bit different temperature water than they're used to but we won't put that dirty water into this tank we'll take the fish out of the bags put them into the tank and yeah 15 minutes we'll be back we're gonna make a mess as what we're going to do but we're not gonna put this dirty water in there we're gonna take this this guy oh geez don't want to get the pool water in there take this guy go back she's gonna grab him down look at little buddy look at little buddy he is loving his new home there's no scrappy well all three fish are now in their new homes the real telling Tallis I guess in three days if they do survive then we should be healthy they should be happy the takes look into extra clean right now filtration system is as you guys know when we set up the tank it's a high heavy duty 250 gallon filtration system so things should stay clean we're gonna definitely have to maintain and clean it out once a week on and yeah obviously we're not gonna able to feed these fish right now because they're stressed out but I'm gonna close this hopefully you guys enjoyed this video I have new pets the fish tank is now not it's not it's not boring and nothing's in it there's some fish in there swimming around and there's some pretty cool fish crappie a black crappie and two baths so look at these guys all right well that is it I'm gonna I could stare at these fish all day long so hopefully they survive we will have an update for you guys shortly but um comment below I didn't name any of these fish there's the big bass or the medium sized bass they're really tiny bass and then the black crappie so let me know what you guys think and we'll catch you guys on the next episode of aap massive

36 thoughts on “Catching a BUNCH of NEW Micro Pets!

  1. Hang out with Outlaw again and do another dip…. enough with the catching fish, lets see another dippppppppppp!!!!!

  2. You know you've made it when you use a bilge pump and battery to fill the cooler in your jon boat instead of just using a jug.

  3. If you put a baby catfish in your tank and give him a rock or something to stay under. It will come out at night and clean your tank of slime and scum. Trust me it works I have three tanks and never have to clean them thanks to the catfish. I highly recommend it.?

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