Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) Sci-Fi old Full length movie Cult classic

CATWOMEN Infinite wonders
space and time. Dreams of worlds remote, mysterious, unknown beings,
stars, planets. The Man contemplates them
since centuries. He hardly arrives
to bore their secrecies. One day will come
where this border will be crossed. Why wait?
Why not now? White Sands calls Fusée 4, code 63. Do you receive us? White Sands calls Fusée 4, code 63. Do you receive us? Give us signs of life. White Sands calls Fusée 4, code 63.
With you. That then! Call, Commander.
Do I say that you went away? – Assistance others.
– Go, the beautiful ones, at your stations, the gallop. – Does That go, Helen?
– Yes, Kip. Thank you. Space… One succeeded. All these bets go
to bring back a gold mine to me. White Sands calls Fusée 4, code 63.
With you. Tell him that one is
between extraterrestrial. Not yet.
Initially, I need your reports. It is a scientific exhibition, not a festival. Are we on the good course, Helen? – Sure?
– Some. You know, Laird,
I have like the impression to have already lived all that. White Sands calls Fusée 4, code 63.
With you. Rocket 4 in White Sands. Grainger with the apparatus,
do you receive us? If you are received? The course of the 3000 km was crossed, one travels in space.
Speed, 10 km/seconde. The engines function,
consumption with 0.865. Temperature
stable atomic room. Acid pictate nitric stable. We will contact you at 14:00.
Finished. Wait. The whole world
you listens. Are you well? – Some words of the crew?
– Not. Go, Laird.
Do not make the grumpy one. Of agreement, speak about your stations.
Be short! Rocket 4 in White Sands,
you hold ready. You will hear
Kip Reissner, the copilot. All that I have to say,
it is “Attention with the first step”. Helen Salinger, browser. Hello Alpha,
we are on the way. Doug Smith, radio operator operator. I bring back a piece for you
of this large cheese. Walt Walters, engineer.
All bathes, the friends, these new lubricants
of at Delphi Oil make wonder. In you, White Sands. That well will pay to me
some tickets. – Finished.
– Wait, rocket 4 codes 63, we pass the General to you
Raven in Washington. With the crew of Rocket 4, all our congratulations
for this fantastic exploit. You are on a space flight
of more than 300,000 km. To 35,000 km/h, it remains you
10 hours of vol. With the scientific genius which made this flight possible… Do you have chewing-gum? … is added your competences,
your courage and our prayers. Rebalance on the right. Something was placed
in the back, the atomic room! Thermal radiation
climb out of arrow. That must be a meteor,
can one get rid some? The centrifugal force
could dislodge it. Fasten your belts. It was released, played well, Laird! If one were more attentive,
that would not have arrived. Doug, the meteor is not
appeared on the screen? – I do not know, I listened to it… – Exactly. From now
one follows the handbook to the letter. This mission was avoided
with any possibility. – It is hoped for.
– One makes more than to hope! One works with confidence.
Helen, put to us on the course. – Yes, captain.
– Doug, calls White Sands. I test,
but there is no juice. I am afraid not to have more
of job. The atomic room!
Nitric acid. One of the containers
had to break. If the acid reaches the tank,
one will explode. Open the conduit with water,
that will neutralize it. – It does not occur anything.
– Water Pours! – That does not go!
– That must go! – What do you make?
– I look at what stop the conduit. The gas spends one minute
to cross. I will spend 59 seconds,
I hope. Return! Kip! It succeeded,
all is under control. At your stations, go! I am still good
for the service. You must have
a skin of rhinoceros! Everyone is not pretty. Laird is in anger
because I disobeyed? It remade us the blow
discipline. He is right, Kip, one arrived up to that point
by applying the handbook. The handbook does not have
all answers. I am well, will speak in Laird. – After all, you are his chick.
– During this mission, my relation with Laird
is purely scientific. Feelings
do not have their place here. – I bet that it is of him.
– It is true. It is anything. The love, that is not ordered. Believe me,
if I were in love with you, I will follow you on Earth, on the Moon and on each meter which separates them. Go, brush. Of agreement, the hero.
I will speak in Laird. If you want well, I will speak
of our landing. You make the pair, the head
thinking and the head of mule. I suppose. The screen should walk again. Thank you, Doug. Is Helen, it which Alpha? Alpha? You said “Alpha,
we are on the way. “ I do not remember
to have said that. You must have one moment
of intoxication of space. Some thought that us
let us become all nutcases. Alpha… You should calculate
the place of landing. It is done,
we are on the course. That, it is a browser! A valley,
on the hidden side of the Moon. The hidden side? How you can know
what is there? One does not know
