Cat With a Swollen Paw | The Incredible Dr. Pol

[ominous music playing] TOM: Buddy. [cat growling] We kind of called him Charles
because of Charles Manson. [hissing] He brings back
a lot of animals– mice, birds. He’s kind of an
indoor-outdoor cat. NARRATOR: Charles’s recent
hunt didn’t go so well. TOM (VOICEOVER): He was
out for a couple of days, and he came back
with a swollen leg. Oh, my goodness. Whoa. TOM (VOICEOVER): The
swelling was unbelievable. I didn’t think a cat
paw could get that big. DR. POL: Where
did he get caught? He has a very swollen paw,
and he can’t walk on it. I can’t find where he got bit. Let me take his temperature,
and go from there. He was gone for how many days? TOM: About two. Hey. I know it’s embarrassing,
but it doesn’t hurt. Not at– [cat screeches] Oh, he thinks it does. Watch it. Tried to take his temperature,
but that’s embarrassing, and he won’t let me. So we just put our
attention on the paw. Nothing is broke. This is going to break through. Most likely we have
an abscess in there. I kind of figured it was
an infection of some sort. I mean, he had only been
gone for a couple of days, so it came on real fast. DR. POL: You see
all his toenails? No, they’re not gone. They’re all swollen up. I think that it is. Hold still, Big Boy. That’s where he got bit. That must have been a coon or
something, not another tomcat. I don’t know what he did,
and how he got his paw stuck in somebody else’s
jaw, but there’s a lot of infection around there. In the meantime, he’s going
to be on antibiotics very heavy. And don’t let him out,
because he needs it. TOM: Yeah. I think we can give
him pills, can’t we? We’re going to try. OK. This is how you do it. Just hold him, squeeze, open
up, drop it in there, [blows] and blow. [laughing] You got big hands. You can do it. That was good. Clean it up, let it break
through, and put the cat on antibiotics to make him better. DR. POL: When there’s
a hole coming there, flush it with peroxide. Soaking in Epsom
salt would help, but I’m not going to
see if that’s possible. Put a big tumbler or something– TOM: Yeah. DR. POL: –and just
stick his foot in there. Outlook for Charlie
the cat is very good. You know, he’s got nine lives. He didn’t use one-half
on this one yet. It happens all the
time, and they heal up. It just takes a
little bit of time. [meow] [laughs] TOM: It feels good. He’s done a great job. Looking forward to him
being able to be out and running around
like he normally does.

100 thoughts on “Cat With a Swollen Paw | The Incredible Dr. Pol

  1. Charles often hunts for small animals, though this time he brought back an injury. What are your thoughts on his visit to Dr. Pol?

  2. Maybe it's time for Charles to keep his furry behind in the house. He might come across an even worse fate at some point.

  3. Lesson learned. Don't let your cat out. He could have been killed by whatever bit him. If you can't keep it inside, then you shouldn't have a pet.

  4. Cats are invasive species and don’t belong in our eco system. Most people don’t get that. However I do understand farmers having barn cats. Letting your cat roam freely is irresponsible.

  5. Charles is useless to his father and the business. The most I've seen him do is hold a rope or a post. Then he says "we did it." He even paid some guys to decorate for Christmas then let everyone think he did it. He makes my blood boil. He's the reason I quit watching the show.

  6. Honestly what an amazing cat like super chill compared to how normally cats act at vets were there totally freaked out and don't let vets do anything..

  7. never knew blowing after throwing the pill in is a thing, thats very helpful cuz my dog getting smarter and smarter about how we give him his medicine

  8. This has nothing to do with the cat, but why did they make the cat's owner talk to the camera outside while it was snowing??

  9. Would like to see an updates on Charles, jeez hate seeing any animal in distress especially felines as I am a cat owner myself.

  10. Poor baby.. sorry im obsessed with cats bc they are way too fluffy. except for the ones who shave too much on weekends.

