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Luigi the cat he kind of hopped onto the back of Finn's backpack and then just sat there like an owl because anything they capped its hugged needed to do the same we did the same with him hug went up on the backpack and just sat there just jogging along we decided to go traveling with the animals because we needed to change a lot of things in our lives the animals were spending a lot of time at home while we were working they thrived in the nature bandit or Luigi always felt most comfortable in each other's company they relied on each other and each other Park would always be the initiator between any kind of Romancing which often turned into play fighting they loved annoying each other what was most surprising about their bad behavior was around in a time when they would turn into complete angels head rubbing shoulder rubs tail shakes and the two of them would kind of team up on Finn and I and just be expected to be waited on because they could suddenly produce this incredibly good behavior it was teamwork they were never supposed to but they were brothers they were thick as thieves and they adored each other hugg was acting slightly differently to normal and so we kept an eye on him next morning we took him down to the vet because there is a gut feeling that Bandito was not in a very good shape he started to breathe a bit differently and he was quite lethargic he got so much medication than we brought home with him and to cut a long story short he didn't make it through the night it was a massive shock for us Luigi was on the sofa and so he knew what had happened as much as any cat can and as much as humans try to perceive emotions in their animals Luigi showed his sadness after Bandito passed away Luigi was lonesome we decided that it was quite important that we could distract Luigi and that he didn't feel like he was the only animal after about two days we saw an advert from an attacking animal rescue center his two kittens that were 5 weeks old had been left in a bin it seemed a bit like fate and we went to see them and we came home with them a well knew each he met them he was sad at the time but within about three days they started to bond with each other and within about a week they were sleeping together they were more than tolerating each other and a new friendship was born really I'd like to think that was definitely one of the last gifts of banditos to us because I think it looked down it nothing kid smile

21 thoughts on “Cat Who Lost His Dog Best Friend Finds Beautiful Way To Love Again | The Dodo Odd Couples

  1. #RIP Bandito! ???
    You can keep up with Luigi the cat in his new role as a big brother by following @PugAndCat on Facebook ( and Instagram:

  2. RIP bandito he was one of the most cutest pugs I’ve ever seen and so is Luigi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I usually watch your videos with only a few tears forming in my eyes. But this one was too much. I cried. A lot.

  4. So beautiful…
    Was having SUCH a crappy Day… and then… there U were… Silver lining, and all that… ?

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