that the visible face. The visible face crosses the valley, one sees it on the photographs. Why there? One had envisaged
to study the visible face before going
on the hidden side. It is a perfect place,
believe me. I do not know how… but I am certain. It is you the browser.
One will throw an eye there. All at your stations,
we approach. Light the retrorockets, Walt. Extinction of the retrorockets. Here we are! Good choice, Helen. I knew
that it was the ideal place. One day,
I will ask you how. Does one start with what?
Is the state of the rocket checked? Let us begin our search,
one is on the Moon, – not in a workshop.
– I am of agreement. One makes
a fast recognition, one returns to sleep
and the rocket will be checked. Of agreement,
but I would like to be certain to be able to take off
in the event of urgency. – Why?
– It is my training of sailor. When one engages,
it is necessary to know to disengage itself. One is not in the navy. Doug, helps me
to pass my combination. These shoes
weigh a ton! You will not feel them outside. Each one checks
the material of the others. Use the 2nd adjustment because of intense cold
on the hidden side. Especially, remain
on the hidden side. There is no oxygen,
why cigarettes? I feel lost without. This gun is
still absurder. – The Moon is uninhabited.
– I am like Helen. Tell him not to take along it. One is scientists
on mission, not of the scouts. Of agreement with you, but
that cannot make of evil. There is too much puerile romanticism
in this crew. It is better that I leave that,
then. I was going to do it outside,
but that will be able to wait. – Is It what?
– First letters of the Moon. I even brought a plug. They will be worth
at least 200 dollars part. It was necessary to make some
around fifty. That lowered the price.
The stamps, that must remain rare. Mr. Walters, when you want. Avoided, commander! I go there in first,
wait there. It goes, go down! Reflected, Helen. There was beautiful being
to 300,000 km from here, it was known that
that would resemble that. – Let us go by over there.
– Why thus? There is a cave
on the wall of the crater, I noticed it
at the time of our approach. Perhaps a hidden treasure. Kip, that would disturb you
to follow the handbook? With your orders, commander. In Indian file. Attention, a meteorite! We are in extreme cases. That does not seem of nothing,
but if you me master keys one of your cigarettes, Helen,
I will show you. Here it is, just like Helen had said it. Can I emit an observation,
commander? Go, Kip,
would not be so formal. Being given the angle of entry
vessel in the crater, Miss Salinger could not
to see the cave. You want to say that she guessed
its presence? If it can guess
a point of landing, I suppose
that it can guess a cave. – Where do you want to come from there?
– I do not know. But that should not appear
in the handbook. Allons-y. – Splendid!
– Let us enter. Since one is there. Wait, it would be better that somebody
remain to keep the vessel. I do not think
that one will steal it to us. Helen! Go, come! Remain where you are!
I do not want to lose anybody. Exactly such as I dreamed it. Was this a dream? Or am I in full dream? It is odd. Are you tired?
If you want, one can return. Not. One continues by there. These boots are badly designed,
they are too heavy. Outside, they agreed well.
I understand nothing there. Look at! Moisture. Water without atmosphere? Impossible, it is surely a matter
who resembles water. Science has its limits! Perhaps that there is an atmosphere. On the Moon? It is for that
that one has difficulty walking. The atmosphere requires
gravity to retain it, even me I know that. – Let us seek our instruments.
– Not need. Here is the proof. It burns!
There is oxygen. One by one. It is air! To say that I am the first
to have breathed on the Moon… One could bottle it
and to sell it. “Lunar Fog,
look after cough and asthma.” Admit that was not
in the handbook. – Then?
– You must be delighted. Not, curious, it is all. The magnetic field
on the hidden side could generate
gravity… to some extent.
It would have to be checked. And here, it is a room
of natural decompression. We are almost with the end. What do you know some? The air is not stagnant, it must
there to have an opening not far. Of agreement,
one leaves the combinations there. There is an article
that I keep on me. Who says oxygen, known as life.
And which says life… known as dead. It set out again, Kip. Why
the unknown makes it if fear, why one would not meet
love instead of death? I do not have anything against the love,
but I worry. If that does not get out of order Laird,
I pass in front. I was going to propose to you
that you cover our backs. Move back! Calm yourself. Very soft. He died. It is funny,
I had very guessed except that. I am sorry
to be to me angry against you. Does that go, Helen? Yes, leave me just
to take again my breath. Am me.
One turns over to the combinations. The remainder, join us
as soon as Helen is better. – Objections, Laird?
