Cat Valentine Makeup Transformation Tutorial

Hi, it’s me, Cat. I’m talking to you backwards. Wouldn’t it be weird if people talk to each other like this? Heh. Hi, it’s me, Cat, facing forward. Hey guys. So first things first, you will need red velvet hair. You can do this by using a lace front wig in this color or you can just spray your hair, or do temporary dye, or even really dye your hair if you want to go that far. Once you have that figured out, let’s style our hair. So we need to get those curls that she has, so I’m going to be showing you guys how to do the curls with a straightener and a curler. To curl, take roughly one inch of hair and section it off. So you only want the end of your hair to be curled. Take your straightener, rotate it to 180 degrees basically just the opposite flip it upside down, and then slide it down your hair until you reach halfway. Once you reach that point then rotate it once more and slide down the rest of your hair. This is going to give you a nice tight curl. Now quickly hold the curl in your hand till it cools down. Doing this helps the curls last way longer throughout the day because it helps it set better. Now if you’re using a curler just do the curling method that you always do wrap your hair around the curler and hold it in your hand until it is cool. Either tool is going to give you the same type of curls. Once you’re done curling all of your ends part your hair on the side, but make sure the line isn’t straight though. Her parting tends to be a little messy. Next hairspray the top of your hair and comb it flat. Then pull each side of your hair, twist it back once, and pin it down with clips right behind your ears. And that’s it. Now for the makeup apply your foundation. She used to tan a lot on the show, so if you’re pale like me apply foundation a few shades darker, just to give you a tan glow. Also be sure to get the foundation in your eyebrows. Which is a very weird recommendation to say, but it’s going to give you that light grayish tint that her brows have. Then apply under-eye concealer to prep for your eyes and lastly finish it off with a foundation powder to get a matte look Now onto the eyes. This look is so simple you literally won’t believe me until you see it. All you need is a naked basics Palette. Take the brown eyeshadow in the palette and blend it into your crease in a circular shape. Make sure the outer half is darker than the inner half. Now to make your eyes appear closer together like hers apply it here. Next take the banana toned eyeshadow and apply it onto the lid where you didn’t apply the brown. Now for your eyeliner you want to do a thin no winged line and you’re going to be using gel liner for this. Her eyeliner was super low-key and even sometimes non-existent on the show. Now because she has eyelash extensions most of the time you want to apply some natural looking false lashes. Make sure not to use tapered lashes where it’s longer towards the ends as they can make your eyes appear too far apart for the look. Then you want to add your favorite mascara. Now Cat’s irises are dark, huge, and doe-like so, I’m going to be applying some large brown lenses to get the same effect. Lastly you want to apply a brown eyeliner on your lower waterline. We are using brown instead of black simply because black is too strong and will make your eyes look smaller and we don’t want that. Now on to the lips. So Cat used many different shades of pink and nudes, but my personal favorite is this shade right here, which is the NYX in Ever So when penciling in your lip you just want your lips to look as oval as possible. No Cupid’s bow whatsoever. For the eyebrows it’s really tough to advise what to do because everyone’s eyebrows are different, but for mine I’m just lining them with concealer to get them looking straight and short. And that’s pretty much it for the face. Now let’s jump into the costume. So the first thing you want put on are some pearl or flower studs. For the outfit the options are endless. She wears so many different outfits on the show, but the usual uniform is a floral tank top and a pink cardigan with skinny jeans and Keds. Although I could have done that, I got super lucky and found her exact heart sweater in a thrift shop, so I recreated that look. Now, if you want people to really know who you are, I recommend carrying Mr. Purple, her iconic giraffe plushie, which I’ll actually link down below where you can get it. And if you’re feeling super creative, create your pear phone by cutting a pear shape out of cardboard or foam and print her phone design out to glue onto the back of it. So is the finished costume. Yay! Thank you guys so much for watching be sure to subscribe, and I’ll see you guys in my next video.

100 thoughts on “Cat Valentine Makeup Transformation Tutorial

  1. Find the pretty face

    can't find it cause the person who is reading this is the pretty face have a good day

  2. Me and my friend are planning to be Sam and Cat for Halloween and you're an amazing expert in these things so could you do a Sam tutorial too? That would be super helpful ☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Without the makeup and just the hair she already looks like her
    And if her voice was higher she would sound like her!!!!!

  4. U can’t do all this shit if u don’t look like the character it’s the face features it works for u cause u rlly look like the characters

  5. I am a 20 year old guy and I wanna be the male version of Cat(Her personality=I have a wild personality too)
    I'd prefer wearing a wig(Red Velvet Cupcake). I'm a Metalhead btw(Thrash, Prog, Glam-I'm Mostly gonna look Glam/Heavy Metal, but I will play other metal subgenres songs besides Glam??). I also play guitar(Electric)

    (Cat inspired me…Disclaimer:I'm not trying to be creepy and wierd)(I'm autistic btw…just to let you all know)

  6. Can you customize yourself as Selena Quintanilla Pérez appereance, the deceased tejano music singer?, it's just only a suggestion.

  7. You have the most universal face in the world you can really look like anyone you want to look like. ? you get it? Damn your so beautiful. By the way I'm a girl don't worry.

  8. What if I wanna be the Male version of Cat(i.e. "Tac" spells "Cat" backwards…named after "Tic 'Tac' " mints or Pronouce "Tak" from "Tak & the power of juju"). & I'm a Metalhead(because of the long hair, I'm planning to buy a Red Velvet Cupcake wig someday), I love listening to Glam Rock(if I use makeup), Thrash(F**kin Thrash-Jhofffilms??), Punk(Easy genre to play on guitar, i.e. strumming), (inspired by Guitar Hero/Rock Band, Stevie T, Djared Dines, Davie504, Chris from Jhofffilms, Rudy Ayoub, Dethklok-mostly Toki Wartooth??/Skwisgaar Skwigelf??, etc.), & I have a motivational personality(like Cat)

  9. She’s so pretty. She didn’t even have to do much to look like cat. She already does. I would need full plastic surgery lol

  10. I haven’t seen anyone else comment this…am I the only one who noticed the put your hearts up instrumental in the back ground?

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