Cat Stranded On The Roof Eats Snow To Survive | Animal in Crisis EP61

Informant/ I’ve been hearing a cat crying for a week I thought it was strange Then one day, I looked up to the roof on the opposite side Found a cat on top of it The informant shows a video to a producer A cat is dangerously sitting on the roof of the apartment in the video A 20-story, 50-meter high apartment The cat was spotted on the rooftop since a week ago PD/ There! The cat is on the opposite roof of the building..! Sunbathes and grooms himself.. As soon as he found us Disappears to the other side while keeping his body down PD/ Do you see something? The cat went missing, leaving pawprints in snow.. Equipped with a safety device, climbs up to the roof with the help of an expert climber Expert/ Once we anchor the rope in 4 different spots on the rooftop We can secure the way to the rooftop, and observe the cat safely The roof became slippery due to the snow that fell throughout the past few days Only the snow was melted in where the cat was sitting The cat could’ve fallen off from the roof if he went one step further PD/ What?
Expert/ The cat’s poop
PD/ Poop? / Yes Only the cat’s trace is left.. Pawprints remain on the edge of the roof.. Where has the cat gone? Found an unexpected window Hidden space.. Aren’t these the cat’s pawprints? Install observation cams in every corner of the boiler room And lure the cat with tuna since he must have starved for a week Soon after The cat shows up After he finishes eating, The cat carefully comes out through the window Perhaps the tuna on the roof is frozen already.. Gives up on eating, and turns back Carefully goes back to the room again PD1/ Uh! There’s the cat
PD2/ Really?
PD1/ Yes The cat is inside the gap, which looks less than 10 cm wide How come the cat lives on the roof? The gas pipe blocks any intruders from coming in Then.. The cat got access to the boiler room through the stairs? PD/ Have you checked the boiler room in the last 15 days? Apt Manager/ Nope. The last time I checked was in November, when I cleaned the water tank PD/ It’s locked here Every door to the boiler room is locked The only route that links to the boiler room is Is through a ventilator Perhaps the cat went up through the ventilator? Even if the cat can go inside of it It’ll be impossible for a cat to climb up the vertical ventilator The next morning.. The cat heads to.. The roof again Melts snow to quench himself Perhaps he’s been eating snow for over a week to survive..? The cat shouldn’t be left alone to live in such a place where he would never know how or when to escape.. Next morning Looks like the cat is sleeping on top of the machine..? But when facing him from the front He wasn’t sleeping, but scurred and frozen as we appeared Vet/ The cat will try to hide even more when too many are approaching him In the worst case, the cat might fall off from the roof if he goes up So we’ll have a few people to set a trap cage and rescue him safely Puts an endoscope camera to check if the cat is still inside the gap Spotted! Puts food inside the cage And leave him alone to eat freely Soon after, the cat slowly approaches the cage All he cares about is tuna.. The cat isn’t scurred at all when the door is shut, but focuses on eating Finishes the whole dish in the end Then the cat slowly tries to come out.. Finally, he gets the hang of what’s going on.. Risky life in the roof is over. Fin. He runs through the hospital Looks so handsome up close! Undergoes a medical checkup since he hasn’t been drinking or eating at all Vet/ The results show no sign of any contagious diseases He’ll be well-nourished soon And he’s got a nice personality as well I’m sure he’ll meet a good guardian very soon Hope you select a good butler, and live happily~

100 thoughts on “Cat Stranded On The Roof Eats Snow To Survive | Animal in Crisis EP61

  1. Котейка забежала видимо погреться, или кто то впустил и подкармливал может и нет. животное могло бы погибнуть если не смогло выйти, ну или там не было бы мышек.

  2. Ест снег потому что пить хочет …по виду не скажешь что в кризисе …


    Kritter Klub: hold our rescued animals

  4. Если животное такое тупое и не понимает, что его хотят спастись, то оставили бы его там. Сдох бы и все.

  5. Полудурки. Показуху устроили. В клетке. Быстрей спасайте. Жалко ведь очень, бедненького

  6. У меня ощущение что китайцы или кто это специально мутят такие ситуации ради Ютуба (((

  7. You guys are hero's I love animals ! You save many lives and thank you for saving the give a like if you love animals 01:13 ???

  8. Зря потраченное время.
    Научитесь сначала, спасать животных и снимать все это, у индусов. А то ваши спасения животных и снятый видео СКУЧНЫЙ ДО НЕ ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ, ТАК ЖЕ КАК ВАШИ СЕРИАЛЫ.
    И чё вы делаете у меня в рекомендациях

  9. Не опасно ли после такой долгой голодовки давать коту столько еды?

  10. How sad she looked after been trapped… ?
    And than: what the fuck do u want from me hoomans?
    And at last she gives a fuck off ?

  11. 20 этажный квартира.
    Кошачьи какашки?
    Пуп? Да!
    Нашёл неожиданное окно!
    Крыша снова. Тает снег чтобы прокормить.
    Но когда лицом к нему с фронта.
    Надмозг ликуе!!!

    А кот красава!! Сначала доем, потом стресану))

  12. Это же кот Карлсона который живёт на крыше
    Благодарю тех людей которые спасли кошку
    И кстати этот кот похож на кошку из какой-то рекламы

  13. I enjoy Kritter Kub and the lengths these folks go through to rescue these unfortunate animals is enduring but how do I activate closed caption to understand what they are saying?

  14. These people are idiots! They saw the open window, right? Then waited three days to catch the cat? You see the damn room the cats in. Close the fucking window and set a trap right away! They're playing investigator to find out how the cat got there! Rescue the fucking cat first, ASSHOLES!!!

  15. Таким людям огромный респект помогают животным. Иногда залезают в такие опасные места что бы помочь бедным животным . Таким людям в рай без очереди

  16. What a funny and cute cat hahahaha.
    I loved the ritm at the end, sounds like Forró ^^ (a musical style from where I live).

  17. Вы не думали что они это специально делают с котятами чтобы они засняли видео и потом это видео просмотрело миллионы человек что бы заработать денежку $$$? Китайцы жрут котят и собак а вы верите в постановку! Это просто напросто живодёрство и издевательство над животными! Печаль

  18. What if the people in this channel are putting some of this animals im this crisis for views and money? just a thought but I hope I'm wrong is just that I seem much evil being done around the planet and Idk whos bad or good no more there's too many wolfs in sheep clothing

  19. азиаты молодцы а теперь задумайтесь стали бы русские ради кота на крышу лесть(нет)
    это факт ведет к тому что азия лучше и добрее чем россияне

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