– Not, Kip. Go ahead. Come, one makes a turn. What is there? Nothing, when I opened the eyes,
you were not there. That goes, one can continue. Kip and Walt are turned over
with the combinations, – they were joined if you are better.
– Why set out again? One saw some enough
for one day. It is Kip which influences you,
it has the jitter. Kip is not afraid of nothing. – One is unaware of what expects us.
– I you will say it: the adventure, the discovery,
knowledge. – It is for that one is here.
– Yes, but another day. Now!
If you refuse, I will only go. Obeyed, I am the commander
of this mission. You me orders not!
I know where I want to go, and I will go! – What takes to you?
– Removes your legs… – They disappeared.
– Combinations? – You had to miss them.
– They disappeared. Sand traces show
that they were trailed. To be sure, one continued
as far as possible. One started to miss air. – We are trapped.
– The joker should be found. – Me the gun Gives.
– That solves our debate. One cannot set out again,
then it is necessary to continue. – You seem to be jubilant, Helen.
– Indeed. Here it is. You say that
as if you knew it in advance. Another world on the Moon,
it is impossible. If, precisely. It is cold. Last fire lit here
go back to years, even centuries. This civilization
is surely extinct. The combinations were flights by an intelligent form. Highly intelligent
to judge some by these places. You seem informed very well.
What do resemble they? By here! Look at, it is ready with employment. You have
cigarettes and matches? I said it,
I am lost without them. It is better.
I started to only feel me. Helen, I put a question to you. What? You seem to know this place. – What do you know of other?
– Nothing. It is the first time
that I come here, I had to dream it. You dreamed of the robbers
combinations? Of course that not. It is true that all that
was not envisaged, – but let us not lose the head.
– Our equipment was stolen. The robber must be in the corner. Hé, you! It would be said that it is lost. Go, Doug,
one will make a turn. The Help!! – What did it occur?
– One attacked me from behind. – Where is Helen?
– It was there to look at. Helen! Fire! Helen! You disperse! I hold one of them, by here! Show. That the handbook says on this subject,
instructor? I cannot any more what believe. Believe me,
they wanted the gun. One remains together,
not to be made gather. I think that Helen will return,
let us give him one hour. It is always me which orders. It is true. If you want
that one separates to seek it, we will do it. Not, let us wait. I am there, Alpha. It was a long voyage, Helen.
Welcome on the Moon. Here my right-hand man, Beta, and here Lambda. You will meet the others
at the appropriate time. There are so many things
that I do not understand. You are ours, now.
What would you like to know? I do not know if you speak
my language, or I holds. We do not need
of language. We project our thoughts
on long distances, as you know it.
One day we will suspend you. Meanwhile,
we will speak your language, we speak all the languages
Earth. Our generation is much
older than yours. Your concepts of navigation have me
fact of passing for a true genius. Why me and not others? We do not need
men. She wants to say that we do not exert control on them, as it is the case between us. We did not think of finding
an entirely female crew, thus we are
concentrated on you. With all this knowledge, you are not
ever come on Earth? Our ancestors made
a fatal error. When our atmosphere
started to disappear, they decided to save oxygen. Do you know what that wanted to say?
Maximum reduction of energy, a programmed genocide
to reduce the population. When it was discovered that one
did nothing but push back the inevitable one, it was too late. Our only hope was
that a rocket comes to us. Now that we are there… You will not bring back
that three among us. – Us three.
– What of the women? We do not have men. My knowledge is limited
with navigation. You will be able to control the vessel
without them? They will learn to us. You told
that you did not control them. Indicate to us their weak points, one occupies itself moreover. It is strange, I should trouble me
of their fate, – but that is equal for me.
– Yes. You see, that is equal for us,
and you are ours. That made one hour.
You were mistaken. Wait. I hear a noise. Where were you? I tried to convince them
that we come as friends. Kip, you frightened them
with your gun. I promised to them
that you would arrange it. Break your promise.
I keep it until they return to us
combinations. Try to convince them of that. Do not fear anything,
lieutenant Reissner. Your combinations will be to you
returned at the end of your visit. They speak our language. Their culture is very old. Their communication system
is in advance on ours. Do you want beings our friends? Rendze us our combinations. Do not make the lout. , I do not make any you understand. You will have your combinations
