Cat® Utility Vehicle Overview

hello I would like to introduce you to the new cat utility vehicle we have two models that we'd like to talk to you about today we have a gas model and a diesel model let's start with the operator station we intentionally designed the operator station to be easy to get in and out of the ROPS is high so you don't hit your head when you get in the a pillar is forward so you don't hit your head or another part of your body when you're getting in we have excellent lines of sight so you can see what's in front of you and when you're backing the machine you can see what's behind you we've designed the controls to be simple and intuitive there are a few decision points for the operator to make there's a steering wheel there's a shift lever accelerator brake pedal to drive switches a light switch and an instrument gauge and that's all that we present to the operator to make the controls intuitive the cat utility vehicle with the gasoline engine has a maximum speed of over 45 miles per hour with a pin protected configurable speed limit of 25 miles per hour for operating conditions where that is required while the diesel machine has a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour the gas machine that you see here has basic safety features which include a shoulder bar to retain the operator a need or to retain the operator and a three-point seatbelt the diesel machine has no door and the shoulder bar gets replaced with a hip bar the diesel machine also has a three-point seatbelt within the operator station we know that customers like to have a lot of storage space and we've included a lot of storage space in this machine there's a glove box with a door there is below – storage there is storage between the two operator seats we have four cup holders that come standard with every machine there is a document holder between the two seats there is storage behind the seat backs and there is optional storage that goes below the seats as well as a more automotive style center console that can be purchased the operator station of the cat utility vehicle has ample foot knee and legroom to maximize operator comfort the cat utility vehicle also has standard tilt steering to make it easier to get in and out of the machine and easier to operate we believe we have designed a spacious comfortable operator station for all of our customers the cat utility vehicle features an all steel bed with multiple places to tie down the gear in your bed including tie-downs within the bed along the top rail on the edge of the top rail and underneath the cargo bed underneath the cargo bed the primary components within the engine compartment are the engine the transaxle and the belt driven CVT the gasoline engine is a 0.8 liter 3-cylinder 50 horsepower engine and the diesel engine is a 1.0 3 liter 3-cylinder engine that produces 25 horsepower access to the engine compartment is easy through the to splash panels opening up the left hands flash panel reveals the CVT belt drive removing six clips enables the CVT cover to be removed and allows maintenance access to the primary clutch secondary clutch and CVT belt removing this flash panel on the passenger side of the machine reveals the air filter and battery the cat utility vehicle features three drive modes standard is two-wheel drive there's also four-wheel drive which powers the front and the rear wheels and rear lock which locks the rear differential in the machine the cat utility vehicle has four-wheel independent suspension with variable rate springs shocks that are tuned to provide a smooth comfortable ride standard front sway bar and optional rear sway bar for customers that operate with heavy loads in the bed the suspension configuration is designed to provide stability and comfort in all operating conditions also the cat utility vehicle features uniquely designed long swing rear control arms to minimize wheel scrub throughout the range of motion the CVT features engine braking to help the operator control speed when going downhill and the steering system features standard power steering on every cat utility vehicle the cat utility vehicle is a quiet machine with engine isolation intake and exhaust design to make it easy to have a conversation with your passenger as you operate it the hood of the cat utility vehicle removes easily with two quarter turn fasteners to reveal access to the cooling system the tool bag that comes with every cat utility vehicle as well as the holder for tools while working on the front of the machine the braking system consists of four-wheel independent disc brakes as well as a dual reservoir master cylinder for robust braking performance the cat utility vehicle features a full line of accessories that includes modular cab components that are comprised of both plastic and glass front windshields plastic and glass rear windows soft basic and premium tops as well as soft and premium side doors to configure the cab however the customer wishes the cat utility vehicle is designed and built with a cat DNA do you expect an other cat equipment it's a workhorse machine that is up for whatever job you're going to ask it to do and it's an easy intuitive machine for anyone to operate thanks for taking the time to learn more about the cat utility at goal for more information please contact your local participating cat dealer you

24 thoughts on “Cat® Utility Vehicle Overview

  1. Obviously they teamed up with Polaris. I own a ranger and I'm seeing tons of parts and components that look extremely familiar

  2. If these were road legal they would sell like hot cakes! I'd buy one tomorrow for running around town.

  3. I looked at Kubota about 10 years ago and several other makes. I don't see any advantage to buying a Cat. It looks nice, but no cab, heat, AC, hydraulic dump bed, etc. My money is on Kubota

  4. Drove one yesterday. It seems well built and solid. Rides really good. The Polaris ranger is faster and maybe more fun for some things, but if I had to buy one of the two it would be this one

  5. Why would you not have a rear sway bar standard? Its a utility machine ya need it or you have stupid body sway without it.

  6. In comparison to both Bobcat & Deere; this is really a bare bones machine. Is your market construction sites and small farms? If so, I get it; otherwise you may have to go back to the drawing board. How about cabs, blades, snow blowers, grapples etc. Knowing your very late to the party, with your utility vehicle; one would think CAT would want to be a major factor in this space over time. CAT is a global powerhouse in heavy equipment, marine engines and countless other products. I expected much more from Catepillar with their new UTV; attachments galore, big diesel hp, cab/ac & heat a given, wanting to be a true front runner in the space. Even though I'm a Deere Guy; I have the utmost respect for Catepillar. I've been waiting awhile for Deere won't put a snowblower on their Gator; in all likelihood it probably will never happen. Now, if CAT were to offer a blower, with a cab a & heat; I'm in,,,,,,,?!

  7. To big why are these machines so damn wide. 50 inch width. If i need something this big I'll by a truck or a jeep.

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