Cat Toy Unboxing: SMART Electric teaser toy

So we got a new awesome smart electric teaser
toy which is really great so let’s make another episode of cat Toy
unboxing. it came sealed nicely inside this box and
it has a replacement feather and it requires 4 double
A batteries which are not included so you need to buy them separately. so this is a really smart toy and it has 3
modes: green blue and purple Simba is very cautious about everything new
so he gets scared so easily its so funny. in the green mode the toy will shut itself
down after 8 minutes. the blue is a mode in which the toy will play
occasionally in day time and will be off during the night
using its daylight sensors. the purple mode is only to switch the feather ill show you how to change it in a second in the purple mode the feather will come out
in steps and when its fully extended you can shut down
the toy and the feather will stay extended for easy replacement if only Ginny would let me show this, shes
really determined to get this feather. Ginny wants to be our model today and she
has absolutely no hesitation to reap this thing apart. ok so now, to moment you waited for: Ginny
versus the toy. it feels like its made with pretty good quality
so I don’t think the toy will break so easily. well, she got a bit tired but a tired cat
is a good cat. later when the toy was off and Ginny came
back and really showed us she wants a second round against
the toy. well that’s it for this review, hope you enjoyed
the video and see you next time.

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