tomorrow morning. Well, I will start then
to act as friend. Do not pay attention to him,
he is only copilot. It is the Grainger captain
who directs the mission. Here Doug Smith,
the radio operator operator, and Walt Walters,
our engineer. I do not know yet
all names, but here Alpha,
Lambda and Beta. More important still,
here the meal. Alpha? Yes, it seems that they control the art of telepathy. I do not understand how, but it sent to me
messages during the way. – Is the chance taken?
– Why not? Delicious, melon would be said. With your service, Land. – Thank you, Lambda.
– Come to sit down. With pleasure. Go, Kip. It is brilliant! I have my meal on me. Rations? He is nutcase. Yes, it is class like place. I wonder what they
would think on Earth, if it knew that I dine
with a beauty of the Moon. Are you related to Land? Not, nobody. And you? By the way, where are the men? I had never seen men
before you. Ours died
when I was only one child. Still happy
that one passed by there. So that you know
what the men resemble. I am sorry for your men, – I wanted nothing to insinuate.
– I understand. When the browser fixed the course, how one regulates
the autopilot? It is complicated enough,
and in more it is confidential. Let us speak about your people. How Lambda could
to disappear under our eyes, and how you contacted Helen before even our arrival? It is much more complicated
that your autopilot. If you tell me,
I will try to describe you how we control
the body and the spirit. Perhaps another time. You understand, I have orders. As you will want. Wine? , You tell would have a small objet d’art what could I bring back to remember it? – Take this.
– Thank you, I admired it. Is it done in what? No metal on Earth
does not approach any. One calls that of the bracelets of slave. – They are out of gold sometimes.
– Out of gold? Why? That is worth max. Gold, it is so common. Gold, commun run? One does not even tire oneself to dig. Do you collect it? There is a place near from here
with so much of gold that it would take you hundred years
to bring back it by rocket. I do not believe in it.
Unless you show me. A market is made. You take me along on your rocket,
I show you the gold cave. The captain will never want. Moreover, we need
combinations to leave. I know where they are. A cave full of gold. You guards that between us,
won’t you speak about it with anybody? … or saturdays,
one can leave downtown. One dances, one drinks, one has fun. I prefer one day with the beach, extended on sand, a girl and a boy, together. And also what you call…
a soda. Also it is what I prefer. With the girl who it is necessary. With the eternal friendship
between our people. Amen. You must be tired. We will return tomorrow,
with the combinations, – my imbecile of friend.
– I am delighted. I hope that you are
amused well. A war of the worlds was avoided, and it is not thanks to you. I make fun about it. Who will take
the first turn of duty? – Why make?
– Walt? – Where is it?
– I saw it leaving with Beta. – It is a rapid that one.
– It is not funny. Walt? Walt Toilets! One had remained together. I do not believe that it is in danger. – What do you think about it?
– That you seek the brawl. And how!
Do you want to pass in my office? – When you want!
– Kip! Do not make any you,
I will not knock it. – Doug, assembles the guard.
– Of agreement. By here, Miss Salinger. – On which side are you?
– I was unaware of that there were sides. I have the conviction that you us
aces carried out here deliberately. – I would like that you remove it to me.
– I do not understand. I have much regard for you. You are intelligent,
courageous and female, and without Laird,
I would have tried the blow with you. The flattery will not be led to nothing. – Removes your legs of me!
– Initially, vacuum your bag. Let us go, I am not done
so badly that. – Does not release me, Kip.
– What occurs? A danger, Kip.
They want to kill you, to take the vessel
and to take me along with them. – How?
– They control me. Do they control you? Even with Laird.
It is you whom I preferred, but Laird knew some more,
they wanted me with him. You are not any more under their control. Not, but hold me. – I Tightens extremely.
– And how. And how! Won’t you say anything to Laird? It will be needed. I do not want to wound it,
I undertake some. – Let us wait to be on Earth.
– Tell me, how they count
to be caught there? They will wait
a few days. But they can nothing make
without me. I understand. And Walt, then? You know the boys.
Let us return, I am exhausted. Sleep well, Helen. Then? You were right, Laird, I excuse myself.
It is a brilliant girl. Of course. There are certain things
that I do not understand, but there must be a scientific explanation to that. It is true, Laird. They precede us
on many points. – Not as far as they believe it.
– How that? Nothing, one will speak about it tomorrow.
Let us sleep. Not need to assemble the guard. If Walt returns, give to him