  11. Oh Dear! Why wouldn't the good doc lance and drain all the puss? (Pus? ha) Wait for it to "break through"?! Meanwhile the cat's in swollen pain. I don't get it.

  12. this happen to my cat like his half feet is swollen can she have a chance to grow it like have of it has been bite by a big cat and shes just a baby will there be a chane when he grow up his feet will grow as well please tell me its possible can you guys please pray for her lets make a miracle pleaseee

  13. i’m supposed to be writing a 5 page research paper… so let me just watch a video about a cat w a swollen paw!

  14. Some of things the doc said just made my day:
    “He won’t let me take his temperature…it’s embarrassing.” “I don’t know how he got his paw stuck in somebody else’s jaw but…”

  15. This happened to my cat, he got beat up and his paw got infected and got bigger, couldn't walk on it, the vet prescribed antibiotic..

  16. DO NOT LET YOUR CATS RUN FREE. I consider them feral vermin at that point. BE RESPONSIBLE. They kill anything and ever thing they can catch. THAT'S JUST PLAIN WRONG. And I 'fix those wrongs'.

  17. Charles's owner is just standing in the snow talking about his cat whilr its snowing and it does not bother him. Lol me when i get to talk about my cat

  18. I've heard some things about Dr. Pol that aren't so great, and it's not hard to believe them after seeing this. That is a horribly infected paw, extremely painful, and very likely to lead to sepsis. Should have been drained, at the very least, and cleaned up, because I've seen cats whose owner's don't get them fully treated: they come back with necrosis, suffering systemic infection, in pain and miserable. An abscess swollen to that degree puts enormous pressure on the tissues and increases the risk of necrosis and ischemia: that's why we relieve it, and often place surgical drains to facilitate drainage of pus. Cats are great healers, but they could use a little help. And hydrogen peroxide is a terrible antiseptic, as it destroys healthy tissue: Chlorahex scrub or solution would have been a better suggestion. And no pain meds at all is just deplorable.

  19. Should have him in a cat carrier for starters! Will up with the cat getting lost and won't get the antibiotics because of this idiot owner!

  20. I know dr. Pol is a great vet and his patients live him. But recently my cat had the same problem, an abcess. Instead of antibiotics which is now a concern for the general public due to overuse causing resistant strains of bacteria and also water pollution due to discarded drugs, my vet lanced the abcess and put in a drain. No drugs healed quickly.

  21. WORST. ADVICE. EVER!!! The cat was in AGONY. The abscess should have been OPENED, DRAINED, and CLEANED in the office. Waiting for it to "bust open" could take days, during which time the poor cat is in EXCRUCIATING PAIN!!! Sorry, Dr. Pol, but you BLEW IT on this one!!!

  22. I really loved Dr.Pol but i was watching and a femal smaller pig was pregnant he said shes to small he shot her w oxycontin and she screamed in agony he said yheres nothing i can do take her for slaughter and i was horrified at how he thought of a moma in pain trying to have a baby everyone jusy looked at each other…i cannot get that image out of my head…there were 2 lifes and thats your thought shes not suffering enough cant you try to save her…I just don't feel the same about him ..

  23. Hahahahahah sorry I shouldn’t laugh but when he said “tried to take his temperature but that’s embarrassing” I lost it, next time I’m at the vets with my cats I’m gonna say that

  24. He did a horrible job with this cat. First of he should have had a tech holding for the temperature not an owner who doesn’t know how to restrain an animal maybe then he’d gotten the info he needed. He should have also shaved and cleaned out the wound really well which may have required sedation. Also not a good idea to have the owner soak it in hydration peroxide since this will hurt and doesn’t really help. Also as a vet he should know a cats not going to sit with a paw in epsom salt. Most vets who know what they are doing tell you to soak a towel in water/epsom salt and wrap it around the foot. This guy needs to retire or I guess he’s waiting for the state to take his license away for good.

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