28 thoughts on “Cat Waiting For Owner To Open The Door

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  2. Always refreshing to watch Ginger. Interesting storyline about a cat being locked out and a bystander cat. The bubble narrations make it a captivating watch, as cats assume cute funny thoughts. Thanks for the original creative efforts. They have never failed to entertain.

  3. Awww… Ginger, shame on you for locking up Mino! It's ok though, we all know you love Mino very much and you were just trying to keep her safe. That's what REALLY happened, isn't it? You know how to protect the ones you love! Lol!!! Great job on this video! Excellent choice of music, too!! Have an awesome day!!! ???

  4. wow!!! super lovely cute ??it makes me happy. so i hit the S+L button. plz visit my channel too~

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