clocks per hour. It is you the expert,
you have my blessing. Thus this one controls that one
with a ratio of 6 against 1. The indicator speed,
the stabilizer and the switch. You are too smart for me.
I prefer the jugs. Remain on the Moon,
I will do your work. If you tell truth for this gold, more than one voyage
and my job is with you. – It expects you.
– Allons-y. Afflicted to disturb you. I feel like a hood
in a ball of students. What is there? Doug eclipsed with Lambda. It is most dangerous
of all, Kip. Dangerous? This girl? You should follow them.
The plans perhaps changed. Of agreement. They did not have
to go well far. Beta! It is really of gold! Indeed. Gold. Gold! What is there? Goes-T, quickly. Why?
Did I badly behave? Not, run awayrun away myself please. – Of what?
– Of me. Because I love you,
and I must kill you. I love you also, Lambda,
and I am not afraid. Listen to me, it goes from there from the survival of my people. Before long, our world will be without life, the such enlightened face of the Moon. I will return, Lambda.
I promise it. This rocket is
the first of a series. You do not see,
we must be sure about it. To play our two million years
of civilization on a promise? Lambda, I will return. Kip, I will have to intervene
for Walt and Doug. You know, the Moon is favourable
with the lovesong. Of agreement.
Helen, speaks to him. It is simple, I told
all these hooeys on the terrace so that you leave, then goes-T. I would like.
But nobody helps me. It is in phase with Helen. Grainger explains
the autopilot. I must speak in Alpha.
Helen will tell him later. – Is this important?
– Yes. I think that one would have
to bring back one of the men. Why? If our good intentions are shown, they will send other vessels. We will be enough four. We will exert our power
on their wives, and we will dominate soon
their world. But I do not want to dominate
the world. I want to live there,
like Land. Lambda, the things changed. We must take along
our culture on Earth. It is in love
of the radio operator operator. – Is It true?
– And if it were true? There is no place
for the love in your life. We will choose your men
by eugenics. You and Beta will have girls
worthy to take our changing. You will need the best
of these bastard the Land ones. I refuse.
I love Doug, it should be taken along. – Threats, my expensive?
– Yes. It is that you cannot
to leave without us, – and I will not tell myself why.
– You will tell me. Do you want to force me? My will is also strong
that holds it. No more time ago to lose. – Kip.
– I did not think of re-examining you. It is necessary that one from goes away. How you arrived
with this conclusion? Some of them want
to steal our rocket. Really? But one of them
is on our side. – You want to say Helen.
– She belongs to the problem. She is under their influence. Check your information, kid.
Do you hold that from where? Lambda told me. – One likes.
– As it is beautiful. She told you when they count
to make their little game? As soon as they know all
on the rocket. Deals with Walt,
and another of Laird. What? Laird? – Were You where?
– Nowhere. About what you spoke,
young turtledoves? – Do not tell him.
– Why not? With the risk to disappoint you,
we spoke job. – Is There a problem?
– Not, none. Except that the Woman-Cat
want to steal the rocket, – and Helen is under their power.
– You lie! Withdraw that, Kip.
Which proof do you have? Initially, Lambda very told
in Doug. Moreover, Helen told me
itself. On the terrace, she told me
to tighten it extremely. Pas de l’ to embrace,
but to hold the hand to him… – I Releases!
– Not this time, baby. Thank you, Kip. Let us set the clocks right. – Es you in love with Laird?
– Not. Tried you to tap to him
information? – Yes.
– Which really like you? You. Remove your… Stop! Laird! You want that it turns over
under the control of Alpha? Helen? Where is it? Doug, they are in way,
I could not stop them. – Which?
– Helen, Alpha and Beta. They will steal the rocket. Why only they three? Because I hid
two of the combinations. There is still a chance, to stop them.
Who comes with me? Allons-y! Times, the answer are not
in the handbook. Today I know it. – Do They have much in advance?
– Too, except if something slows down them. – Lambda.
– Would You give up me? You were turned over against us. It was a simple moment
of weakness. Expect me there, I will seek another combination. It is a trap, come! I will not leave you. Helen, look at me.
My will is equal to their. They will kill you
as they killed Walt. Remain. – You will follow us.
– Do not listen to it. Resist! Doug, the Woman-Cat
died, Helen is well. As for you,
what is fact is made. – Does Your radio function?
– Yes, commander. Call White Sands,
tell them that one arrives. Rocket 4 calls White Sands. Answer. Do White Sands, you receive me? How? Who?
Is rocket 4, it you? Very soft, White Sands,
one returns. We take off at 01:17. What did it occur? It is a long story.
With you. Subtitling: Bach Films
© 2009

21 thoughts on “Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) Sci-Fi old Full length movie Cult classic

  1. The opening voice-over is also used as an intro to a song by Man or Astroman (surf band) entitled *Taxidermist Surf*…check it out on Youtube!

  2. Wait, I call fake. Where are the lethargic rock monsters, the hairy spider crabs, or the blind Whoqueen with her dinning room chandelier sconce crown. Foul .

  3. 50:04
    Now we know where Animala learned how to dance! =)

    Animala: "Rowr."
    Dr. Paul Armstrong: "Oh, hello, Pammy. I didn't see you come in. How come you're not out hiking like the others?"
    Animala: "I don't have answers, Paaaauuuul. Paaaaauuuuul."
    Dr. Paul Armstrong: "Well, you've probably seen plenty of woods. You seem like the outdoor type."
    Animala: "Always agree."
    Dr. Paul Armstrong: "Uh, you can watch me experiment if you want if you promise to be quiet."
    Animala: "Be quiet."
    Dr. Paul Armstrong: "Well, I don't mean 'stop breathing' but don't exactly do a big dance number, either."
    Animala turns on the radio and begins seductive dance: "Click!"
    Dr. Paul Armstrong: "Now, that's almost exactly the kind of thing I was saying you shouldn't do. Seriously, Pammy, I don't know if I can do Science with you.. dancing… like that. Please stop. Quit it, Pammy. Quit it. Don't make me bring my wife in here. She can be a real…"
    Animala: "Animala! Dance with Animala. Rock Dance. Do the Rock Dance."
    – Jennifer Blaire & Larry Blamire – "The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra" (2001)

  4. If the women haven't seen men in centuries how is it that they were born? Or do I have to watch the movie to find out. OK.

  5. They should have put this movie on Voyager's Golden Record as proof, that intelligent life exists on planet earth.

  6. Wow, I'm impressed that Elmer Burnstein did the score. This was only his 4th film – he sure came a long way since!

  7. 50:00 – it's surprising how many of these 50s sci-fi B movies had what the MST3k crew would call a "Liturgical Dance Scene".

  8. It’s a feminist movie. They don’t need men. ?. I love sci fi but this is really cheesy. I’m out of here.

  9. @1:04 Music composed and directed by ELMER BERNSTIEN. Oh, yeah, and there was another composer and director by the name of LEONARD BERNSTIEN. And the manager of the Beatles was BRIAN EPSTIEN. Spelling follows pronunciation.

  10. 38:26 – "Strange…I should care what happens to them…yet I don't!" I still sometimes say this line, many years after watching this movie on TV in the 1970s.

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